Sunday, November 6, 2016

October Show and tell

It's November! Can you believe it?   We are having unseasonably warm weather here in Central Oregon.  No snow yet.  I think this is the latest it's been since we moved here 14 years ago.   I'm okay with that although I do love watching it fall and making everything look so clean and pretty.   There's lots on the mountains tho, so I can look out my window and see how gorgeous they are.  

Sandy and I were the only ones who had show and tell in October and I didn't have much at all.  We were travelling quite a bit and once we got back, I kind of lost my mojo for awhile.  

So, here we go. First are the projects that Sandy accomplished in October.

I took these pictures at our Woolies gathering.  If you are on Instagram and want to see how she has them displayed in her home, she's @sfeigner.   She has a real knack for decorating.  

This pattern is an old one by Blackbird Designs called Midnight Silhouette.   The pattern had been out of print, but the wonderful Blackbird ladies have brought it out of retirement.   I read that The Quilted Moose has them in stock.

Here's a kit that we got from Buttermilk Basin.  
Sandy reduced the pattern by 25% in order for the towel to fit on an old tote that she has. 
(She also cut an inch or so off the sides of the towel     

I can't remember who the designer is for this darling snowman.   
Sandy, can you help us out?  
(Check the comments if you're interested.) 

The witch is from a pattern by Country Threads called Witches.
It's actually a quilt pattern but she just made one block.'s NOT paper pieced.  Those are some pretty small pieces.   

This wonderful pumpkin was inspired by a post she saw on Instagram and 
whipped it out without a pattern.  Smarty pants!

Here are mine....
Looks like white pumpkins are "in" this year. 
This is a pattern by Plays with Wool Designs called The Great Pumpkin
There were a lot of berries to stitch on this one.   
Needless to say, by the end of making it, I was really sick of berries!

Aren't you loving the little pillows for bowl fillers that you're seeing on blogs and Instagram? 
These are from a pattern by Wooden Spool Designs called Happy Halloween
They are actually blocks in a quilt but they are small enough to make into little pillows.   

I finally got this one back from the quilter.   
It's a design by Norma at Timeless Traditions called  At Home in the Garden.
I'm looking forward to putting it up after the holidays are over.    

And here's my version of Stacy's Fall Towel.   

There you have it.   
I'm making some Christmas gifts so I probably won't have much to show you for November show and tell.  I'm sure that the other gals in the group will fill in!  

Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Hugs, Anne