Saturday, January 30, 2010

A couple of answers

I got a couple of questions from readers who were “no reply”, so I’m answering them here. 

I showed this picture of a quilt Marsha made when I was at her house for Christmas.   She also made me one.   Some of you wanted to know what pattern it was.

Here’s the quilt at Marsha’s.GG Christmas 2009 005

And here’s the one she made me, hanging in our den.Christmas decs 2008 137

The pattern can be found in this book by Art to Heart.  (thanks for the info, Marsha)Santa's coming Art to Heart

Then I was also asked what the pattern is for the quilt on the design wall next to my CHAIR! ;-)

room reorg 020

The pattern is by Bits and Pieces and it’s called “Stars around the Garden”.  The center of mine is a cotton background with wool applique.

It can be finished two different ways. 

This way…Stars around the garden #4

or like this…Stars around the garden #3

I’m going to finish mine like the bottom picture if for no other reason than to use up some of my stash on that outer border.   I’ve been cutting 3 1/2 inch squares like crazy. 

I’ve finished the pieced blocks and am almost at the stage of putting it all together.   Now, THAT will feel good!


Another question I had was from a reader who wanted to know where I got these Santa spools.Christmas decorating 2009 034

Well, I honestly don’t remember where or even WHEN I got them.  It was many years ago.  They are carvings by Eddie Walker and were distributed by Midwest of Cannon Falls.   I guess you might search eBay for them. 

I think that’s it.   If I’ve missed your question, just shoot me a quick email.  If you post a comment, make sure your email address is there for me to be able to reply to you.

Hugs, Anne

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Joe Joe worked his Mo Jo

Dec 2009 103

Back at the end of December I blogged about the Joe Joe that Candace sent me which is supposed to bring good luck selling a house.   I had put my Mom’s house on the market at the beginning of December.  My brother lives in the same Del Webb Sun City development that she did, so I sent Joe Joe home with him after Christmas to place in my Mom’s house, hopefully bringing us some good luck.   I suspected that he might keep Joe Joe for himself since his house was also on the market.  

Well, just one week later we got an acceptable offer on her house.   Come to find out…my brother hadn’t put Joe Joe at my Mom’s but had put it in his own house.   I say…Karma’s a bitch!  LOL  

Happy ending though.   He has a contract on his house which came last week.   So, Joe Joe worked his Mo Jo on both houses.   Thanks Candace for sending him to me and thanks to Monica for designing and making “Hello Joe Joe”.   I’ll be passing him along when I go back to California to finish cleaning out the house.

And some more good news (at least for me anyway).   I FINALLY got the red border fabric for A Tisket a Tasket.   After all my searching, Karen at Farmhouse Woolens ended up having it.   I could have saved myself alot of time if she had just told me so to begin with.  LOL.

022 I really like the way it turned out.   I think the red was worth waiting for.  What do you think, Mary

Hugs, Anne

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good grief

It’s been so long since I posted that I almost forgot how. I’ve been experiencing the January “blahs”. No blogging, very little blog reading, no sewing, little e-mailing etc. You get the picture? Anyway, I’ve been trying to pull myself out of this hole and I think I’ve finally done it. A couple of things have me lookin up!

First of all…some reorganizing. I realized that one of the things I’m unhappy with in my sewing room is the lack of comfortable seating. When I do my hand stitching, I only have a computer chair. So, I got to thinking…how about making room for a REAL chair.

I approached Mr. CnW about it and, you all know how much our hubbies LOVE to help rearrange everything? (especially the electronics) Well, his reaction wasn’t as bad as I expected, mainly because we were snowed in and he didn’t have anything else to do. LOL

Here’s the “before” picture of where I decided to put the chair. room reorg 011

and, here’s the “after”.room reorg 020

The chair used to be in our bedroom.

So, then…where should the computer and printers go? On the desk of course. (silly concept, I know).

“before”…room reorg 012

and “after”.room reorg 024

So, then I had to continue cleaning. Here’s the “before” of my sewing reorg 014

and “after”.room reorg 026

And here’s the view of the sitting area from my sewing reorg 027

See the cute little red TV? A Christmas gift from Mr CnW. It’s on a swivel arm, so I can see it from the sewing machine and also while in the sitting area. Oh my….I have a “sitting area”. LOL

And that cute cover for my sewing maching? A Christmas gift from my friend Nadine.

Here’s a closer look. The stitchery is a Bareroots design, but the way it’s put together is Nadine’s own creativity. room reorg 010

Nadine, Brenda (no blog) and I had gone out to lunch during the holidays and exchanged gifts. Brenda gave me this cute reorg 003

Thanks girls! (So, I think I’m finished blogging about Christmas…finally!)

The second thing (I bet you forgot I said a “couple of things”) that has me lookin up is this…

Kaaren at The Painted Quilt has started a Wool Crazy Sew Along. I’ve loved this book since the moment I saw it on Primitive Gatherings website. I even thought of moving to Wisconsin to be able to join the ladies in the class.

Since that’s not gonna happen, this is the next best thing. How about joining in on the fun?

Till next time. I have some good news to share.

Hugs, Anne

Saturday, January 2, 2010

More Christmas

I know…I know… Christmas was over more than a week ago and it’s now 2010, but I needed to share the gift exchanges from the party.

We always either make or buy the same gift for everyone.  We used to make them, but as we’ve gotten older busier we seem to take to local stores or the internet for our purchases. 

This is what I got for everyone.

GG Christmas 2009 038

Patty got each of us these adorable snowman pictures.

GG Christmas 2009 046

Cathi gave us each a treenware bowl with a berry ring and candle.   (you might want to click on the picture to get a better look)

GG Christmas 2009 041

Marsha MADE these adorable little quilts and also gave us the little wooden Christmas tree that I’m holding.

GG Christmas 2009 039

and lastly but not least, Janet gave us these ca-ute plates.GG Christmas 2009 042

Hmm, looks like we have a smart aleck in the group.  Let’s try it again.GG Christmas 2009 043

And how old is she?

GG Christmas 2009 044

Third times the charm.   By the way…that’s Patty, our resident comedian!

So, then it was on to our Secret Santa gifts.   We draw names earlier in the year and keep our eyes and ears open for hints from our “person”. 

Patty drew my name and made me this adorable snowman that she framed.   It was too big for me to get on the plane so I’ll have to pick it up the next time we drive to Calif.   I was so bummed because I really wanted to take it home!

GG Christmas 2009 047

Marsha got this gorgeous treenware bowl with berries and a candle from Cathi.

GG Christmas 2009 053

Janet got this wonderful snowman and quilt that Marsha made for her.   She was quite overcome with emotion. 

GG Christmas 2009 051

I gave Patty some spools, sheep, a wool penny rug kit, and a stitchery pillow that I got from Karen at Farmhouse Woolens.

GG Christmas 2009 057

Here’s a close up of the pillow.  GG Christmas 2009 059

And Cathi got all this loot from Janet.   Janet made the darling gingerbread wall hanging.  (her own design).  

GG Christmas 2009 055

We also got stockings but I didn’t get a picture of them.   I think we were just so wound up that I forgot.  

The party lasted until the wee hours of the morning.  I think it broke up about 2:00am.   We have so much fun.  laughing, eating, sharing gifts, eating, playing games, eating… LOL   I think you get the picture.  

Thanks girls…I love you all!

Hugs, Anne

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and…

Family Christmas 2009 087

Go Ducks!