Friday, February 20, 2015

Christmas…late or early?

I know I told you I would post these pictures before Valentine’s Day of my Christmas in California with my “girls”, but the closer we got to Valentine’s Day, the more it seemed kind of silly.   
I was going to just forget it all together, but I’ve been nagged asked, by Karen and Patty to please post them.   I guess it’s okay since I really enjoy seeing Christmas pictures on Pinterest any time of the year, so just pretend it’s “sometime”in December.   (Those of you on the east coast of the USA, probably feel like winter will never be over)!
This is Marsha’s house.  She hosted our annual party.   I’m not going to comment and will just let you enjoy the eye candy. 
Okay…so I lied!   LOL    Just had to insert here that the first picture is of the family room side of the fireplace with lots of snowmen, and the next picture is of the living room side of the pass thru fireplace with a wonderful display of Santas.
Okay….now I’ll be quiet!  
Tomorrow I’ll share a bunch of her crafty projects.  

Hugs, Anne


Karen said...

Yahoooooo you blogged. The nagging helped didn't it lol. Such cuteness everywhere in her house. Love what I see so far and can't wait to see more.
Hugs. Karen

belarmina said...

¡¡Muñecos de nieve!!!
todos preciosos, unas fotos divinas
gracias por compartir
buen fin de semana

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

I love all the little vignettes that Marsha assembled, so sweet, so homey...makes one want to crash your parties! I'm taking away some ideas for next Christmas...provided we ever finish putting THIS Christmas away! I told my Grandson that Papa & I might have it all put away by his see! You're never too late with a cute Christmas post like this!

Janet O. said...

What delightfully prim and cozy Christmas decor. Thanks for posting it--would have enjoyed it no matter the time of year! : )

Sandy F said...

Thanks for sharing. I love it all!

Hogan's Adventure said...

Proud of you Annie.....I like Christmas February!!!! Marsha's house looks wonderful just as it did that night...Thanks you!!!

Colleen said...

Very nice! Even in February :o)

paulette said...

WOW!! I could savour Christmas all year long!! Marsha's house is AMAZING!! Thanks for the nagging girls!!:o))

Bev said...

I'm so glad you shared! You went to so much trouble to decorate and your decorations are so beautiful that it would be a shame to not share with us! Thanks!

woolwoman said...

your vignettes are absolutely precious ! early late whenever - plus it's still snowman season for sure. I leave snowmen out even here in FL till at least March when the bunnies come out to play. Of course there may not be any poor bunnies left in the frozen tundra - such a bad winter in most areas of the country. Thanks for showing - what inspiration!!!!! Mel

Ann in PA said...

Marsha's decorations are lovely! I never get tired of Christmas. Thanks for sharing...I love everything!

Sandi said...

Loved the collections, I think the snow angel is my favourite piece. Thanks for sharing your friends collection with us.

Mª Alba said...

Uns treballs super bonics.
Moltes felicitats.
Bon cap de setmana. Petons !!!!

Blessings in the Country said...

Thank you for sharing all of that wonderful Christmas eye candy goodness! She has a beautifully decorated home at Christmas.
hugs, jessica

Karen said...

So many snowmen and oh so cute ones. Love it!

Lori said...

The wooden angle is so prim and cute!
Lovely decorations!