Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March show and tell

Surprise...I'm on time this month!  

Funny thing about Woolies yesterday.   Sandy and I were the only ones there.  Lots of people out of town or busy with other things, so we had show and tell for each other.   We had fun, even if it was just the two of us.

Sandy has been working on big projects so she only brought a couple of projects that she finished.

First up is a darling pattern called "Old Wood Hare" by Cheri.  Sandy did this one in wool on a cotton background.

This next little one is from Little Thistle Designs called "Penny Patch Rabbit"
It is so cute and little.  Only measures 8x10".  (Sorry, I couldn't find a website)

Next up are my finished projects.   
When I saw Sandy working on that little cutie I knew I wanted one too, 
so here's mine.   
When showed Sandy that I added a button eye for the little bunny, she said that hers is looking backward, therefore, no eye!   LOL

This pillow is from a Wooden Spool Designs pattern called "Chubby Bunny".  
He makes me smile when I look at him.   
Don't those carrot flowers remind you of the popsicles we got when we were little with the tube pushing the ice cream up?   Ahhh, sweet memories. 

Last year Cheri offered this next one as a freebie on her Facebook group.   
I finished the top but never did anything with it.  I had some time last week, so made a pillow.  
Now I'm all ready for summer.   (which can't get here fast enough)!

A cute table runner from Woolen Needle Designs called "Bunny in the Meadow.  

And, as I mentioned last month, I'm working on the monthly series of patterns 
from Buttermilk Basin called "With Cotton and Wool BOM.    
I needed to get caught up on them, so this one is February. 


and April.   

Well, that's it for March show and tell.  
Hopefully there will be more ladies at Woolies next month and we will have more to show.  

See ya soon, 
Hugs, Anne 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

February Show and Tell

Now that the snow is slowly melting, we find that getting together with our groups of girlfriends is extremely important.   Woolies on Tuesday was back to normal and a fun gathering.   Lots to show.

First up is Mari's beautiful quilt from Geoff's Mom Pattern Co.   Wow, that's a lot of work!!!

The next ones are all from our prolific Sandy!   
This is her version of Buttermilk Basin's Mystery Quilt from 2016.
Don't you just love how she finished it?   So clever. 

This is one that she did from a sew a long with Cheri on Cheri's Facebook Page. 

Another Cheri pattern called "Bless your Heart"

This one is from a pattern by JoAnn Mullaly.   Sandy must have made multiples because I was the lucky recipient of one for Christmas.  Thanks, Sandy!

Cute pillow from Wooden Spool Designs called "Follow your Heart".  

And another darling pillow from Briar Root Primitives called "The Good Heart".  
You can find the pattern in the Winter 2016 magazine, "Simply Vintage".  

And last, but not least, is a cute bunny from Buttermilk Basin called "Primitive Peter". 
Sandy made hers 50% smaller than the original to put in a cute display.   If you follow her on instagram you can see all of her beautiful decorating. She's @sfeigner.  

Next up are mine.    Lately I've been wanting to do some cross stitch.  Getting back to the old days.   Only problem is that my eyes aren't like the old days.   Yikes those holes are small.   I'm wearing "Mag Eyes" and really look rather ridiculous.  Oh well, it gets the job done.   

This pattern is called "Valentine Bird" by Heart in Hand.   

 Little pillows are from Primitive Stitches pattern "4-Ever Valentine Mini Collection".

This is a cute little wall hanging called "Generous and Content" by Cheri.   

And pillows by Cheri called "Valentine Bowl Fillers".  

This is a cute little pillow that I made for a friend from  Buttermilk Basin called "Simply Words BOM-May".  I filled it with crushed walnuts and made it into a pin cushion.   

I was helping Karen  with some samples that she's putting in her Etsy shop.   I loved how this one turned out so made myself one too!   She will be offering kits soon so check it out.  
Pattern is by Red Button Quilt Co, called "Midnight Blooms".  

And if you've been following along with all the show and tell over the months, you know that I've been working on a 12 month series of little quilts from Indygo Junction. Finally, this is the last one!   It's called "June". I'm so glad to finally have them all finished!   Woo Hoo.   

And since I finished up that 12 month series, why not start another one?  
(Am I nuts?  Don't answer that!)
These are by Buttermilk Basin and called "With Cotton and Wool BOM-January"

The little quilt is made separately and so darn cute!

So another month has come and gone with show and tell.   Hope you are enjoying all the fun projects.  

Our snow is almost all melted and we are in countdown for Spring to begin.  Although, Spring in Central Oregon is quite iffy.  Sun one day, snow the next.   At least we can get around now though.   

Have a great weekend!   
Hugs, Anne

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pine Tree Ridge

Sandy and I are working on another Jan Patek quilt as a sew-a-long.    We aren't setting deadlines, just working on it when we want to.   Both of us are loving this quilt which makes it easy to keep moving forward.  

I know I posted my pictures from last month, but will show them again along with Sandy's.  (Also, my lighting was really off).

Showing hers first and mine second.  

I forgot to take a picture of my church.  Oops...

Those are my birds.  Sandy wasn't quite finished with hers. 

And this is the progress so far.    Sure am loving this one.   I'm glad that we aren't sticking to the 12 month block of the month schedule.  We might have this finished before summer.  Wow...what a concept!    (I better not get too cocky tho, because you never know what life will deal you.  We were both in our sewing rooms a lot because of all the snow we had). 

See you next month!

Hugs, Anne

Monday, March 6, 2017

Fall Festival #2

Continuing on with the quilt-a-long that Lori at Humble Quilts organized, here are the blocks that she gave us for homework in February.  To refresh your memory, the pattern is by Jan Patek.  I'm doing my applique in wool with cotton backgrounds.

These pieced stars aren't  the easiest to work with.  I finally had to draw my own paper piecing pattern in order to get the correct seam allowance.  Grrrr

So that's it for this month.  Can't wait to see what our homework is for March!   We are really moving right along.   

Thanks, Lori, for this fun project.