Sunday, June 23, 2013

Civil War Sunday and more Aussies

It's that day of the week for the next block reveal with Karen. This week, the name of the block is "Peace and Plenty".  I'm not sure that I like the fabrics I picked this time.  The green is a rather putrid green.  Hopefully, when all the blocks get put together, I won't even notice.

Last week when we posted our blocks, I got an email from Elaine (who is a "no reply" commenter)

She told me that I had the top left block facing the wrong direction.  When I took a look at it, it looked to me as if the bottom right block is wrong.  Anyway, I pulled out the book to take a look and...

if Elaine and I are right, it looks like the block in the book is wrong.  As luck would have it, I happened to have the same fabrics that were used in the book, so I made it almost identical to the original.  

So, now it's bugging me and I'll probably have to take it apart.  My instinct is to turn the one on the bottom right 180 degrees so that the blue half square triangles are touching in the corners.   What do you all think?

I'm almost finished showing you Quilt Market photos.  Believe it or not!

One of the booths I always enjoy is The Quilted Crow Girls. They combine cottons and wool, and you all know how much I love that combo.

These are pincushions.  They have a club for them.   Cute, huh?


A great table runner with some cute framed applique pictures.

These colors caught my eye.  It would look so cute on my table. I should have grabbed it when they weren't looking. LOL

Another great table runner.

I love that the Aussies are making quilts just for us in the USA!  The crows in the corners just make this quilt a winner!  (HA....Karen just told me that these next two patterns belong to Geoff's Mom Pattern Co.   So sorry, Joyce.   Just pretend you saw them on the previous post)

And this one could be made by any quilter in any country!

I can't believe it's almost July.   We had temps in the 50's this weekend and rain all day today.  Geesh, what's up with that?  Of course, that would be after Mr CnW and I just got our anniversary gifts to each other.   BIKES!   (Have I told you how much I'm not looking forward to having "helmet hair"?)  In addition to that, we have the grandkiddos coming to visit and we need warm SUN!   I know they won't care if they are swimming in the cold, but I sure will!

See you soon with the final post for quilt market and the giveaway that I've been promising you!

Hugs, Anne


WoolenSails said...

It does throw it off, and I agree, turning the blue in would balance it off nicely.


Janet O. said...

Interesting that the block was "off-balance" in the book. I might change it, too.
Love the look into the Crow Girls' booth.

Carol said...

I agree that it's the bottom right that is incorrect.

Kathie said...

ok I need that pattern for the table quilt you wanted to "borrow" we both love that quilt just for the colors!!!!
yup have to make that one!!!! the block
I would keep it. having a block like that makes people who look at the quilt wonder if you meant to do that or was it on purpose, when I study antique quilts, thats always the question did she really mean to do that or what was she thinking using that fabric in there!!!
If it really bothers YOU then rotate it...
but I bet it will be the block that draws people in to look at your quilt closer....
thats always a good thing in mho

Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

Hi Anne! Love all your pictures! Thanks for sharing! I always say I don't care for green but I do use a lot of green in my quilts it seems! And that green is one I do use pretty often which shocks me! LOL. As far as your red and blue block...I would switch the bottom right so the blues are touching diagonally...then it will be two rows of blue touching, two rows of red touching and again the blue! Makes sense to me!

Yvette said...

I am going to be so sad when you are done showing pics from market. I just love them! It is like I went and kept all my money and didn't grow my stash. LOL! I can live vicariously thru you!.

I love your CW blocks.

Thimbleanna said...

Anne - that's so funny about the block fom last week - I would have never noticed! I would probably change it too - I could take it either way, as long as it is balanced. ;-)

I love those skinny churn dashes in the quilt you've pictured too!

Nancy in WI said...

Leave the block has character. It looks good! And I love the putrid green too! :)

Nancy in WI said...

Leave the block has character. It looks good! And I love the putrid green too! :)

Behind My Picket Fence said...

Are you kidding me? You don't care for the colors in Peace & Plenty? Not that I would ever presume to offer an opinion (and you don't need to be asking Karen if that's true or not - teehee), but I love the block and the greens are way cool. So there you have it - the Ms. Faye stamp of approval. I'm sure you were just waiting for it. :)

Behind My Picket Fence said...

Here's another opinion - free of course! What if you changed those 2 corner blocks to 2 different blues instead of a blue/red?

MARCIE said...

Regarding that blue and red block, I think if you have to look that hard at it then who cares? It looks great and will add a secret to your quilt. I also like the putrid green in the first block. And those Quilted Crow Girls are so amazing! I had to be dragged out of their booth when I was there. Also Joyce's quilts are fabulous. She is a sweetheart! Glad you had so much fun!

Elaine said...

Interesting that the block in the book is incorrect. It just looked strange to me, something was off. But its your quilt and you get to do what you want, and it is beautiful. Hope I didn't cause you any problems by pointing it out.

Anonymous said...

I think that the green will really blend and you won’t worry about the green so much when the whole quilt is finished. I love the pictures of all the other quilts and they are awesome.

Gayle said...

Sure do miss your posts - hopefully you've been having a very busy summer and will be back to sharing with us now that it's nearly over?