Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Comfort and Joy

If you saw last month's post about our progress on this darling quilt, you'll remember that when I was in San Diego visiting Fat Quarters Quilt Shop, I ran into Julie Isa who was teaching this quilt.  Her students were arriving as I was leaving the shop but they promised to send me some pictures of their creativity.

This first one was made into a table runner by Laural.     I love that she just took one block out of the quilt and made it.   So darn cute and clever. She has an online quilt shop, Simply Put Plus.  Check it out!

The gal who did this one changed the original angel to this cute flying one.

And these next ones were all done by Mary Calton.

Check out the darling glass ornament with the snowman and the figgy pudding blocks.    Some people are just so creative!

Love this Santa and especially the iced gingerbread cookie star!


Way to go ladies.    Keep up the good work and be sure and let us see your finished quilts and projects.

Thanks to Julie for sending me the pictures.    I'd love to take a class from you someday to be inspired like these ladies are!

Hugs, Anne

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Comfort and Joy #5

I can't believe it's already the end of August.   Where is the time going?    When we started this Block of the Month project, Christmas seemed so far away.   Now we will all be scrambling to get this one finished and quilted in time for the holidays.    There are only 3 blocks remaining plus the borders, so if we get these done quicker than one per month, we can easily have it finished in time....right ladies?   :)

Here's Sandy's version.   Since she had added candy canes to the previous month's block, she switched them out in the stocking and added stars instead. And....since she had stars in the stocking, she decided to change the top block to an ornament.  Oh that Sandy...always changing things up!

And here's mine.    All of my applique is done with wool on a cotton background.  

Here are all 5 blocks put together.  I think this quilt design is so darn cute.    

Now go on over and visit all the other bloggers who have joined in on our quilt-a-long.  

Karen, Sharon, Kim, Kaaren, Karen, Diane, Nadine and Carrie.  

If you get to their blog and find they haven't posted,  it's because many of them "scheduled" their posts to show up while they are away on fun trips.   They weren't very confident that it was going to work.   Ah, technology!

I thought I'd share some pictures of our backyard.   There was no landscaping when we moved in and we are slowly adding plants.   I really wanted colorful flowers, so we've been going to the nursery every month and buying whatever is blooming at the time.  Right now we have a beautiful array of blooms.   It's going to take us awhile to get it completed but we're having fun shopping.

I promise to get those pictures of Temecula Quilt Company's shop posted really soon!

Hugs, Anne

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Country Homecoming Block 5

Summer is definitely the time for construction and our little quilt-a-long is doing its part to help the housing recovery.  

First up, Anna's home.

And Sandy (no blog)'s...

And last, but not least...mine.

And this is my neighborhood so far.     I noticed,when I put all the blocks together, that I really like a lot of windows.  Guess that explains my need for light and bright rooms.   Looks like I better get creative on the next ones.   LOL.

Thought I'd show you a sunset we had last week over the neighborhood.   It was just spectacular.   We really have the best sunset shows here in Central Oregon.  

So, now head on over to see what Paulette, Sandy R, Patti, Jocelyn, Carrie and Deb have been working on.  

Hugs, Anne

Sunday, August 12, 2012

On to Temecula, CA

Temecula has 3 shops that I wanted to see.   The first one I went to is Quilter's Coop.   They were really busy and I didn't want to interrupt anyone to ask if I could take pictures, so I ended up leaving not being able to share any with you.  Sorry!   They are closing at the end of the year. What a shame as it was a wonderful shop.

Across the street from Quilter's Coop is The Wool Lady.   I didn't get a picture of the outside of the shop because it was so darn hot outside, but if you go to her website, she has a great slideshow of her store.   Anyway, what a darling little shop it is.   And Ruth, the owner, is just delightful.

Here we go...

For such a little space, the shop packs a wallop!   No wasted space anywhere.    Need any wool?   Ruth has it available in any cut you can afford...big or little.

And she's got silk matka and prairie cloth which can be quite hard to find sometimes.

Need any blues or purples?   It's here!

And check out these patterns.  Have you ever seen so many?

Books too!

And kits galore!

Special little fun things.

I didn't get the name of this quilt, but it was spectacular hanging at the checkout counter.   All wool!

After I got to talking to Ruth, she said that since it was my first time in the shop, I could pick out 12 buttons for FREE out of this bucket. would have thought I was picking out diamonds, because it took me longer to pick out 12 little buttons than it took me to pick out paint colors for our new house.   How can it be so hard to pick out 12 buttons?   Obviously, quite hard for me.   LOL

If you're ever in Temecula, be sure and stop by The Wool Lady and say hi to Ruth!     (Oh, she has lots of yarn too.  Since I'm not a knitter, I didn't even think to take pictures of it but you can catch a glimpse of some in the very first picture).    

I'll finish up with Temecula Quilt Co next time. 

Hugs, Anne

Monday, August 6, 2012

Next stop...

La Mesa, CA and Country Loft.   I had been to this shop around 15 years ago, but I wasn't quilting yet,  so focused more on the doll patterns and all the fun decorating goodies.    This time I spent my time looking at all the patterns and fabric.

Look who was at the front register when I walked in?   Why it's JoAnn Mullaly of Wool Crazy fame.   She's such a delight.

So much to look at!

One of JoAnn's projects from her book, "Crazy at Home".

More Cheri patterns.

I think this is another one of JoAnn's designs.

Wonderful home dec items everywhere.

This was taken in the front room where you enter the shop.

Dishware anyone?

This is JoAnn's original quilt from her newest book, "Folk Branches".  I'm pretty sure I showed it to you in my Quilt Market pictures.

A class was going on and looked like a fun bunch of ladies.

Halloween is right around the corner.  We better get busy stitching up these projects.

Loved Cheri's version of a simple log cabin.  Yep....bought that pattern.

Ready for some embroidery?

More Cheri patterns.

Such inspiring displays.

Here's Colleen just waiting to cut my fabric!

More cute displays.

And the best thing of all?    There was a 27% off sale that day celebrating their 27th year in business.   That's a long time for a quilt shop...Just goes to show you they are doing something right!

Sorry for the poor quality of some of the pictures.   I was using my trusty little red camera and the shop is dark in places.   Trusty little red doesn't do well in dark areas.  When I used the flash, the pictures were very washed out looking.  Time to get a new little red?   Hmmm, maybe.   You know how technology is advancing faster than our bank accounts!

Next up....Temecula.   

Hugs, Anne