Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some days…

things just don’t go according to plan.



Emma + Santa = Love

Mason + Santa….add your own caption.

(At Mason’s expense, we all thought this was hilarious)

Merry Christmas?

Hugs, Anne

Friday, December 9, 2011

Snowmen galore

Well, this is the last of the decorating posts (unless I decide to change things up which I constantly seem to do). 

Here’s the main living area.  It’s considerably smaller than the old house with a lot less cabinetry and display areas.   It was a real challenge to decorate.





This little pine table is another one that belonged to my mom.  I always liked it and had plans to use it in my nest for a side table next to my chair.   It didn’t fit tho, so I brought it downstairs.  



Notice the yellow/gold candle?  I never even noticed that it didn’t really look good next to all the “white” until I downloaded the picture.  Amazing what you see when you look at a photograph.

So, I had to change it.


We had bookcases about twice this size on both sides of the fireplace in the other house.  


A few closeups.




That’s me with Santa on the left.  Emma is in the others.



Mason was in the hospital last year and didn’t get to see Santa.   I took Emma while Mommy stayed with him. (picture on the right)


This is all that fits on the other side of the fireplace.



I love all my decorations and so many of them have been given to me by special people, so I had a hard time not using them.   That’s why there are so many containers filled with “stuff”.




This last picture was taken from upstairs.


You might notice that I never showed the tree. We had to get a new one because the old one was just too big and wide.    Well, this one is too small.   It looks downright puny in the room so we ordered a taller one.  It hasn’t come yet, but I’ll take a picture when we get it all decorated.    We are thinking we’ll move this one into our bedroom which usually isn’t decorated.  

So, that’s it!   Thanks for hanging in there with me and for your nice comments.   I really appreciate you all. 

Merry Christmas!

Hugs, Anne

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Frostys unlimited

We’ve been having such beautiful weather (no snow), that you’re probably wondering where I’m getting all these little guys.   They’re like rabbits.  They just multiply.

This is the bedroom that Emma sleeps in.   When she saw this picture, she asked me to switch the snowmen pillows.   She sleeps in the bed next to the window but wants the other pillow on her bed.   She’s a riot!



I’m sure when she gets here she’ll be redecorating her room.   Last year nothing was where I originally put it.  Too cute.


Jack followed me everywhere while I was taking pictures.   He loves snowmen!


And this is the other bedroom.



And, again, Jack.


This red cabinet is in a little mini hallway which takes you to the bedrooms on the right and left of it.  Kind of hard to explain, but..oh well.




And last, but not least, tomorrow I’ll show you the great room.  

Hugs, Anne

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Frostys

This is my 3rd post in 3 days.  Are you shocked?  I am!

Anyway, on with the snowmen.  Yep, they’re everywhere.


Moving into the kitchen…  I love my little Charlie Brown tree.






I posted last year that mantles are always hard for me.   This year was no exception. I’m open to suggestions.

298-1Don’t worry…those stockings will be spaced evenly.   Mr CnW worries about them catching on fire (from the gas fireplace that hasn’t even been turned on yet!) 

300 I bought that frame when we moved in.  It was a brown mirror.  It never worked because all it reflected was the fan because the mantle is so high.   We took the mirror out but the brown frame just blended into the rock.   So…in the nicest voice I could muster, I asked Mr CnW to whitewash it for me.   Gotta love that guy!

This next little corner is a favorite of mine.  


I know I said that this was an all snowman year, so if you see any Santas, Angels or Gingerbread men, it’s because Janet made them for me.   I needed to have her presence with me this year.  She’s still in the hospital and is recovering slowly.   She is in my thoughts daily and her artistry always inspires me.   She’s a very special friend.


This is a coat rack that I picked up in an antique store nearby.


And, finally, (for today anyway) this is the landing on the stairway headed up to my nest.


These pictures were taken at an odd angle because I literally had to lay down on the stairs.   Don’t you wish you could have been here to see that?  NOT!



Tomorrow I’ll show you the guest bedrooms. 

Hugs, Anne

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It’s all about Frosty

What with moving this past year, I was a bit overwhelmed when it came time to decorate. Where was I going to put everything in a house half the size of the one we moved out of? I have LOTS of Christmas decorations and thinking about how to use it all gave me a huge headache. So, I decided to make this an all snowmen year. I was able to purge about 3 boxes of things that just didn’t work. My original plan was to decorate with Santas next year, angels and gingerbreadmen after that. But….it took me so long that I may end up taking lots of pictures and re-visiting snowmen next year too. (Although, maybe it will be like childbirth…I’ll forget by next year). So, here ya go.

This little setting is right in the entryway.


Further into the entry…





I bought the garland on the tree quite a few years ago. In the other house, it was hanging on garland up high above the entertainment unit. I like it lower where I can see it. Those little faces make me smile.


This little chair belonged to my Mom and it was one of the few pieces of furniture that I kept. She always used to sit on it when she would put on her makeup at a little desk in her bedroom. The doll is one I made about 15 years ago from a Cheri Saffiote Payne pattern when her company was “Cute as a button”. Long time ago!


Across the hallway is the dining room.



If I knew Photoshop, I’d edit out the light switches! Oops, forgot to plug in the tree. Oh well, then I’d have to edit out the cords. Winking smile


I just love these big plates.





I think that’s enough for today. More tomorrow.

Hugs, Anne