Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Christmas party

I know I’m a bit late with this post.  Life just gets a bit hectic at times and…you all know what I’m saying!

The first weekend in Dec I flew to Calif for my annual Christmas party with my longtime girlfriends. (notice that I didn’t say OLD).  We calculated that we’ve been doing this every year for the past 28 years.  When I lived there, we got together every month.  They still do and I join them whenever I can.

The party this year was at Marsha’s house and it was decorated to the nines.

I love this collection of snowmen in a primitive box.

GG Christmas 2009 004

More snowmen.   Marsha made the Santa quilt and lucky for me…she made 2 of them and the year she drew my name, I got one! 

GG Christmas 2009 006

And more snowmen on the mantle.

GG Christmas 2009 007

She also made this snowman quilt and not only did she make one, she made FIVE and we each got one.   That was a special year.  GG Christmas 2009 008

Look how cute this all looks sitting on her old school desk. 

GG Christmas 2009 010And more snowmen!GG Christmas 2009 012 

This is sitting in her entry way.  Cute, huh?

GG Christmas 2009 025

A few more snowmen!

GG Christmas 2009 067 

Even in the bathroom!

GG Christmas 2009 061

Her quilts are all displayed perfectly.

GG Christmas 2009 069GG Christmas 2009 072

And some cross stitch.

GG Christmas 2009 070

We can’t leave Santa out.

GG Christmas 2009 073

And of course, the tree.  (notice the palm tree in the backgound.  LOL  I just noticed that it looks like the lampshade is part of it.)GG Christmas 2009 074

You were a great hostess Marsha.  Thanks for another fun party!  

Next up…our gift exchange.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The occasional picture

I just had to share these pics of Emma and Mason with Santa.   

Emma wasn’t too excited about seeing Santa.  We finally had to tell her that Mrs Claus would deliver her gifts in order to get her to even talk about Christmas.  

When we walked into Santa Lane and saw that there wasn’t a line, we were hopeful that she’d sit on his lap.  

He was wonderful with her.  Took time to talk to her before having her get on his lap.   It was so cute when she asked him, “where’s Mrs. Claus”?  He said…”why back at the North Pole, of course”.  That seemed to be okay with Emma and she agreed to sit on his lap.   (that’s definitely a worried look on her face).  LOL

Here she is telling him that she’s “three”.

Santa 2009 003

Wouldn’t you like to know what she’s thinking here?

Santa 2009 007

As for Mason?   I know he’s saying…”what’s the problem”?  He’s so laid back and good natured all the time.   Santa 2009 012 

Here’s the “official” picture.  

CSanta09-2633[1]Thanks for indulging me with my “babies”.

Hugs, Anne

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bloggy friends

A couple of weeks ago I got a couple of packages in the mail.

Dec 2009 103

Candace of Squash House Quilts sent me this Hello Joe Joe that helped sell her house. It was sent to her by Monica, Happy Zombie, after her house sold using St Joe. So, now I have it and hopefully it will help us sell my Mom’s house in Calif. Thanks Candace.

I gave it to my brother to take back to Calif with him. I’m a little worried about it actually making it to my Mom’s house since his house is also on the market. LOL

Then, I got the nicest surprise from Mary at Quilt Hollow.Dec 2009 104

My, what could be lurking in that cute little sewing pack? Dec 2009 106

Check it out! The card had a packet of hot cinnamon spice tea. Perfect for a cold snowy day. There’s a spool of thread of a packet of Foxglove Cottage “sharps", a nail file and note pad. Now, how sweet is that? Thanks Mary! (It won’t be long till we can share our little venture…wink, wink.)

Bloggy friends are just the best!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Winner and some decorating

Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite movies with me.  I almost called off the giveaway when no one picked my favorite movie, but then I figured that maybe I’m just a dork and shouldn’t take it out on you!   LOL   My favorite is “West Side Story”.  Not only do I know all the words to all the songs, I can also recite the dialogue!  Silly, I know. 

So, on to the winner.   013

Number 6 is:

Sandy F said...

I would have to say my favorite holiday movie would be "A Christmas Story". Love all of the goodies.

Congratulations Sandy F.   Email me your snail mail address and I’ll get your goodies off to you right away.   I’ll also let Louann know where to send your gift certificate. 

Now on to a few shots of my decorations.

Christmas decorating 2009 024

I love this wooden box/tray.  It stays out all year and gets decorated for every season.

