Monday, December 1, 2014

November Sewing with Sandy


It’s time for our November show ‘n tell.   We managed to get all the projects finished in time for our Woolie gathering last week.   (Not sure what will happen with our December projects…I’m feeling some stress!)

I chose the projects for this month.    Let’s start with the one from the book “101 Fabulous Small Quilts”.   The name of the quilt is Scrap Squares.   It’s super simple and really fast.  

Here’s Sandy’s.  


And mine…  I never got a full picture of it before I started decorating, so here’s where it is in the house.  


Next up is a stitchery pattern by Chestnut Junction called “P is for Pumpkin”.   We both chose to add some wool to it.  This is Sandy’s.


And here’s mine.    I bought a kit from Karen at Farmhouse Woolens, so needless to say, I didn’t have to think about a thing.   Love the border and binding fabrics she chose for the kits.


This next project is by Cottage Creek Quilts called “Winter Blessings”.   Sandy made her snowman just like the pattern.


I got the kit from Karen and she had joined the snowman body pieces together, so I did too.   This will be the banner I hang in the outside entry for most of the winter.


We started a new series by Buttermilk Basin called “Basin Banners Thru the Year”.   This is the one for January.  





And another project from Buttermilk Basin is this little pillow in Stacy’s “Patchwork Pillows thru the year” series.   This is the one for December.  

Sandy chose this pretty teal fabric because she said she’s going to use it in her mercury glass display.   So pretty.  


This is mine and I have it in my nest.  


Can you believe it’s already December 1st?   I’m just finishing up my decorating so will be showing it to you soon. 

I also went on a quilt shop hop last month with my Calif BFF’s and will show you some of the shops we visited.   We had a great time.  The weather was perfect and the company even better.  

Till next time…

Hugs, Anne

Friday, October 31, 2014

October sewing with Sandy


Can you believe we are into month 10 of our little projects?   Seems like just yesterday that we started working on all these fun little goodies.   

A big thanks to all of you who have commented how much you enjoy seeing what we’re working on.  We are having a great time making them, so we’re glad you are with us on this journey.  

First up is a leftover project from last month.    It’s the “Tumbling Leaves” quilt from the book 101 Fabulous Small Quilts.

First up is Sandy’s version. 


And mine.  We both used wool for the applique pieces.  


Sandy chose the October projects.    The one she chose for us to do out of the 101 Fabulous Small Quilts was “Shoofly Potpie”. 

Sandy made hers very similar to the one in the book.


I made mine a bit less scrappy.  


Next, she chose this cute pillow pattern called “Harvest Pillow” by Red Button Quilt Co.





We have enjoyed doing the Buttermilk Basin little patchwork pillows thru the year.  This is the one for November.





And last up is a stitchery project.   Not sure what the pattern is called.  We just called it the Christmas stitchery.   I think she found it on the internet.  

Sandy’s ended up in a 9” x 12” frame. 


I reduced mine to fit a 4” x 6” frame.


Here they are side by side for comparison.  


Again, it’s so fun to see how each of us changes up a pattern to fit our own style, or the style of whoever might be receiving one of these projects as a gift.  

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with November and December show and tell because we usually reveal our goodies at our Woolies group.   November and December meetings might get cancelled because of the holidays.   Sandy might just have to take pictures and send them to me for showing.    We’ll work it out!

Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate it.   I always love seeing the little ones who aren’t really sure what all the fuss is about.  

Hugs, Anne

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A little more fall decorating.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from the last post.   I didn’t realize I had taken so many so figured it would be best to break it into 2 posts. 

Here we go again.   This is a quilt that I  made last year by Heart to Hand called Autumn Quilt.  


I made this one last year too and it’s by Red Button Company.


This next one was made when I first started quilting.   I got the pattern from a little shop in Kennewick, WA which has since closed up shop.   The motifs are part of a panel that was cut apart.   I really like the way they designed the sashing.  It was a real challenge for the newbie that I was.  


Just finished quilting this one by hand this year.   It’s called Harvest Moon and is by Heart to Hand.


This next framed project was one of the first wool projects I did around 2004.   The pattern is by Primitive Gatherings.




If you remember, last year Mr CnW made me this box to fill with floral arrangements.  



It measures 12” x 48”.   I change it up every season.  


If you’ve been with me for any time at all, you know that mantles are just not my thing.   I have the hardest time decorating them.   So, this will have to do for this year.  


I love this little box with the bowl fillers.   Karen made them for me.   The box itself was made by blogless Sandy.  


I had the hardest time taking the next 2 pictures.   This setting is on the staircase landing and there is a big window above.   No matter what time of day I tried to take the picture, the lighting was terrible.   So, I just took it after dark and used the flash.  Still not happy with the outcome.   Oh well, a photographer is something I’ve never claimed to be.

The little wall hanging is a seasonal interchangeable banner by Primitive Gatherings.



So, happy fall y’all.    I’ll be back in a couple of days with sewing with Sandy, part October.    Stay tuned.


Hugs, Anne

Monday, October 27, 2014

A little fall decorating

I love this time of year and love decorating for it, so I thought I’d show you a few pictures of the house.   You might recognize some of the quilts and projects that I’ve done through the years.   I try to mix it up year after year, but sometimes, in the interest of time, it’s just easier to put things where they were the year before.  

Let’s take a look.   The pictures are pretty much self explanatory, so I’ll keep the comments to a minimum.  








I made this little witch back when I was selling dolls at craft boutiques.





I don’t want to overload you with pictures, so will do the rest on my next post.   

Hugs, Anne

Monday, September 29, 2014

September sewing with Sandy

Hey everyone,  here we are again for our monthly show 'n tell.   It seems to be getting harder and harder to get these projects finished on time, but we are plugging along.    The monthly one from the “101 Fabulous Small Quilts” book didn’t get finished this month, so there will be two to show next month.  

We are definitely working on holiday themes.    September was my month to choose the projects and I’m always drawn to fall and winter patterns, so I chose these…

First up is a freebie that Cheri offered last October on her blog.  It’s called “Pumpkin Seeds”.
Sandy made hers like the pattern.
And I added a little wool pumpkin in the center.
The next project is one that didn’t get finished in August, so we carried it over to this month.    Another quilt designed by Cheri called, “Acorns”.
Sandy made this one.  She only made 4 blocks of acorns because she read the instructions wrong. (Hehe).  I think it turned out wonderful though.  
Here’s mine….It’s pretty long with the 5 blocks.  I did a scrappy inner border so it’s pretty “busy”.  
For our stitchery project, I chose “Snowflake Folk” by Country Stitches.
Sandy made hers into a pillow.  And she told us she even made her own piping!   LOL
I framed mine.
And then, for the wool project, I chose “Tags of Christmas” by Plays with Wool Designs.
Again, Sandy turned hers in to a pillow…
And I framed mine.
It’s really been fun seeing the difference in how we each interpret the same pattern. 
I had some extra time on my hands and worked on a little quilt kit that I got in Portland last month, at “Quilt, Knit, Stitch”.  
I first saw this quilt on Pinterest and loved it.   When I saw it in the My Red Door booth, I knew I had to have it.  It’s called “Midnight Stars”.  I still love it!
When I took the picture on the floor it actually looked like a full size quilt,
so I figured I should show you where I put it so you can get a better size reference.
It has oranges and reds in it so I think I’ll be able to decorated with it for Christmas too.  

I’ve finished my fall decorating, so will show you that next time.  
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Anne