Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A couple of winners!

Hey everyone. Thank so much for all your descriptions of how you store your patterns.    I think I found myself in every one of your answers.   I have way too many storage spots.   Here are some pictures to prove it.

I found this cute little drawer at an antique shop and knew it needed patterns in it.  There's another one to the right of it, and of course, all the patterns printed off the internet on the left.

This box of patterns is on my cutting table along with some that I'm currently working on. 

And then in one bookcase, there are binders of patterns. 

Another smaller bookcase.  With. More. Patterns.!

And in my closet I have these plastic bins with more patterns. 

And in the storage room right off my sewing room, even MORE!

And binders too.   Not even labeled, so who knows what's in them!

So, I think you can see my dilemma.   Right now, I've decided to organize them by season.  Here is the first bin which has my Fall patterns.    Somehow I have to get this under control   Good grief!

So, as I promised, we have 2 winners.   The first one is Tina, who posted on Sept 1 at 6:30pm.  The second winner comes from my emails.   I was surprised at how many of you replied directly there letting me know you aren't Google subscribers. So I thought it only fitting that you were entered in the giveaway too.    That winner is Barb.    I will contact you both and get your patterns off to you. 

Thanks again for all the wonderful suggestions.  I read each and every one of them and got tons of great ideas.   

Hugs, Anne

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August show and tell

First of all, I want to thank all of you who left me some really wonderful comments last month.   To tell you I appreciated them would be an understatement.   I just wasn't sure if people are even reading blogs much anymore.  I know I am not as diligent about keeping up as I used to be.   Anyway, thank you so much and I promise to continue blogging...at least with show and tell.  

So, here we go for August.   We had company last week so didn't think I'd be going to Woolies, but at the last minute the family's plans changed and I was able to go.  Needless to say, I was rushing to get there and forgot my own show and tell, so will save that for next month.  

Leslie made this little cutie.   Once again, she's hiding behind her creation.   I'm gonna sneak a picture of her sometime when she's not looking.  LOL

Nancy made this from a pattern by Bonnie Sullivan of All through the Night.   
Her kitty's name is Magic.   

Sue brought this one but she couldn't remember the pattern name. 

Jean continues with these blocks.  
You can check out the previous blog posts for other ones she's been working on.

Mari made this one.  
She thinks it's a Kim Diehl pattern but couldn't remember the name. 

And this one was inspired by a Kansas Troubles pattern.  
Check out the little houses in the centers of the stars.  

This is the pattern, so you can see how much she changed it up.   

That's all for August.  
Our prolific Sandy wasn't there to show us her finishes, so I'm sure September will be quite a show. 

So, if you made it this far, you can see there are two Buttermilk Basin patterns in the next photo.  Well, the generous Stacy West sent me these to give away to you.   How sweet is that?  

All I need from you is a question answered.   How do you organize all your patterns?  By designer?  Type of medium?  Seasonal?    I'm looking for some ideas to help me out.   When I'm looking for a pattern that I'm sure I have, I have to look everywhere.  There has to be a solution to this madness.  

(Be sure to leave your email address if you know you are a "no reply" commenter.)   

So, I'll pick two winners on Tuesday the 6th!  (US only, please) 

Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you in the USA.
To all the rest, enjoy your weekend.  

Hugs, Anne