Thursday, February 26, 2015

February sewing with Sandy

Can you believe it?   5 posts in a week.   Shocking, I know!  Call the doctor, quick!   Winking smile
Tuesday was Woolies and since it’s the end of the month, time for show and tell with our projects.  
Again…Sandy’s are shown first.
First up is a sweet pattern by Bonnie Sullivan of “All Through the Night designs”.   It’s called “Ole St. Nick”. 
I couldn’t decide if I wanted a light or a dark background, so did both!   Not sure which one I like better.
Next up is a pattern by My Red Door Designs.  It’s called “Liberty Basket”. We each bought this pattern when we went to the Quilt, Knit, Stitch show in Portland last summer.   What a cute booth they had.  You’ll be seeing lots of their designs coming up this year.  
Isn’t this cute on the wire?
I decided to frame mine.
Continuing on with the Buttermilk Basin Banners Thru the Year, this one is “April”.  
Sandy and I both have quite a collection of patterns by Quilts by Cheri.  This one is called “A Good Day”.   The embroidery is perfect and I couldn’t agree more! 
This last one is from an old Whimsicals book called Threads of Harmony.   The design is called “Got Wool?”.   I’m not sure if the book is still in print.  
The original design doesn’t have the words on the first border.   Sandy decided to add those.   When I was talking to her and she told me what she’d done, I loved the idea.   I asked her if she would mind if I also did my own words, and she generously told me to go for it.  
I now have mine hanging in the entryway.   I love it!
So, that’s it for February. 
We are also in a challenge or quilt-a-long or sewathon, or whatever we have decided to call it, with Karen, which is due to be posted on the 1st.   See you then to show you our progress.  
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Hugs, Anne

Monday, February 23, 2015

It’s all about the gifts, bout the gifts….

One of our traditions is to make gifts for each other.   Well, it started out that way, and now we’ve relaxed a little and store bought gifts are sometimes in the mix.  
As I told you yesterday, Patty is our resident cross stitcher.   Look what she made each of us.  She also got us the big letters for our houses. (kinda hard to see in the picture..look under the cross stitch)
Janet made these darling pillows.   She used a Buttermilk Basin pattern. 
Marsha made these cute snowmen quilts.
That’s Patty being our funny man (woman)!
I made these little wall hangings and included the star quilt hanger. It's a Buttermilk Basin pattern.
Cathi’s tradition is to give us all next year’s calendar.   This year she also included letters for our houses.   Can you believe that both Cathi and Patty got us letters?   Hmmm, must be the “new” decorator item!  
I can’t leave you without my traditional Panera Bread restaurant picture.   Since we don’t have one in Bend, OR,  the girls are always gracious about indulging me with my cravings.  A stop at Panera happens right after I land (and maybe the next day too!  French Onion soup is always my “go to” item from the menu.  I haven’t tried anything else because I get there so seldom that I need my soup fix.   LOL 
We went to a couple of antique shops when I got there.   Look what I got….Score!   I had been looking for a black scale for quite awhile.  Finally found one!  Patty let me borrow her d├ęcor for staging the picture.   Ha ha.  
So that’s it for another year of our Christmas party.  We always have so much fun.   Thanks girls for everything!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures...even thought they were a bit late!
Tomorrow is show and tell time at Woolies for Sandy and me and our monthly projects.  See you later in the week with the pictures. 
Hugs, Anne

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The party begins

Look how cute the table was set.   Marsha had a little gifty for us all on our plates.  
Here’s the gang…. Cathi, Marsha, Janet and Patty.
Yes, there was alcohol involved!
Oh fun, look at the presents!
We drew names earlier in the year for our Secret Santa gifts.  
Janet drew Marsha’s name and gave her this darling Annie and...
also made her this cute quilt.  

Marsha drew my name and made me this wonderful quilt and also gave me that beautiful tree and wire basket.   Thanks Marsha.
Cathi drew Patty’s name and got her this pretty scarf and Williraye figurine.  The chorus of frogs is a joke.   Patty HATES frogs!   Hee hee.
I got Janet’s name and made her a few things.  She loves gingerbread men…can you tell?
Patty is our resident cross stitcher and she drew Cathi’s name and stitched this wonderful Santa.  
She also gave Cathi a cute stuffed snowman and some girly product!
We always have so much fun with our Secret Santa gifts.  
More tomorrow…..
Hugs, Anne

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Continuing with the tour…

Marsha has some wonderful quilts, embroidery and cross stitch projects all over her house.   Here are a few of them.
She actually made one of these darling snowman quilts for each of us a few years ago.
Last year she made each of us this little mini quilt with a cute candle to put on it.  Talented, right?
Wonderful projects, aren’t they?  
Tomorrow I’ll share our party.  
Hugs, Anne

Friday, February 20, 2015

Christmas…late or early?

I know I told you I would post these pictures before Valentine’s Day of my Christmas in California with my “girls”, but the closer we got to Valentine’s Day, the more it seemed kind of silly.   
I was going to just forget it all together, but I’ve been nagged asked, by Karen and Patty to please post them.   I guess it’s okay since I really enjoy seeing Christmas pictures on Pinterest any time of the year, so just pretend it’s “sometime”in December.   (Those of you on the east coast of the USA, probably feel like winter will never be over)!
This is Marsha’s house.  She hosted our annual party.   I’m not going to comment and will just let you enjoy the eye candy. 
Okay…so I lied!   LOL    Just had to insert here that the first picture is of the family room side of the fireplace with lots of snowmen, and the next picture is of the living room side of the pass thru fireplace with a wonderful display of Santas.
Okay….now I’ll be quiet!  
Tomorrow I’ll share a bunch of her crafty projects.  

Hugs, Anne