Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Janet’s house

Well, after a bit of a rough start, I finally made it to California last Friday.   We woke up to icy streets and didn’t want to replay our Thanksgiving “mishap”, so I changed my flight to early afternoon when it would be warmer and the streets clear.   Got to the airport and guess what?  That flight had been cancelled.   Oh well, I finally made it albeit a bit later than planned.  It was all made better by being on this plane.  Go Ducks!



I’ll share pictures of Janet’s decorating and then in a couple of days, I’ll show you what we gave each other.  

Here’s Janet, aka Myrt, aka Lucy, aka Lucylieb!


She has a wonderful knack for putting things together, so I’ll just let you all enjoy the eye candy.

















This picture makes me want to get a piano.  So much fun to decorate.



Wow, I didn’t realize I’d taken so many pictures.   I’ll finish the home tour tomorrow.   

On another note….permits were finally issued and we broke ground today.  Yippee!


Hugs, Anne

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little decorating

Thought I’d show you a bit of the decorating I’ve done.  



My friend, Janet, made the little framed gingerbread guy and gave him to me last summer.  I couldn’t wait to put him out.   He’s wool on a cotton background.  So cute.  Thanks Myrt.  (She’s got multiple names, including Lucy and Lucylieb!)  Don’t ask.070

Can you tell what Mr. CnW likes?  This is his part of the tree.

Christmas decorating 2010 063

And his seasonal remote control holder…

Christmas decorating 2010 051

And of course, Jack likes to help out.

Christmas decorating 2010 039

Christmas decorating 2010 046

I did this cross stitch a zillion years ago but I still like it.  I’m thinking of reviving that hobby.  Thankfully, I never got rid of all my cross stitch patterns.

Christmas decorating 2010 072

Christmas decorating 2010 074

Christmas decorating 2010 080

One thing I’m getting kind of tired of is my mantle.   I always have so much trouble decorating it to where I love it.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever loved what I’ve done, so I’m gonna put my thinking cap on for next Christmas in the new house.   It’s such a focal point and one I never feel I get right.    It’s been this way for a couple of years.

Christmas decorating 2010 073

Oh well…. one of these days maybe I’ll like it.  

So, I’m off to California this weekend for my annual Christmas party with my bestest friends of over 30 years.   We’ll be at Janet’s (Myrt, Lucy, Lucylieb…yes that’s all one person) house and she does the most wonderful decorating.   I’ll be sure to take my camera!

See you next week.    

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A bit of framing

I have a nasty cold and the weather outside is truly frightful.  A mixture of freezing rain and snow.   Perfect day to stay inside and get something done.  

I’ve had some stitchery projects that have needed framing but I’m not the best “framer” in the world, so I kept putting it off.   Today was the day to tackle it. 

This summer my friend, Patty, took a road trip to the midwest with her hubby and she got to go to Primitive Gatherings.  She knows how much I love everything in that store, so she called me while she was there. I got online and was looking on their website as she described things to me.  Great way to shop, no?

Among other things, she picked up this frame for me. 


I didn’t have anything specific in mind for it, but when she brought it to me, I was showing her a couple of projects I had been working on and guess what?   They both would work!

I’ve now got a start on decorating for next fall.


And this one will be going up right away.


Both patterns are from Primitive Stitches.   Her patterns are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.  (I will not be held responsible for any damage to your checkbook!)

Anyway, while I was rummaging around in my messy sewing room, I found an unframed project that must be at least 4 years old.   Got it framed this afternoon and put out with my decorations.


Isn’t it cute?   I love the little snowman face buttons.   Don’t remember the name of the pattern.  My apologies to the designer. 

Then, I had some more framing to do but I can’t share these quite yet.  Maybe in a couple of weeks.  (wink wink to my Calif girlfriends).

034I just noticed in the picture that 2 of those frames are brown.  They’re all supposed to be black.  Oh cripes!

Stay warm and healthy out there. 

Hugs, Anne