Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The party continues

As I said in yesterday's post, everyone has their "job" and Patty's was the stockings.    She filled them for all of us.   I had re-made them a couple of years ago because you can just imagine what they looked like after all these years.  They were pretty sad and tired.  

We usually start with the stockings, but Patty forgot about them.  I think she had too many Pomegranate margaritas, right Patty?

After all that exertion of seeing what was in our stocking, it was time for dessert.   Sorry that I didn't get a picture before it was cut into.  Cathi made a scrumptious goodie for us.   It was caramel, chocolate, whipped cream, brownies and more caramel.   I can't even begin to tell you how good it was.    By now it was probably 11pm.   The perfect time for dessert, right?   :)

Finally, it was time for our Secret Santa gifts.   In September or October, we draw names and then search for the perfect gifty for our "person".  

First up was Patty's gift to Janet.  Patty made the cross stitch framed snowman.  She also gave her the cute quilt and the snowman head on a bedspring.   There's another snowman next to the quilt.

Janet then revealed that she had MY name.    She gave me a the wonderful wooden snowman, a little needle punched snowman and the Santa pillow that she made.   Thanks, Lucy (that's what I call her).  I love it all.

My turn to give Cathi her giftys.   She loves her yard and garden so when I found these pieces of yard art, she was the first person I thought of.    Hope she liked them.  

Cathi then gave Marsha her surprises.   A wonderful wooden snowman and ceramic sheep (hard to see but it's in her right hand).  

No surprise, but Patty was left so Marsha delivered her gifts to her.  Patty was shocked at this quilt until she realized that SHE, herself, had made it when Marsha was teaching her how to quilt.   Patty was pretty hard on herself when making her first quilt and was so frustrated that she told Marsha she was going to throw it away.   Marsha grabbed it from her, and without saying anything else, sent it to the quilter and put the binding on it.   I think Patty was amazed at how fabulous it looked.  She should be very proud of herself.   We all got a good laugh out of that one.

Her other present from Marsha was this lantern and candle.   Wonder if Patty's hubby will let her burn REAL candles!

We got home at 1:15am and went right to bed.   Did you notice I didn't say we went right to sleep?  After such a fun evening, my wheels were spinning and I couldn't turn off the brain.   Needless to say, it was worth a sleepless night.   There's always tomorrow to catch up, right?  

So, another Christmas with my BFF's has come and gone and I have to say that this was one of the most fun ones we've ever had.  Having Janet back with us, after such a terrible illness last year,  has made us love and appreciate each other even more.  

Next up, some of Patty's decorating and a trip to a cute country store.  

Hugs, Anne

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas with the girls

Last Saturday evening was the annual get together of our group.  We have had our group for about 34 years or so.   The Christmas party is always so much fun.    Each of us takes a "job" so that the hostess doesn't have to stress out about planning the whole party.  

This year our hostess was Cathi.   She had her front porch all decked out and it looked absolutely darling.

We started the evening with some yummy drinks.  Cathi whipped up these pomegranate margaritas.   I had never had one before but loved it.   She also put out the obligatory candy!  Can't have a party without the M&M's.

The table was set so cute.   She had these cute snowmen at each place setting.  

She also made each of us the snow globe next to Mrs Santa. Yep, we each got to take ours home!

She saw this idea using canning jars on Pinterest and it looked darling next to the window.   Love the reflection.

 I didn't get a picture of dinner.  Janet and I were in charge.  Since both of us live out of town, we hit up the local Panda Express and let them do the cooking.  That orange chicken sure was good!

Marsha was in charge of games and our first one was a Christmas crossword puzzle.   Not to brag or anything, but I won!   Woo Hoo.    My prize was a darling little snowman.

Then it was on to "Flake".   Janet made these darling boards up for us quite a few years ago.   It's such a hit that we bring it back every year.   Based on Bingo, the squares all have a sticker of a snowman.  The caller has a stack of cards with the same snowman on it.   It gets really funny listening to her try to describe each snowman to us (especially after a few of those yummy margaritas).  

We also played Charades, but I didn't get any pictures because I was too competitive to pick up my camera!  Hehe  (That's actually an inside joke...right ladies?)

We always do a gift for everyone.   In years past, it was a homemade something, but as we've gotten older and wiser, some of us choose to buy rather than make. We've mellowed through the years.  

Marsha made us all these cute quilted mats.  

Janet whipped up these adorable little wool snowman pillows.

Cathi gave us all a garden flag and a calendar.  Funny part of that gift is that she ordered the calendars but never opened the box until she was ready to wrap them.   Much to her surprise, they weren't what she ordered.   We all got a good laugh out of that one.    The company is sending her what she ordered and told her to donate the wrong ones.    Murphy's Law at it's best!

I made everyone these wool Santas and framed them up.  

Patty got each of us these neat boxes and the bottle brush tree to sit on top.  She also hunted far and wide for the old fashion tinsel that we all used to "throw" on the tree.    She found something a bit more "modern" but not like the good ol stuff!  See it coming out of the bottom drawer?

That was just the start of the evening   (well we were maybe at 10pm by now).   I'll share the rest of the evening in the next post.  

