Thursday, August 4, 2016

Show and tell...part 2

I'm still not sure what was happening with my pictures rotating.   I went back into "My Pictures" and tried to manually rotate them but it kept defaulting to the sideways view.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Today's pictures are my show and tell.

I'm still working on the little Buttermilk Basin "Sew" Simple BOMs.  

This one is August. 


and September. 

This is another little kit I got from Karen right after she returned 
from Quilt Market.  (Hopefully her Etsy site is up and running now).

It's called "Americana Basket" by My Red Door Designs

Continuing to make progress on these monthly Indygo Junction blocks 
by Sarah Sporrer. 

This cute flag quilt is a freebie on Cheri Payne's Facebook group.   

Stacy from Buttermilk Basin had this little pillow on her blog hop last year.  
I think it's still available for purchase.   

If you're on Instagram, you can identify with me on this...There is so much inspiration out there from so many talented people.   Around Memorial Day, people started posting pictures of all their wonderful Americana decor.  It was then I realized that I only had one red, white and blue quilt.   That had to change!  LOL    So,  I was looking through my books and came upon this pattern by Paula Stoddard from the book Season's Stitchin's.   The pattern is called "Summer Fun".  I got it finished just in time to enjoy it for the rest of the summer.   

The little firecrackers were a project that Sandy I made at her house last month 
on one of our "craft" days.    

This is "America Stitched Flag" by Buttermilk Basin
(can you tell I'm trying to play catch up with the Americana decor?)

And last, another Buttermilk Basin design called "Summer Wool Runner".  
The pattern cover shows the background in black wool, but I thought it needed a lighter look.   

I'm not sure if I'll be at Woolies this month because the family is coming for a visit, so I'll probably see you in Sept.   Oh my gosh....Sept?    How can that be?   
Time really does fly when you're having fun!

Thanks for stopping by.   I know I don't blog as much anymore and I'm not even sure if anyone is visiting anymore, but I appreciate all of you who take time out of your day to stop by.  

Hugs, Anne

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

June and July show and tell

Our gathering in July was pretty small.  Summertime is always like that here.  People entertaining or going on trips, makes for much smaller groups.   We did manage to have some show and tell though.   
First up is Nancy.  She applique'd these adorable T-shirts for her grandkids who will be coming to visit soon.  

And she finished this adorable wool kitty mat.  

Jean continues working on her wool sampler blocks. 
I think I mentioned the name of it in last month's post.   

Marilyn finished up this adorable winter mat from Primitive Gatherings.  
(not sure why it rotated)

Sandy continues her prolific ways with lots to show n tell.   
This is a little sewing box that she whipped up.   
I don't know the name of the pattern but maybe she will leave a comment
and let you know if you're interested.   

She also finished this adorable quilt by Verna Mosquera of The Vintage Spool   

a couple of close ups

This one is a kit we got from Karen. (mine isn't finished).
 She had them for sale on her Etsy shop right after quilt market.

(Karen just let me know that she's having issues with the link to her Etsy site, 
so send her an email at

It's called "Potted Primrose" by My Red Door Designs

This  little pillow was a freebie on Cheri Payne's Facebook group. 

And this pillow is one in the Buttermilk Basin truck series.   
If you've seen the patterns, you can see how Sandy changed it up.  

And even though Sandy and I aren't doing our monthly challenges anymore, we still find that we like the same patterns and push each other to work on the same things.  

This one is a pattern called "Thankfulness" by Quilts by Cheri

Sandy's version...

and my version...

This one is called America the Beautiful, also by Quilts by Cheri.  

Sandy made it like the pattern, 

And I chose to leave off the words so that I could use a standard pillow form.   
I'm running out of places to store all these pillows!

I'm not sure what is happening with my pictures and the rotation.  I'm going try to figure it out and continue the post tomorrow.   

See you then!
Hugs, Anne

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sew Many Quilts

If you're looking forward to seeing the show and tell posts, then I have to say, "Sorry". There won't be any for June.   All of the quilt shops in the area have been getting their stores in ship shape condition for all the quilters who will be coming this week for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.    The classrooms are transformed into more quilt goodness, so we don't usually meet the end of June and all of July.  

I promise to get lots of pictures of our show and tell projects to share with you when we meet next time.  (not sure when that will be).

In the meantime, I went into Sew Many Quilts in Bend to share all the new goodies with you.    I will be working there Tuesday thru Saturday, so if you're in the area, come in and say "hi".  

This post will be picture heavy, but if there's anything you are interested in, give them a call.

Since today is Independence Day in the USA, I thought I'd start with these two.

And on to the wool goodies 

Valdani galore!

Flannels to go with your wool projects. 

This is the shop's Row by Row quilt.  
Come in to the shop to pick up your free pattern or buy a kit if you'd rather.  
This year's theme is "Home Sweet Home".  What is sweeter than our machine and notions! 

This pretty quilt is "Vintage Blooms".  A kit is offered for $134.00

Isn't this one cute?   It's made from the book "All in a Row" by Moda. 

This skyline quilt has been hugely popular.  

Halloween anyone?    
The shop has a huge section of fabrics and patterns devoted to all things fall and Halloween. 

This next one is called "Triple Star" and the kit is $80. 
 I love the blue background.  

Go Ducks!   
A quilt for the little Duckie in your life.   

Batiks anyone?   

All the Frivols you need.   

So that's just a little snippet of all the wonderful quilts and products that the shop has.   
Stop by if you're in the area.    
And, have fun all week with all the activities going on.   The weather is looking good.   

See you later in the month with show and tell.  

Hugs, Anne