Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It’s all about Frosty

What with moving this past year, I was a bit overwhelmed when it came time to decorate. Where was I going to put everything in a house half the size of the one we moved out of? I have LOTS of Christmas decorations and thinking about how to use it all gave me a huge headache. So, I decided to make this an all snowmen year. I was able to purge about 3 boxes of things that just didn’t work. My original plan was to decorate with Santas next year, angels and gingerbreadmen after that. But….it took me so long that I may end up taking lots of pictures and re-visiting snowmen next year too. (Although, maybe it will be like childbirth…I’ll forget by next year). So, here ya go.

This little setting is right in the entryway.


Further into the entry…





I bought the garland on the tree quite a few years ago. In the other house, it was hanging on garland up high above the entertainment unit. I like it lower where I can see it. Those little faces make me smile.


This little chair belonged to my Mom and it was one of the few pieces of furniture that I kept. She always used to sit on it when she would put on her makeup at a little desk in her bedroom. The doll is one I made about 15 years ago from a Cheri Saffiote Payne pattern when her company was “Cute as a button”. Long time ago!


Across the hallway is the dining room.



If I knew Photoshop, I’d edit out the light switches! Oops, forgot to plug in the tree. Oh well, then I’d have to edit out the cords. Winking smile


I just love these big plates.





I think that’s enough for today. More tomorrow.

Hugs, Anne


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Can you come and decorate my house?

Sharon said...

Looks good over there. Love all your decorations. What pattern is the santa one on your table?

bep said...

what A lovely Christmas home,I like the dolls the most,greeting from Holland Bep

quilting Jeannet said...

What a nice entry you have, it give me a lot of inspiration!!
Warm greetings, Jeannet

Kathie said...

oh it looks so nice and festive!!!! Love all those snowmen pillows.
I think this is a great plan as you can leave this out for quite a while rather then take everything down after Christmas!

simplestitches said...

thank you for allowing us to visit your house for Christmas..your decorations are stunning!

Anonymous said...

Anne, Great decorating, I too love the santa pattern on your table. Can you share the name of the pattern? Sharon

Anonymous said...

I'm a snowman fanatic during the winter and so much eye candy to see here.....I'm drooling!! I would easily feel right at home at yours!!

Country Prims said...

What a treat Anne-I so enjoyed seeing what you have done this year! Great idea with the snowman theme. Love it all but I have a obsession with trees this year and yours are so lovely. I also love the caddy kitted out.
Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty things look. I have yet to even retrieve my things from the attic. I hope to this coming weekend! Not many days left until Christmas. :-)

Karen said...

Love seeing your pictures, Anne. Your home is looking so festive. Love the quilt hanging above your bench. Can you tell me the name of the pattern? Thanks

Yvette said...

I also love seeing your pictures. Everything is just perfect.

Karen said...

I like the wall hanging with the prim style tree and snowman balls hanging on it.

Dawn Heese said...

It looks fantastic.

Lori said...

Very pretty!! You have such a knack for decorating.

Candace said...

Jack even looks happy with all those fun snowmen as companions! If you ever needed a second "profession" I think you'd be a great holiday home decorator ;>) Seriously, it just looks wonderful, Anne!

Sandy F said...

Your house is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with all of us yesterday. I had a great time!

Colleen said...

Oh Anne! Everything looks so beautiful and cozy!! What a great eye you have for decorating ;o)

Carrie P. said...

Congrats on moving into your new home. Your decorations are delightful.

Kaaren said...

Stunning, Anne.

You'd never know that this is your first Christmas there.

Happy Holidays!

Linda said...

Love all your snowman. Drop by and see my snowman. love the trees in the old crocks. What a great idea...

Darlene said...

Very sweet - wish I could pick a favorite snowman. :-)

Anonymous said...

I had to come back to see the Santa quilt...I went to Art to Heart but they don't show inside pages of their books so I don't know which one....sigh.

Gypsy Quilter said...

The quilt in the very last picture is absolutely stunning. Did you make that from a kit or a book? Thanks for sharing.

Rouge Cerise said...

Hi Anne,
Even it's not the season for Xmas decoration, I love to visit your blog and specially your so beautiful snowmen collection. I'm also a "snowmen collector" :))) lol
Can I asked you please what is the name of the pattern just in your entry (the xmas tree with snowmen head) ?
Many thanks in advance for your reply. Your blog is really a place where I love to visit every day.