Christmas decorating 2009 034

Christmas decorating 2009 025

Christmas decorating 2009 046-1


Christmas decorating 2009 029


Christmas decorating 2009 027


Christmas decorating 2009 028


Christmas decorating 2009 038


Christmas decorating 2009 050


Christmas decorating 2009 053


Christmas decorating 2009 054 

I went to California for my annual Christmas party with my girlfriends, so will share those pictures in the next few days.  

Thanks again to everyone who entered and shared their favorite movies.   I’m going to be watching some of those that I’ve never seen (like Pride and Prejudice…all versions).  

Hugs, Anne

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Christmas Giveaway

After I posted the pictures from my stop at Folkart Gatherings Too in Centralia, WA, I got an email from the owner, Louann. She was pleased with the photos, asked if she could post them on her blog, and then offered a gift certificate if I wanted to do a giveaway. What a wonderful gesture on her part. It got me thinking that my 100th post completely got by me, so I thought I would add a few things to the pot.

How does this all sound? A $30.00 gift certificate to Folkart Gatherings which can be used at either of their 2 locations (Centralia or Sumner, WA) or redeemed online and… my contribution will be what you see in this picture. Giveaway 012

There’s a 2010 Calendar, a set of winter blocks, and a bundle of 10 fat quarters from Jo Morton’s line, Stafford County.

(here’s a clearer picture of the blocks)Christmas decorating 2009 060

Now, I’m not going to make you jump through hoops by linking my blog to yours or Amazon’s or anyone else’s. In fact, I’d rather keep this between me and my faithful bloggy friends.

So, all I ask is that you tell me your favorite movie of all time (holiday or otherwise). Easy peasy, right?

I'll only take the first 18,000 who comment. Oops...that's Pioneer Woman. I guess I was dreaming. LOL (I keep trying to win a mixer from her).

I’ll do the drawing Wednesday evening!

Good Luck.

Hugs, Anne

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Tisket a Tasket – the finale


It seems appropriate that we began with a snowman and we’re ending with one.  

Are you sad to have this wonderful series come to an end?   I sure am.   In fact, I’ve decided that it won’t end now for me. 


Do you notice something missing?   Like the sashing and borders?   Well, a funny thing happened.  My order hasn’t arrived from my friendly online quilt shop.   I may have to cancel that order and try another friendlier online quilt shop.  

And, if I had put it together in the order I photographed it, it would be wrong.   I think I have May and June switched around.   So, I guess it’s a good thing my fabric didn’t arrive!  LOL

I promise to show you the finished project and, hopefully, it won’t be next Christmas.  

Thanks, Anne, for a wonderful 12 months of darling blocks.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Folkart Gatherings Too

On our way to Seattle last week, I got to stop at my favorite country store in Centralia, Washington, Folkart Gatherings Too.   I made some purchases and got to take lots of pictures. Penny was working and she was oh so sweet about letting me take them.  

Well, guess what…the day after Thanksgiving, Mr. CnW was taking pictures and all of a sudden…no pictures on the memory card.   Somehow, all the pictures of the store and of our Thanksgiving were wiped out, gone, kaput!    We have no idea what happened, but he felt so badly about it that he asked me if I wanted to stop on the way home and re-take pictures.    Sweet, huh? 

So, I sheepishly walked back into the store and explained what happened, asking if I could start all over.    After some laughter, I got the OK.   So, here we go!Thanksgiving 2009 092  Thanksgiving 2009 090

Thanksgiving 2009 052

Thanksgiving 2009 053

Thanksgiving 2009 054

Thanksgiving 2009 055

Thanksgiving 2009 056

Thanksgiving 2009 058

Thanksgiving 2009 060

Thanksgiving 2009 061

Thanksgiving 2009 063

Thanksgiving 2009 064

Thanksgiving 2009 066

Thanksgiving 2009 067

Thanksgiving 2009 068

Thanksgiving 2009 075

(too bad the gas station is in the background.  If I knew more about my camera, I probably could have blurred it out.  It’s on my list of things to learn in 2010.)Thanksgiving 2009 077 Thanksgiving 2009 079 Thanksgiving 2009 088 So, if you see anything you like, give them a call.  (not a paid advertisement…lol)

Thanksgiving 2009 089That’s not a snowman or a Santa, that’s Mr. CnW sitting in the car, patiently waiting for me. 

Thanksgiving 2009 096 And luckily, this is the most snow we saw on the way home.  Whew!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  Only 23 days till Christmas.  Yikes!

Hugs, Anne