Friday, November 13, 2015

October and November sewing with Sandy


It looks like I’m a little late for the October show and tell and a bit early for the November show, so I guess we’ll just call it “even”.  


We only had 3 projects for October because I was gone on a cruise and a bit of other travelling on the East Coast for 3 weeks.  I took some projects with me to work on, but somehow they never made it out of the suitcase. 


Both Mr CnW and I caught nasty colds before we ever even made it onto the ship.  Mine ended in a sinus infection.  We powered through the trip tho.  


Anyway, I digress….now on with the show.     As always, Sandy’s are first and mine are second.   (I sound like a broken record, I know, but you never know when new blog readers might have just found me.)  


This is a Country Threads pattern called “Basket and Pumpkin”



And, finally, we have finished up a year’s worth of banners by Buttermilk Basin.  This one is “December”



And the last one for October is by Plays with Wool, called “Pumpkins”.




Now on to November projects. 

First up is one we did last year, but decided to do the whole series this year to put on the cute little wire hangers.  Sandy hasn’t gotten her hanger yet. 

It’s by Buttermilk Basin called “Sew” Simple BOM.  This one is January.


Here’s what the hanger looks like.  These little mats are 6 inches square.


Next up is a little stitchery from the book “Hollyberry Sticheries” by Kindred Spirits.“



And here’s another Buttermilk Basin design called “With thy Needle – Thy time is mine”.  It’s the one for December.



continuing on….the is a pattern from Quilts by Cheri called “Merry Christmas”



When I was pulling the patterns to get the names for you, I realized we really are huge Buttermilk Basin fan.   Another BOM from Stacy is the Basin Cotton Club.   This one is “January”.  Looks like Sandy and I were both thinking “fall” with our choice of colors.   It’s funny because we don’t talk to each other at all about our projects before the reveal.

Sandy added some cute little pumpkins on hers.



So, that’s it!   Who knows what December will bring?  It all depends on our free time.  So much going on at this time of year.  


Thanks for stopping by.  I know you all have busy lives so I just want you to know how much I appreciate you all.


Hugs, Anne