Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome to the world

Mason Joseph, born May 24th at 5:01am, weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs 11.4 ounces. It wasn’t the easiest delivery but Mom and Mason are doing really well now.

075 Inducing was started and then stopped due to an overload of maternity patients requiring all available staff in the OR, so Emma was able to see Mommy and Daddy a couple of times before Mason was born. All she was interested in was Mommy’s food. Take a look.

023Sugar cookie. (Dessert first, you know).


Grilled Cheese, mmm..yummy.


And some O’s.

055 Holy cow….what kind of tub is this? I could play here all day.

083 And finally….Baby Brodder was here!

070He even brought Emma a present.


A magnetic paper doll set to play with. What a smart brother. Starting things off on the right foot.


And Emma gave Mason a present too. A cute little squeaky toy.

088 A very proud Papa and Grammy. (and Emma with more of Mommy's food).

101And the happy family at home!

The weather for our drive to and from Seattle was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t resist taking these two pics of Mt. Hood, right outside of Portland.




And this is Mt. St. Helens, between Portland and Seattle.


Mt. Rainier, southeast of Seattle. It was hard to get a good picture while travelling at 70 mph. (I sure hope that’s the speed limit in Washington LOL). It sure makes for a nice drive when you have such beautiful mountains to look at.

And… lastly, a couple more pics of Miss Emma playing at the park.



So, Mason was well worth the wait and I’m excited to get back there in a couple of weeks to help out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some handwork to do

Well, we’re finally getting ready to go “meet” baby boy.   DD is being induced on Friday morning, after being 12 long days overdue.   Emma has a little cold, so hopefully she’ll be better by then so she can go to the hospital and see her new Baby Brodder.  During all this "waiting”, I have prepped some applique to have with me when I go back up for 2 weeks to help out after Daddy goes back to work.   Here’s a bit of what I’ve gotten done.  


These are all ready to be hand stitched.  

The pattern is called Reminiscence and it’s by “The Rabbit Factory”.   There will be 12 blocks when I’m finished.  Here’s what I’ve done so far.  I’m using Moda’s Mistletoe Manor fabric. 


Think good thoughts for a safe and pain free delivery.   I’ll let you all know the “stats” as soon he makes his debut!  Whoppeee!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Playing the waiting game

A couple of days ago, Carrie e-mailed me asking if baby grandson had arrived yet. I let her know that we were all on pins and needles "waiting". She then asked me what I was working on to stay busy. Well, truth be told, I wasn't working on anything because I didn't want to get interrupted in the middle of a project. I got to thinking about that logic and it didn't make any sense at all.

So, I pulled out one of the Jo Morton little kits that I bought way back last September at the Portland Quilt Show Expo. It was fast and easy and I finished piecing, quilting, and binding it...and still no baby call.

Look who wants another 15 minutes of fame.... See that little face to the right?

And as I snapped this picture, look who wanted to be a part of it?

No Jack? I must be quicker than he is...

And...remember Betty here? Well, it seems she's relapsed. She's going back in the shop for some more medicine! I guess that means more handwork for me!

And.........still no baby!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jack in the Box

Sometimes I just crack myself up!
(Yes, his name really is Jack).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wool Garden

Block 7 arrived last week and since my machine was in the shop, it was a great time to get handwork done and stay caught up on this block of the month. This is such a great quilt project and Karen has done a wonderful job picking out the cotton backgrounds and the gorgeous wool for it.
She's going to be offering 2 new Block of the Month programs, so you might want to head on over to her store, Farm House Woolens, and see what she's got coming. Bookmark her site because she's in the process of moving into her fabulous new house (which you can read all about on her blog) and won't be back online until May 15th.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Friday, May 8, 2009

She's home!

A few weeks ago, Betty (Bernina) just stopped running. Found out it was the circuit board. Yikes...what was this going to cost me?

Check this out! All covered under the warranty! Thank you Bernina USA.

Oh, and see that light that's on the left of the machine? It's called The Bendable Bright Light and it's fabulous! I absolutely love mine.

Now I can get back to some piecing. I've been "prepping" lots of hand applique projects to take with me to Seattle after the little guy (grandson) is born. I'll be up there for a couple of weeks to help out after Daddy goes back to work. Hmm, do you think I'll have time for handwork? LOL

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tisket a Tasket, Block 5

That Anne keeps making these blocks cuter and cuter.
If you haven't joined in the fun, there's still time. Click on the link on my sidebar and it will take you right to the FREE patterns. You could be caught up in no time at all. Each block takes about an evening to put together and another evening to stitch. Come on. What's stopping you?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogger's Block

Also known as Writer's Block. I've had a serious case of this and haven't been able to come up with anything to blog about.

On Tuesday it started snowing again, so I thought I would blog about that, but I was a little miffed at Mother Nature, so I figured I better not blog because it would turn into a rant! I'm so OVER the snow. The flakes were huge and if it had been raining, it would have been pouring! The snow didn't last for very long, so I calmed down.
Since I keep showing progress on the things I'm working on, I thought I would show you that I CAN finish things.

This is called "Feathered Stars" and it's from Kim Diehl's book, Simple Traditions. I was in a Yahoo Primitive group and we did it as our Quarterly Quilt. I pretty much used the same colors as Kim did because I think that's what drew me to the quilt. It's hanging in hubby's den.

This quilt is in our dining room and it's called "Holly Basket" from the book, Holly Threads by Need'l Love. It was designed by Gerry Kimmel-Carr. I know it's a Christmas design, but I like it, so I leave it up all year.

I saved this one for last because it actually gave me tendonitis and I swore I would never do another applique quilt.

It's called "Stella's Rose" from Samples of the Past, Part 3, by Blackbird Designs. I was taking a 4 week class and I got the whole blasted quilt finished in those 4 weeks, doing needleturn, no less! The pain in my elbow was so bad that I had to quit doing any handwork for quite awhile after. Taught me a really good lesson about "OCD".

Well, hopefully my blogger's block is gone. I'll be posting block #5 of Tisket a Tasket on Tuesday. Better get that scheduled in case baby grandson decides to arrive a bit early.