Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moving right along

It’s been really hard to get some good pictures of the progress because it seems so chaotic in the house with all the workers, the loud music they play, the supplies that have been delivered, etc. So, ignore all the dust and clutter. LOL

The doors were delivered and Anne laughed at me because I got so excited over doors. But, I love them because they look like beadboard, and I LOVE beadboard.


The trim was also delivered and it’s hazardous trying to step over it.


My nest was the first place they started. Smart workers! Love those doors!


With all the windows across the back, my room is nice and bright, even on a gloomy day.


The cabinets were also delivered and guess what? I found out we have a kitchen! Hehe. This is what the “before” looks like.


And cabinets in. The black piece in front is the island.


And another view.


Check out the dust…I keep walking around using my coat sleeve to wipe it off. You should see my coat. LOL

One of my favorite things is the buffet/butler’s pantry (whatever you want to call it) in the dining room.


There will be glass in the center section and granite on the counter.

Here are a couple of the pieces of granite that will be going in. The one on the left will be in the master bath and the one on the right will be in the powder room.


The powder room will have a copper vessel sink, so they should compliment each other really well.

The entertainment units were also installed. The TV will be on the right side.


Outside…they have finished the concrete work. The house still hasn’t been painted because we just can’t seem to get a few dry days in a row. Oh well, at least the inside work can continue.


Next week the tile and granite start going in. I call all this stuff the “pretty” things and I love watching it all come together.

Hugs, Anne

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jack’s Deck

If you remember, I told you that Jack, the kitty, will have his own little outside space.   He’s an indoor cat but loves to sit outside on our current deck and watch the world go by.   Our deck is 2 stories off the ground and has no stairs, so he’s pretty safe out there.  

When we were designing the new house, we realized that Jack wasn’t going to be able to go outside at all because the outdoor living space is all on the first level.  Then, Mr. CnW came up with the brilliant expensive idea of building a deck off my nest.   So, after some discussion, we decided to go for it.   And…..we are really glad.  

Today, the deck was completed. 




I hope he’ll let me sit out there with him on a nice day and stitch a bit!

(By the way…the door leading to the deck is just a temporary door.  The actual door will be all glass.)  

Also, the columns in the front were completed.  As you can see by their design, the house has a “craftsman” look.


The forms are all laid for concrete to be poured tomorrow on the entryway, driveway, side yard and back patio. 

More to come…