Friday, October 3, 2008

Pardon the interruption

Thought I'd take a break from the quilt show and take you to the vendor's booth that took our cash! It is Carriage Country Quilts located in Des Moines, WA.

That quilt hanging under their sign was wonderful.
Here's a close-up of it.

Has anyone seen this fabric or know what it's called? I think it's by Joined at the Hip.

This is one of the kits we all bought. It's called "Jo's Pick Up Sticks". Don't you love the way it's displayed with all the wonderful colors of floss and perle cotton? No, they weren't included in the kit. Darn!
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Darlene said...

I recognize that backing fabric but for the life of me I can't recall much about it. I'll put my thinking cap on. LOL The quilt is beautiful and would be oh so much fun to make.

I adore Jo's Pick Up Sticks! Very, very cute!

Lorraine said...

those colours are just yummy!!

Karen said...

I, too, recognize the backing fabric and can't think of who designed it. It is not a new fabric. I will send someone over to your blog that can probably identify it.
That is a very interesting quilt that you have shown. I am going to do a search on the pattern.

Mary said...

Oh I just love that pattern! Do you know the name of the pattern? Love your blog too! Hugs, Mary

Kelly said...

Love your blog!

Judy said...

Oh man gotta love Jo Morton...I've seen that backing fabric some place before but don't remember any of the particulars sorry.

Karen said...

I found out that the fabric on the back of the quilt is by Whimsicals and is called "Colonial Inn".

Patti said...

My friend and I bought that same pattern from their booth LOL! Not like I need another primitive applique pattern - I must have dozens and dozens! Could you hear me doing the happy dance last Monday all the way over in Bend? AFter our class with Jo Morton - which was wonderful, by the way - I stopped at Momma Made It for some additional fabric. Sharon told us she will be doing Jo's Little Women's Club part 8. I've been begging her to do the club for 7 years now - finally I won't have to do it online any longer!

Happy Zombie said...

When I went to Expo last year, Carriage Country Quilts was my fave booth! I plopped down some cash there too! A few weeks ago I got to go to their store, and loved it too. But I was retrained there and only bought one spool of Auriful (sp) thread. And not because so many things didn't want to come home with me, but because I still haven't done anything I bought at their booth last year.

I'm enjoying your photo tour so much! Wish I had been able to go, especially since you were there!