Sunday, June 23, 2013

Civil War Sunday and more Aussies

It's that day of the week for the next block reveal with Karen. This week, the name of the block is "Peace and Plenty".  I'm not sure that I like the fabrics I picked this time.  The green is a rather putrid green.  Hopefully, when all the blocks get put together, I won't even notice.

Last week when we posted our blocks, I got an email from Elaine (who is a "no reply" commenter)

She told me that I had the top left block facing the wrong direction.  When I took a look at it, it looked to me as if the bottom right block is wrong.  Anyway, I pulled out the book to take a look and...

if Elaine and I are right, it looks like the block in the book is wrong.  As luck would have it, I happened to have the same fabrics that were used in the book, so I made it almost identical to the original.  

So, now it's bugging me and I'll probably have to take it apart.  My instinct is to turn the one on the bottom right 180 degrees so that the blue half square triangles are touching in the corners.   What do you all think?

I'm almost finished showing you Quilt Market photos.  Believe it or not!

One of the booths I always enjoy is The Quilted Crow Girls. They combine cottons and wool, and you all know how much I love that combo.

These are pincushions.  They have a club for them.   Cute, huh?


A great table runner with some cute framed applique pictures.

These colors caught my eye.  It would look so cute on my table. I should have grabbed it when they weren't looking. LOL

Another great table runner.

I love that the Aussies are making quilts just for us in the USA!  The crows in the corners just make this quilt a winner!  (HA....Karen just told me that these next two patterns belong to Geoff's Mom Pattern Co.   So sorry, Joyce.   Just pretend you saw them on the previous post)

And this one could be made by any quilter in any country!

I can't believe it's almost July.   We had temps in the 50's this weekend and rain all day today.  Geesh, what's up with that?  Of course, that would be after Mr CnW and I just got our anniversary gifts to each other.   BIKES!   (Have I told you how much I'm not looking forward to having "helmet hair"?)  In addition to that, we have the grandkiddos coming to visit and we need warm SUN!   I know they won't care if they are swimming in the cold, but I sure will!

See you soon with the final post for quilt market and the giveaway that I've been promising you!

Hugs, Anne

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Civil War Sunday

It's Civil War Sunday with Karen again.    This week we're showing you 2 blocks to make up for missing last Sunday's deadline.    These blocks are nice and easy to make, so we should be able to finish up on time.  (whenever that is).  :)

This first one up is called "Strength in Union".   It's been interesting to follow along with Barbara Brackman's stories of the Civil War.

And this one is called "Fox and Geese".   

And, the two of them together.   

 Head on over and see what wonderful blocks Karen has stitched up.   

And now, we return our previously scheduled programming... Quilt Market.  LOL 
This is Joyce Weeks of Geoff's Mom Patterns.   Isn't she cute?
I love this quilt she's standing in front of. 

Here's a close up of the applique.

But check out the basket border surrounding the applique blocks.  I think it's genius.   I can't remember seeing that before.  

This is a great pattern too.   You might remember it from Karen's giveaway last week.   Two lucky winners get to make this quilt.  

This one with the little stars caught my attention.    I love stars, and stars on a light background just gets me every time.  

Striking, yes?

Here's Joyce's helper knitting in front of another lovely quilt.   

I'm cutting this short because we are having thunder and lightening right now and I want to get off the computer and into the closet!   Yes, I'm scared to death of it.  

Only a couple more things to show you from Market and then another giveaway.  

Have a great week everyone.

Hugs, Anne

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Quilt Market designers

I hope you're not getting tired of these pictures.   And here I thought I didn't take many this time.  Hmmm, my camera says differently.

This time we'll feature 3 wonderful gals who have fabulous patterns.  

Since I'm on a Civil War kick right now, first up is Carol Hopkins of Civil War Legacies.   I think I have all of her books and a lot of her patterns.  

She just continues to outdo herself!

This is Jennifer Gaston of The Woolen Willow.   

Her wool designs are just wonderful, aren't they?

I fell in love with this little quilt.   So simple...  

And here is Joan Grenke from Bits and Pieces by Joan.   

I have been a fan of hers for a long time.  
Even before I started quilting.  
She has such cute patterns. 

I know she had more new patterns than just these.   I must have been too caught up in talking to her and forgot to take more pictures.    Darn!

I just wanted to tell you wonderful readers out there that I usually try to send an email to all your comments. But, we have been having the most fabulous weather the last 2 weeks and I can't seem to bring myself into the house.  We've been planting flowers and just sitting on the patio enjoying the sunshine.  I've spent very little time on the computer (and even "littler" time at my sewing machine). So, if you've asked me a specific question and I didn't get back to you, please email me again.   I promise to respond.

Happy Sunshine!

Hugs, Anne

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Aunt Maggie time!

Since Karen is still moving into her new nest and can't even locate the book that we are doing our Civil War Sampler from, I figured it could still be a Civil War Sunday.  This time I'll show you the progress Sandy (no blog) and I have made on Aunt Maggie's Patchwork quilt by Lori Smith of From my heart to your hands.  

We are trying to do 4 blocks per month, so here are the next 4.  

These are Sandy's.  

These next 4 are mine.

Here are all of Sandy's together.  

And here are mine.   

Here they all are together.   

Now, head on over to Karen's blog.  Even though she hasn't had time to make her blocks, you might be surprised to see what she has been up to for you all.    (Hopefully we'll be showing you our blocks next Sunday...right Karen?)  ;)

I'm going to finish up the Quilt Market pictures this week.   After all, it's been almost a month since market.  Geesh!

Have a great week.

Hugs, Anne

Friday, June 7, 2013

Embroidery anyone?

I love that embroidery is becoming so popular and shops are really kicking up their sections of stitcheries.   I'm lucky because one of our local shops, Sew Many Quilts, has a huge embroidery section and great employees who keep the store well stocked with samples.   And we all know that samples sell the patterns!

Meg Hawkey from Crabapple Hill Studio had 2 darling booths across the aisle from each other.

This is her reaction when my camera appeared.  LOL

Ah, that's better!

This new design is gorgeous with all the coloring and shading in it.   

Meg does such wonderful Christmas and winter designs.   

Check out all the snowflakes in the centers of the blocks.  Each one different.   

Cute for our sewing rooms, right?

How about a fishing theme for the men in our lives?

One of the designers I look forward to seeing at Market is Barri Sue Gaudet of Bareroots patterns.  I took a class from her when I lived in California and it was the weekend after 9/11.  Needless to say, we were all thankful to be there and did some serious bonding. She is truly a sweetheart and one of my favorite people.      

A perfect little book for the little ones in your life.   

How sweet is this?

You can never have too many Christmas items in your house...  

This is her new book with tons of projects to quilt and stitch.   

We all need finger puppets when the kiddos are around.    

Thanks to Meg and Barri Sue for being so gracious.    

Hugs, Anne