Saturday, September 29, 2012

Comfort and Joy #6

Here we go again.    How do the months go so fast.  Didn't we just post block #5?  

This has been such a fun quilt-a-long.   I really think we may have some finished quilts for the holidays.   Woo Hoo!

Here's Sandy's (no blog) block.  I really like her yellowware bowl.   Sandy has combined cotton and wool on her applique blocks. 

And here's mine.    I'm saying that my bowl is redware.   Tee Hee.    My applique blocks are all wool on a cotton background.   Anyway, I think this block is my favorite.   I got some cute buttons to go on the gingerbread men but will have to wait till after it's been quilted.

This is my progress so far.   This block was the most labor intensive so the rest of the blocks should go quickly.  

Now go take a look at the other bloggers who are madly sewing away on this.  I've been a real nag getting them ready for the post, so hopefully they all got theirs finished for this month's reveal. 

When I was editing the pictures for this post I realized I have lots of pictures to show you, so I really do plan to do some posting.   Really!  (do you believe me?   Haha)

Hugs, Anne 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Make that FIVE!

When my longtime friend, Patty, was visiting from California  last week, she saw my four finishes from the last post and the fall decorating I'd done and she asked me what I had ever done with my Crabapple Hill stitchery from years ago. (like 7 or 8 years ago)!

Hmmm,   what had I done with it?    I knew I hadn't ever finished it, so it must be in a box or bin in my closet.  So, off on a hunt I went... and there it was.  Another UFO!   Yikes, will it ever end?

I had a stay-at-home day yesterday and my goal was to get that project finished.  Binding went on today and it is.

Thanks Patty, for reminding me!

I hope I don't find anymore fall UFO's lurking in places because I have so many Christmas ones I better get busy now if I want them out this year.    I have to say that it really feels good to actually "finish" something.   And....if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I really don't like quilting my projects.   I always use my friend Mary's phrase.  "I quilt by check".  I think I've found that I can get by with straight line quilting, but don't ask me to put a curve in anything.   :)

I haven't figured out where I'm going to put it so for now it's sitting on Mr CnW's footstool waiting for Jack the Cat to find it and claim it!

(Hmm, about 20 minutes after posting, look what I found)

What is there about a quilt that attracts cats?  

Hugs, Anne

Sunday, September 16, 2012

FOUR finishes!

I was decorating the house for fall and realized that I had some UFO's that needed to be finished to add to the decorating.  So, I went up to the nest and got busy, busy, busy.

Karen had sent me kit for a pattern she designed.   I finished the top last fall but never got around to doing anything with it.   Thought it would look cute as a pillow.

This next little one is a Buttermilk Basin pattern called "By Thy Hands - September".   It was one of those projects that is easily made in a day or two.  

And here it is displayed on a little box I have.

The stitchery project below is by Primitive Stitches.  

After I made it I wondered what it would look like in wool.   I'm not sure which one I like better.   Oh, I guess I can just like them both the same.   It's like asking yourself which one of your grandchildren you like the best.  I love them both the same.   LOL

Next up, I'll show you some of my fall decorating.

Hugs, Anne

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Country Homecoming Block 6

Hey, we're half way finished!  Not bad.   We were going to post our progress earlier this week, but I got a new laptop (joined the 21st Century) and The Geek Squad had the new one in addition to the old one at the shop transferring all the data.   I really felt lost without a computer for 5 days.  Whew!  So glad to be back in touch.

I won't be showing Anna's block because she's trotting all over Europe on a quilt trip.  So far her blog makes it sound more like they are on a wine tasting trip... (Do I sound bitter?)  Anyway, hopefully she'll have blocks to share with us next month.

This is Sandy's (no blog).  I really like all the arches over the windows.

Here's mine.   If you read last month's post, you might remember that I was feeling that my windows were quite dark.   I'm making a concerted effort to lighten up the rooms.  

Here are all 6 together.    I just got fabric for the sashing and borders and was going to start sewing the rows together, but after looking at all the blocks together, I'm thinking I might wait until all 12 are finished to be sure I like the arrangement.  

Right after we started this quilt-a-long, I got a comment from Jeanette letting me know that we were going to have fun doing this quilt.  She had made it and just loved it.   I asked her to send me a picture and she sent this one a few weeks ago.  

Isn't it gorgeous?   Looks like it belongs in a magazine.    I have to say that seeing her picture inspired me to keep plugging along.    Thanks Jeanette!

Now head on over to see what the others in the group have constructed.

Paulette, Sandy R, Patti, Jocelyn, Carrie, and Deb.

Hugs, Anne

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Temecula Quilt Company

Sorry it's taken me so long to get these pictures up.   Life has been quite hectic this summer.  Anyway, this is the last stop on my Southern California Shop Hop.  

This shop was filled with Civil War Reproduction fabrics and patterns.    I was in 7th heaven.  Just wish there had been more kits because I don't need to be buying more yardage and also had to think about sweet Mr. CnW sitting in the car patiently waiting for me.  

Enjoy the show.

I bought the pattern for this next quilt.   If I had just seen the cover photo of the pattern, I would have completely passed it by.   It's amazing how a sample made up will sell a pattern.  It's a Bonnie Blue Quilts pattern (Red Crinoline) called "Stars over Fort Sumter"

Here it is again on the upper right.

Some day soon I'll be making a Dresden plate quilt with Civil War fabrics.  

 I saw this little pillow on their blog and always loved it.   They had one pattern left and I just knew it was meant for me!

So, that brings to an end my wonderful shop hop.   I wish I lived closer to all these shop (or maybe not says my bank account!).