Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lucky Me and some progress

I won another giveaway! Wow, I'm not usually this lucky. Janet at Idaho Quilter was having a giveaway and I've heard so much about the magazine, "Artful Blogging", from my friend, Anne, that I knew I had to enter! I was thrilled when Janet emailed me to tell me I'd won. I understand that I will want to read it from cover to cover so I got my drink of choice and plan to plant myself in a comfy chair and not get up until I'm finished! Thanks Janet.
In other news I've been busy working on bumper pads and a bedskirt for my new baby grandboy (that doesn't even sound right. lol). Wow, I never realized how much work goes into bumper pads. Let's just say....if there's another baby after this....he/she will use these again!
Here they are in the crib we have here at our house.
That's the bedskirt draped over the railings. It's just a flat box pleated skirt. I'll get another picture of it when it's in it's home in Seattle.

Finally got caught up on Block 4 of "Jan Patek's Girl Gang".

And finished Block 5 too. If anyone out there is working on this and hasn't done Block 5 yet, make a note that there was an error in the cutting instructions of the log cabin background. It should be cut 12 1/2" x 10 1/2".

It feels good to know that finishing Block 5 of "Wool Garden" gets me caught up on that one too.

Here is what it's looking like so far. I'm really liking it!

I also wanted to send out a special thanks to Jodi and Sharon who mentioned my Fat Quarter bundles sale on their blogs. Thanks for your support girls. And thanks to all of you who helped me start de-cluttering. Bloggers are just the best!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Did you happen to watch "Oprah" yesterday? It was another show in the "uncluttering your home" series. One specific thing that Peter Walsh said really made me sit up and take notice. He said that "surfaces are not meant for storage". If you saw the surfaces in my sewing room, you wouldn't know what the countertops actually look like.

So, I decided to unclutter them and thought I would offer some of my Moda Fat Quarter bundles to my blogging friends. Soon I'll be setting up and Etsy and/or Ebay store to start getting rid of all my excesses but wanted you to have first dibs here.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Payment can be made by either PayPal or a check. I will ship USPS (Post office) in Flat Rate/Priority boxes. The cost will be either $10.35 or $13.95 depending on how much you order and how much I can stuff in a box!!!

Here we go. The name and price will be UNDER the picture.

Portobello Market by 3 Sisters. 52 fat quarters. $89.00 SOLD

Sonnet Collection by April Cornell. 44 FQ's. $$75.00

Christmas Past by Minick & Simpson. 28 FQ's. $40.00 SOLD

Fig & Plum by Fig Tree. 40 FQ's. $68.00 SOLD

Folklorique by Fig Tree. 39 FQ's. $67.00 SOLD

Day in the Country by Fig Tree. 35 FQ's. $60.00 SOLD

Yuletide Blessings by Fig Tree. 15 FQ's. $26.00 SOLD

Winter by Minick & Simpson. 30 FQ's. $50.00 SOLD

Roman Holiday plaids by 3 Sisters. 20 FQ's. $34.00 SOLD
Four Seasons solids by Brannock & Patek. 12 FQ's. $20.00 SOLD

Roman Holiday by 3 Sisters. 45 FQ's. $77.00 SOLD

Cornucopia by Fig Tree. 36 FQ's. $62.00 SOLD

Summer's Basket of Flowers by Terry Thompson. 41 FQ's. $70.00 SOLD

Sanctuary by 3 Sisters. 25 FQ's. $38.00 SOLD

Nell's Flower Shop by Blackbird Designs. 11 FQ's. $16.00 SOLD
(these would make nice backgrounds for embroidery)
Thanks, Anne

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Outing...part 2

Before I continue with the outing, I wanted to show you the giveaway I won from My Yellow Farmhouse. Wasn't I lucky? If you're interested in any of these wonderful items, you can find them on Karen's online store, Farmhouse Woolens. Thanks Karen...I love everything!

Little bunny guy found a home!

If you remember, I blogged about this Antique Mall back in November. It's always fun to head back to Redmond to see what's new there. Warning...this post has lots of pictures. I'll try to keep my comments to a minimum but I'm not guaranteeing anything! LOL

The porch always has some fun wood primitive goodies on it.

Lots of kitchen-y things.

This is always my favorite booth. Wooden bowls, braided rugs, tableware shaker boxes, yelloware and on and on...

Another booth had a whole cabinet of old tins.

CrossStitch and applique combination.

Campbell's soup kids.
Click on the picture to enlarge.... It's in SPANISH! That cracked us up!

The red/white room. I think Monica would probably move into it.

I love old milk jars.

Hey, Anne, check out all the chocolate rabbit molds. Although, you probably have them already!

Hmmm...I don't really consider these gals to be antiques, because if THEY are, then what am I? Oh Yikes!
And, you wanted to see what I bought? ROFL! Just kidding!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Outing...

Yesterday Nadine, Brenda and I decided to head out to Prineville to check out a fairly new quilt shop that had opened last June. It's about 30 minutes from Bend, so we had a nice drive out there. The drop down into the town is always such a pretty sight to see. Big cliffs on one side of the road and the valley on the other.
The shop is The Quilt Shack and it's owned by Rhonda Krider. She's a ball of energy and told us that before owning this shop, she owned a coffee shop. We think she still had some caffeine lingering in her system. LOL .

This is the view when you come into the store.

Loved this antique cheddar quilt.

That's Nadine on the left, Brenda on the right.

Lots of variety in the fabrics. Amy Butler, Moda, etc.

Some "critter" quilts too.

This apron was adorable. It should be called "4 and 20 Blackbirds". And it might be...I honestly don't know. LOL

She even has a room full of yarn.

Prineville is horse country, so of course there had to be cowboy/horse fabrics. Very popular in this area.

And then....look what I found.... The "Little Jelly Bags" pattern that I designed with Anne at Bunny Hill. How fun to see it in the store with SAMPLES!

These are the "Bitty", "Small" and "Large" bags.
This one is the "Medium" bag. I didn't expect this trip to be a business trip! ;-).

Thanks Rhonda for a fun visit.

From Prineville we headed out to Redmond to my favorite Antique Mall. Stay tuned for more pictures.