Hugs, Anne

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some greenery

I thought I'd share with you what I made yesterday afternoon. I had seen some pictures on Pinterest (which should actually be called "Obsession") and asked Mr CnW if he'd make me a primitive looking "box" so that I could fill it with Christmas greenery.

So, while I was in Calif, he whipped up one.  After it had dried, and that awful wood stain smell had finally dissipated, I picked up some greenery and berries and went to work.

If it looks long to you, that's because it is... I had him make it 4 ft. long because we always have a leaf in the dining room table and it needed the length.  


Here's the result...  

I used canning jars and put floral sand in the bottom of them to weight them and also to lift up the votives.

I really like how the box looks old yet it's brand new.   Thanks Mr. CnW!

I got the nubby table runner at Pottery Barn.   I'll be able to use it all year long but it still looks nice under the Christmas box!

Right after I lit the candles and then took the pictures, Mr CnW blew them out.  I think he must have been seriously burned in a fire in a prior life because he has this "thing" about burning real candles.    If this persists, I may have to give in and get the battery operated ones.  Geesh!

I know I promised you pictures from my Calif trip, and I promise you that they are coming up in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Hugs, Anne

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Country Homecoming

Before I post the pictures of our blocks, I just have to say that words can't describe my shock and sadness at the horrific event in Newtown, CT.   My heart hurts for the victims and their loved ones.  It is unimaginable to think that someone would want to take our children from us.   I just want to run to Seattle and hang on to these two and never let go.

Well, it's the 15th and that means it's time to post our construction progress.   A few of the "neighbors" seem to be on vacation this month (Hawaii?)  but hopefully we'll see them next month when we start putting it all  together.   But, we are welcoming a NEW neighbor who decided to move in.   Say hi to Shazy!   We are thrilled that you are joining us.

Here are Sandy's blocks (again...she's a "no blog")

And these are mine...I still need to embroider the panes on the windows.

Hello?.....all 12 blocks are done.  Can I get a Woo Hoo?

Yesterday I was out running errands all day long and when I picked up the mail, there was a package from Paulette.   Now, what in the heck was she sending me?

Check out the pretty paper and that adorable ornament!

And the cute message she wrote on the card. Looks like the Boss gets a Christmas gift.   :)

Look what she made!   Isn't this the cutest candle mat you've ever seen?    She had shown some projects on her blog yesterday and I even commented that whoever was getting one was a lucky recipient..   Who would have thought that I was one of them?    I was so delighted I could hardly contain myself.

She showed it on her blog with a darling star candle holder, so I immediately went thru everything I had to find one so it would look just like hers.    I think I need to look at some thrift stores to find one exactly like she found.

Thank you so much Paulette.  You truly are a "Sweet P"

Now go visit the other bloggers to see what kind of construction they've been up to.
Paulette, Patti, Shazy, and Carrie.  (See?  we've lost a few this month)

Hugs, Anne

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little decorating

I'm getting ready to leave for California early tomorrow morning.  It's time for my annual Christmas Party with the girlfriends.   You might remember that we cancelled the party last year because Janet was in the hospital with a terrible illness.   She's doing much better now so we're back on schedule.   I'll be back next week with pictures.

Before I go, I thought I'd share some of my new decorations or rearranging of last year's decor. Here we go.

Earlier this year, I finished this project by Bonnie Sullivan of "All through the night" designs.

It holds a prominent spot in the dining room

I had this little frame that I got a few years ago and wanted to make a wool project for it.   I made the star but it looked too plain.   Anna was sitting with me at one of our sewing groups and suggested I put a snowman on it.   So, voila...    I think it turned out pretty cute.

I saw an old box filled with greenery on Pinterest so grabbed an old box that I had and turned into this.

Nighttime view.

I picked up this little snowman block of wood with candle when I was at Folkart Gatherings last week.

This is another Bonnie Sullivan pattern called Seven Santas.   I made it up for Christmas last year but put it on a table with tons of decor on top of it.   My friend, Marilyn Will, was upset for me for not displaying it better.   So, Marilyn, it now has it's own place...just for you!

I also picked up this white Belsnickle Santa at Folkart Gatherings.   As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to display it with my mercury glass.

 And here's the little snowman that Mr CnW picked out at Folkart Gatherings.   Hmmm, looks like one of his tree branches is sticking him in his eye.   Better go see what I can do about that.   LOL

Last month, I asked Mr CnW to make me a shelf for the powder room.   I explained what I wanted, and he came up with this.   Isn't he talented?    I better get my list going for this winter's projects for him.   I certainly benefit when it's cold and he can't play golf.  

I'm not sure if this display is different this year, but I added the candy canes to the tree, so that's new!

When I went to Calif last spring, I bought this little table.   I think it used to be a bedside table, but I loved the way it had been painted when it was repurposed.  

It's on the staircase landing and really hard to get a decent picture.

I added the berries and greenery this year.

Made this cute snowman pillow this year.   It's a JoAnn Mullaly pattern. (Wool Crazy designs) I got the kit from Country Loft.

I really love this little twig tree.

And here's a happy Jack enjoying the holidays.

So, I hope you're all enjoying the holidays so far.   We haven't had any snow yet which is really unusual.  I think there might be some in the weekend forecast, but I think I'm going to miss it while I'm in sunny Calif.

See ya next week.

Hugs, Anne