Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Did you happen to watch "Oprah" yesterday? It was another show in the "uncluttering your home" series. One specific thing that Peter Walsh said really made me sit up and take notice. He said that "surfaces are not meant for storage". If you saw the surfaces in my sewing room, you wouldn't know what the countertops actually look like.

So, I decided to unclutter them and thought I would offer some of my Moda Fat Quarter bundles to my blogging friends. Soon I'll be setting up and Etsy and/or Ebay store to start getting rid of all my excesses but wanted you to have first dibs here.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Payment can be made by either PayPal or a check. I will ship USPS (Post office) in Flat Rate/Priority boxes. The cost will be either $10.35 or $13.95 depending on how much you order and how much I can stuff in a box!!!

Here we go. The name and price will be UNDER the picture.

Portobello Market by 3 Sisters. 52 fat quarters. $89.00 SOLD

Sonnet Collection by April Cornell. 44 FQ's. $$75.00

Christmas Past by Minick & Simpson. 28 FQ's. $40.00 SOLD

Fig & Plum by Fig Tree. 40 FQ's. $68.00 SOLD

Folklorique by Fig Tree. 39 FQ's. $67.00 SOLD

Day in the Country by Fig Tree. 35 FQ's. $60.00 SOLD

Yuletide Blessings by Fig Tree. 15 FQ's. $26.00 SOLD

Winter by Minick & Simpson. 30 FQ's. $50.00 SOLD

Roman Holiday plaids by 3 Sisters. 20 FQ's. $34.00 SOLD
Four Seasons solids by Brannock & Patek. 12 FQ's. $20.00 SOLD

Roman Holiday by 3 Sisters. 45 FQ's. $77.00 SOLD

Cornucopia by Fig Tree. 36 FQ's. $62.00 SOLD

Summer's Basket of Flowers by Terry Thompson. 41 FQ's. $70.00 SOLD

Sanctuary by 3 Sisters. 25 FQ's. $38.00 SOLD

Nell's Flower Shop by Blackbird Designs. 11 FQ's. $16.00 SOLD
(these would make nice backgrounds for embroidery)
Thanks, Anne


Jodi@SimplyThisThat &... said...

I've read one of Peter's books. I was highly impressed. I hi-lighted the heck out of the thing! LOL. And girl, I guess you are cleaning!

Sandy F said...

Wow, good for you. I would take some of those of your hand, but guess what I have most of those!!
Oh boy, I guess I should declutter also.

Yvette said...

Holy Moly! Thats a whole lot of towers you have!

They are all so beautiful!

Sherri said...

Wow...I am seriously impressed with your stash...if those were mine I don't think I could bear to get rid of them!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I am interested in Sanctuary, Roman Holiday Plaids and Fig and Plum, but am getting an error in sending email. Can you try to email me?

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Ohhh! Lovely lovely fabrics! Okay, I broke the bank today at Primitive Gatherings, or else I would take one off your hands..:o(

Quilt Hollow said...

I couldn't possibly part with all those gorgeous took the show seriously! Still have a husband? Tee Hee

Marica said...

A lots of great fabrics but I´m intressed in this one Sanctuary by 3 Sisters. 25 FQ's. $38.00 if no one have buy it .. You could mail me at

Darlene said...

Oh, I did this a month or so ago and sold off so many fat quarter bundles. In fact every Kansas Troubles bundle I owned is gone and quite a few others. I still have the task of selling more but I haven't gotten myself organized. It's the way to go. I personally believe that having so much stuff is like an anchor. My buzz words for 2005 were "downsize" & "simplify" - we moved from a very large house to a much smaller place and tons of stuff did not come with us. Now, sadly I didn't do that with my quilting stuff but am working on it slowly! Peter Walsh taught me quite a bit when he was on "Clean Sweep". Have fun!

Candace said...

Wow - now I don't feel so bad about my stahsh, Anne - LOL! I would take a lot of these, but then I would just have to pack them up and move them (that is unless you come up with some wool you want to get rid of!!)!! Good luck - I suspect they will all go in a hurry.

Anne said...

Marica, I tried to email you but it came back as "undeliverable". Please email me at

Thanks, Anne

Linda said...

Oh my!! I can't imagine giving up all those fqs. Do you ship to Canada?

Cindy said...

Wholly cow - what alot of fabric towers!! I was hoping I'd come across some of Moda's Chocolat line by 3 Sisters. If you do, please let me know and I'll buy it from you immediately. It's my favorite all time line of fabrics.

Good luck on the clearing.

Tozz said...

I wish I had lots of money as I would buy all of them off you. I love them all and I wont watch that Oprah show as I will feel the need to declutter my stash and I really dont want to do that just yet :) I hope my husband doesnt watch it either or he will be telling me to declutter it too. But then he needs to look at his clutter first tho :)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Lordy be Woman!! I think I have or have sold all of those bundles too. lolol Did we shop together??
Looks like your doing some serious cleaning house.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by way of Red Geranium Cottage, and was tickled to see you live in Bend. My parents moved there from the east coast about 3 years ago and it is great to learn about some new antique malls and shops I haven't gone to yet (Prineville and Redmond antique mall). We are hoping to make it out again for Christmas this year!!

I am contemplating your stack of 40 Fig and Plum FQs if they are not already taken. Maybe I can arrange for my mom or dad to pick them up, mom will be visiting me here in Ireland this summer!!

I love all the quilts you've done and envy your great quilty friends and the tons of perfect gifts that seem to be exchanged between you! We have a lovely group here in my village, but there are only a handful of quilt shops in the ENTIRE COUNTRY here, all selling yardage at over $15/yd so I generally wait till I go my folks for visits to BJ, Sew Many Quilts and Mountain Country Mercantile, and gorgeous Lecien Taupes over in Stitchin Post in Sisters.

My Dear Jane won a Viewers Choice this summer at the Bend Outdoor Quilt Show in August, which is exciting, my first ever quilting award, I did the whole quilt by hand.

I imagine with your gorgeous views from your house you are somewhere up on Aubry Butte! I think Bend is a breathtaking place to be, even though I can't sniff at living 2 minutes walk from the River Shannon, it is beautiful here too!

Have added you to my bloglines to keep up with your gorgeous projects and decor! Enjoying your blog immensely while lazing about on our Mother's Day here!!

peggy said...

WOW, you did some serious selling there missy. Sure wish I'd gotten over to your little sale sooner....
All the ones I like are already gone.
Nothing like making some fast cash and room in your cabinet all at one time.

Happy Monday,

Deb said...

If Roman Holiday Plaids is still available, I'd like to purchase it!! My e-mail is:

Lynn said...

Have the Sonnet FQ's gone yet?

Anne said...

Lynn, email me at Those FQ's are still available.