Thursday, August 27, 2015

August sewing with Sandy

Well, we’re finally caught up after all the trips, family visits and just plain ‘ol summer shenanigans.  

You may have noticed that we have picked fewer and smaller projects this year.   That was intentional so that we could also work on other things that we have in our stash.  Sandy is managing to put a dent in hers…  Me?  not so much.   Not sure where the time goes.  

Anyway, here we go for August show and tell.   As always, Sandy’s are first.

This is a new pattern from Buttermilk Basin.   It’s part of a BOM called “Simply Words”.   This one is “September”.   It measures 6” square.

Next up is an old pattern of Buttermilk Basin’s called “A Collection of Flowers #1”.   We saw them stitched up at Karen’s house and both fell in love with them.  
We both love bowl fillers and when Cheri came up with these new ones, we both immediately ordered the pattern.  It’s called “Summer Gathering”.  The pattern also has a cute little quilt that Sandy did.  You can look on Anna’s blog from yesterday to see it.
And last, but not least, is another banner from Buttermilk Basin in the series we’ve been doing.  This one is “October”.   Now…this is where you will see a huge difference in our interpretation of the pattern.    Mine is exactly like the pattern, and Sandy’s isn’t.   Need I say more?   He he.
Quite a difference, huh?   Oh that Sandy is quite the creative one!  Looks like she’s not too wild about ghosts and pumpkins.   LOL

I’m so ready for fall to arrive.   We’ve had so much smoke here in Bend from all the fires in the Pacific Northwest.  They are burning all around us so it doesn’t really matter which way the wind is blowing.   Hopefully with fall arriving and the cooler temperatures, those wonderful firefighters can get a handle on them.  

Thanks for stopping by.  

Hugs, Anne 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

July sewing with Sandy

I didn’t do this post in July because Sandy played hookey from Woolies and went to Seattle to a baseball game.   Priorities!  So, anyway, we had our show ‘n tell this past Tuesday when the Woolies met.  
This was my month to pick the projects and they are an ode to Karen.  2 of the projects came from her nest.    Sandy and I visited Karen and her Red Farmhouse in May and had a wonderful time.   Her sewing nest is beyond believable.   Shopping in her nest was so much fun and we certainly did some major damage to our bank accounts!  
I’m going to have to gather all my pictures and do a post of our Minnesota visit.   The pictures don’t do her house justice at all.  It’s beyond gorgeous.  
As always, Sandy’s projects are first and mine second.  
This first one is a pattern that we both picked up on our Minnesota quilt shop hop that Karen took us on.   We got it at Gruber’s Quilt Store.   It’s called “Antique Churn Dash” by Grandma Shirley’s Quilts
I got this pink fabric from Karen’s shop and all the little churn dashes are using Stacy’s, (Buttermilk Basin) new fabric line called “Humble Beginnings”.   It’s darling fabric.  
Next up is a little gem from My Red Door designs called “Springtime”.   It was a little kit that Karen had made up and we both fell in love with it and had to have it.  
Karen loaned us the pattern for this next one because the designer is no longer in business.    It’s called “Blessings to Land of Free Angel” by Primitive Blessings by Twigs and Sprigs. 
Here’s Karen’s which got us both excited to add it to our list.  
This is Sandy’s
and here’s mine.
And last, by not least, is our monthly “Basin Banners Thru the Year” (Sept) by Buttermilk Basin.
So, that’s it for July.  We still plan to do our August show ‘n tell on the 25th, so I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.  
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Hugs, Anne