Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March show and tell

Surprise...I'm on time this month!  

Funny thing about Woolies yesterday.   Sandy and I were the only ones there.  Lots of people out of town or busy with other things, so we had show and tell for each other.   We had fun, even if it was just the two of us.

Sandy has been working on big projects so she only brought a couple of projects that she finished.

First up is a darling pattern called "Old Wood Hare" by Cheri.  Sandy did this one in wool on a cotton background.

This next little one is from Little Thistle Designs called "Penny Patch Rabbit"
It is so cute and little.  Only measures 8x10".  (Sorry, I couldn't find a website)

Next up are my finished projects.   
When I saw Sandy working on that little cutie I knew I wanted one too, 
so here's mine.   
When showed Sandy that I added a button eye for the little bunny, she said that hers is looking backward, therefore, no eye!   LOL

This pillow is from a Wooden Spool Designs pattern called "Chubby Bunny".  
He makes me smile when I look at him.   
Don't those carrot flowers remind you of the popsicles we got when we were little with the tube pushing the ice cream up?   Ahhh, sweet memories. 

Last year Cheri offered this next one as a freebie on her Facebook group.   
I finished the top but never did anything with it.  I had some time last week, so made a pillow.  
Now I'm all ready for summer.   (which can't get here fast enough)!

A cute table runner from Woolen Needle Designs called "Bunny in the Meadow.  

And, as I mentioned last month, I'm working on the monthly series of patterns 
from Buttermilk Basin called "With Cotton and Wool BOM.    
I needed to get caught up on them, so this one is February. 


and April.   

Well, that's it for March show and tell.  
Hopefully there will be more ladies at Woolies next month and we will have more to show.  

See ya soon, 
Hugs, Anne 


Karen said...

Such adorable projects you to always have. Love the bunnies and those little monthly quilts are sweet.
Thanks for the show and tell.

Janet O. said...

I'd say the two of you had plenty to show all by yourselves!
Love it all, really. Can't choose a favorite.

WoolenSails said...

Enjoyed seeing all the beautiful projects, lots of inspiration.


Karen said...

Spring galore in today's post. I am in a bunny mood. My daughter raided my spring wall hangings and took two bunny quilts home. One was Miss Tessie Twitchett. A Jan Patek pattern. Love that quilt and may make another if I can find some suitable border fabric.

I am working on Pine Tree Village blocks.

Susie Hoover said...

I need to get on the ball and stitch up some bunnies! Loved this post!

Jeanna said...

All very nice projects, Anne. I love Chubby Bunny and yes, those carrot flowers do remind me of the ice cream treats we used to get as kids.

I love the USA pillow, sorry I missed that pattern from Cheri. I've only recently joined the FB group.

I look forward to next month's woolie adventures.

Joan said...

You two are amazing!! Nifty projects, beautiful work, sew very fun! Lovely visit, thank you!!! Hugs back!!!

Loris said...

Such sweet spring projects! Lovely work and it's so fun to see what you are working on. Happy Spring!

Kelli H said...

What wonderful work the two of you have been doing! Love the bunnies and your button eye. Thanks for sharing - it always inspires me and I look forward to next month!

Jacqueline said...

I am always inspired by your show and tell. Thanks for sharing.

Hogan's Adventure said...

Myrtle made me The Chubby Bunny last year, its adorable. She made mine a little wall seeing all you are doing.....<3

Colleen said...

Soooo cute!! Love all the bunnies! I am itching to get back into my sewing room. Lots of bunnies waiting there! Hope you all held up over winter! Finally, spring is around the corner. Have a great weekend!

Darlene said...

I can't believe I missed this post. You and Sandy continue to amaze me. So many cute, adorable and lovely projects!

Grandma Judi said...

LOVE all the projects you and Sandy posted! You are both prolific beyond words!!

Could you tell me where you got the black stand for your adorable mini quilts?? I've got several that I'd like to display but don't want to hang them on the wall.


Claire said...

Such sweet little projects. Love all the bunnies. Hope your snow is finally gone but it made for some very productive sewing days this winter. You two are amazing!

Lori said...

Lovely projects! What a talented group!