Friday, November 30, 2012

Comfort and Joy finale....well, almost

November brings us to the point of finishing up the center of the quilt.    The 12th block was a quick and easy one.  

This is Sandy's  (no blog).  As you can see, she added the snowflakes on the left and presents under the tree.  

I pretty much stuck to the pattern but replaced 2 of the nine patch blocks with churn dash blocks.   Again, all the applique is done with wool on cotton.

These are all 12 blocks.  I thought I had taken a picture after they were sewn together, but it looks like you'll have to see that next month....or whenever we all finish up with the borders and applique.  

December might be a challenge for all of us to get this finished but we're sure gonna try.

Go on over and take a look at what the rest of the gang has been doing.

Kim, Karen, Diane and Nadine.  

Hugs, Anne

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Weed Patch

Yesterday we headed north from Seattle to Bothell to go to Country Village.  There's a darling store there, that I had been to before, called The Weed Patch.  Last week they posted a video on Facebook of all their decorations up for the holidays.   What better way to spend the day?  Right Mason?

I say "train em early", because I know there's going to be lots more shopping trips in his future. (notice the Leapster is still keeping him busy!)

Isn't this a cute shop?

There were decorations everywhere!

and more plates than I think I've seen in any shop.

I just love these old fashion Santas.

More plates.

Am I right?   :)

I think one of these guys should have come home with me.

Lots of snowmen.

and more plates.

This little reindeer was way cuter in person.   He looks like he's scowling at me here.  

Isn't this cabinet wonderful?   I loved it so much I couldn't even hold the camera steady!

They also have a huge variety of towels, both plain and decorated.

Did I mention plates?

And glitter for a real sparkle.  

The last time I went to this shop it was a bit more primitive than it is right now.    I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but didn't come home with much more than a couple of ornaments for the kiddos and some towels to embellish.  Mason picked out a gingerbread man ornament for himself and a cupcake ornie for Emma.  

It was a fun outing and Mr CnW and Mason were terrific sports to hang out and wander around.   The weather was wonderful, so they got to enjoy walking outside which, I'm sure, was where they would have rather been.

I'm definitely getting in the holiday spirit and when we get home, I'll finish up my decorating and share some pics.

Hugs, Anne

Monday, November 26, 2012

Folkart Gatherings

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know that one of my "must" stops when heading to Seattle is Folkart Gatherings.  (check out past posts under "labels). We used to stop in Centralia, WA, right off Interstate 5 because they had a second shop there, but, unfortunately, it closed last year.   I was so bummed.  Sooooo, when we were going to be in Seattle for an extended stay watching Emma and Mason while Mommy and Daddy went to The Big Apple, I told Mr CnW that I wanted to head to Sumner, WA to the main shop which is still in business and doing really well.  (Wow, I just re-read what I wrote and I would definitely call that a run on sentence.   Sorry to all you English teachers out there....)

We quickly headed down to Sumner after taking Emma to school, knowing we had to be back in time to pick her up.   I had forgotten all the dropping off and picking up young parents do when they have kids in school, day care, after school activities, etc.   

Mason didn't have pre-school today, so he got to go with us.  He was so excited!  (yeah, right!  Aren't all 3 year olds excited to go to a Country Store?)

Can you see the excitement in his eyes?   Oh, sorry, that's just the refection of the Leapster which kept him quite occupied!

 Here's Louann on the right, the owner of the shop.   She's so sweet and made me feel right at home.   She feels like a "friend" since I've been shopping there for so long now.   Her trusty sidekick (sorry, I forgot her name) was as sweet as she could be too.  

They had just had their Christmas Open House over the weekend, and told me the shop was quite picked over and messy but I never saw anything out of place and it looked like it was just waiting for me to get there!

So, I'll cut with the words and just let you enjoy the wonderful eye candy!

 All these boxes and cabinets would have looked so good in my house.   Unfortunately, we are flying home, so once again, I am limited with my purchases.   :(

Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have unlimited funds?

Check out the giant candy cane in the tree!

Look at this wonderful shelf.   Oh, if I only had more room in my suitcase.  Sigh!

 Mr CnW really bonded with this little snowman guy, so he's coming home with us.

If you see anything you like, just give Louann a call.  She is having 1/2 price on shipping for Cyber Monday and I know she'd love to mail you a package (or two).

And, if you're ever in the Seattle area, be sure and plan a trip to Sumner.  It's a darling little town with fun gift and antique shops.   It's only about 30 miles southeast of Seattle.  

Hugs, Anne