Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Weed Patch

Yesterday we headed north from Seattle to Bothell to go to Country Village.  There's a darling store there, that I had been to before, called The Weed Patch.  Last week they posted a video on Facebook of all their decorations up for the holidays.   What better way to spend the day?  Right Mason?

I say "train em early", because I know there's going to be lots more shopping trips in his future. (notice the Leapster is still keeping him busy!)

Isn't this a cute shop?

There were decorations everywhere!

and more plates than I think I've seen in any shop.

I just love these old fashion Santas.

More plates.

Am I right?   :)

I think one of these guys should have come home with me.

Lots of snowmen.

and more plates.

This little reindeer was way cuter in person.   He looks like he's scowling at me here.  

Isn't this cabinet wonderful?   I loved it so much I couldn't even hold the camera steady!

They also have a huge variety of towels, both plain and decorated.

Did I mention plates?

And glitter for a real sparkle.  

The last time I went to this shop it was a bit more primitive than it is right now.    I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but didn't come home with much more than a couple of ornaments for the kiddos and some towels to embellish.  Mason picked out a gingerbread man ornament for himself and a cupcake ornie for Emma.  

It was a fun outing and Mr CnW and Mason were terrific sports to hang out and wander around.   The weather was wonderful, so they got to enjoy walking outside which, I'm sure, was where they would have rather been.

I'm definitely getting in the holiday spirit and when we get home, I'll finish up my decorating and share some pics.

Hugs, Anne


Kathie said...

another fun shop! love those plates, the snowmen heads were funny! those little mittens were cute too.
LOVED those red tartan plaid dishtowels
wow they say grandma's house to me! I love that old looking red plaids so much better then the bright stuff today.
Glad the guys were good sports and let you shop!
cant' wait to see the house decorated :)
i always love taking the tour!

paulette said...

WOW!! Another wonderful shop!! Tis the season!

Sue said...

You share the best eye candy with us. This looks like another wonderful shop!

I personally thought the cutie in the stroller was a nice touch ;)

Candace said...

I've always loved this shop, Anne! Way back when it was opened by a gal I went to high school with - pretty sure she no longer has it, though. Where to next?

Carol said...

Another delightful shop...what fun!

Anna said...

I thought for sure that Mr. CW would be in the stroller today!

annie said...

great photos!
I laughed, I thought the reindeer was mad at me, in the photo,then I read the caption, way cute! love the cupboards and all the Father Christmas'

Karen said...

wow that stuff was full of wonderful things - I would have walked out of there with inspiration as well. A great way to spend a day and looks like Mason and Mr CnW did just fine :).

Hugs - Me

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

I went there last weekend Anne and got the cutest snowman plate!! Today I sent my Sister and Mom up to Sumner to FolkArt Gatherings. I ordered a cute snowman, can't wait to see what they find. Did you go to the quilt shop next door? I picked up spools of cosmos 2 strand thread. Enjoy your time with the kids, Mason is so big!!

Lori said...

Looks like you are having so much fun!! When I was in Seattle I did make it to the Country Village. What fun shopping!!

Jean(ie) said...

I just found your blog looking for a tutorial on wool applique. It's my newest sewing/quilting fascination. I came across your tutorial in 2009 via a search engine. I'm laughing because you were right up in my neck of the woods this day. those are cute little shops up there... Lots to see.

Thanks for posting that tutorial. It was good info! just what I needed to get me started!