Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The party continues

As I said in yesterday's post, everyone has their "job" and Patty's was the stockings.    She filled them for all of us.   I had re-made them a couple of years ago because you can just imagine what they looked like after all these years.  They were pretty sad and tired.  

We usually start with the stockings, but Patty forgot about them.  I think she had too many Pomegranate margaritas, right Patty?

After all that exertion of seeing what was in our stocking, it was time for dessert.   Sorry that I didn't get a picture before it was cut into.  Cathi made a scrumptious goodie for us.   It was caramel, chocolate, whipped cream, brownies and more caramel.   I can't even begin to tell you how good it was.    By now it was probably 11pm.   The perfect time for dessert, right?   :)

Finally, it was time for our Secret Santa gifts.   In September or October, we draw names and then search for the perfect gifty for our "person".  

First up was Patty's gift to Janet.  Patty made the cross stitch framed snowman.  She also gave her the cute quilt and the snowman head on a bedspring.   There's another snowman next to the quilt.

Janet then revealed that she had MY name.    She gave me a the wonderful wooden snowman, a little needle punched snowman and the Santa pillow that she made.   Thanks, Lucy (that's what I call her).  I love it all.

My turn to give Cathi her giftys.   She loves her yard and garden so when I found these pieces of yard art, she was the first person I thought of.    Hope she liked them.  

Cathi then gave Marsha her surprises.   A wonderful wooden snowman and ceramic sheep (hard to see but it's in her right hand).  

No surprise, but Patty was left so Marsha delivered her gifts to her.  Patty was shocked at this quilt until she realized that SHE, herself, had made it when Marsha was teaching her how to quilt.   Patty was pretty hard on herself when making her first quilt and was so frustrated that she told Marsha she was going to throw it away.   Marsha grabbed it from her, and without saying anything else, sent it to the quilter and put the binding on it.   I think Patty was amazed at how fabulous it looked.  She should be very proud of herself.   We all got a good laugh out of that one.

Her other present from Marsha was this lantern and candle.   Wonder if Patty's hubby will let her burn REAL candles!

We got home at 1:15am and went right to bed.   Did you notice I didn't say we went right to sleep?  After such a fun evening, my wheels were spinning and I couldn't turn off the brain.   Needless to say, it was worth a sleepless night.   There's always tomorrow to catch up, right?  

So, another Christmas with my BFF's has come and gone and I have to say that this was one of the most fun ones we've ever had.  Having Janet back with us, after such a terrible illness last year,  has made us love and appreciate each other even more.  

Next up, some of Patty's decorating and a trip to a cute country store.  

Hugs, Anne


Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

Oh, how fun! Sounds like a good bunch of buddies! Is that you holding your gift? (If so, nice to meet you!). Have a wonderful day!

Kathie said...

oph I love this post every year, fun to see what you all make for each other! Of course love that snowman your holding with the star too cute!
I think its wonderful that you all put so much thought into each others gifts it really shows.
Love that she had the quilt quilted and gave it to her
it is wonderful!
that dessert looks sinful!
but delicious!!!!

Darlene said...

The party is over :-( LOL

Thank you, again, for sharing your fun times with us.

So many fabulous gifts.

Anonymous said...

I think out of all blogs that post around this time of year I found I really look forward to yours. You have best friends and your gift exchange is also the BEST I've ever seen! I love everything but especially that you have all done this for YEARS and are so close. Friendships like these are a rare find.

Me and My Stitches said...

What wonderful gifts and amazing friends! It looks like a great time was had by all.

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful group of girls and thoughtful gifts. I love that she redid patty's quilt, what a wonderful surprise.


Florida Farm Girl said...

What a great tradition you girls have established! I hope it continues for another 34 years!!!

Jean(ie) said...

I love this party! How fun!!!!!!! I love seeing what people give each other. I'm the curious sort. judging from what you mentioned, a lot of thought went into these gifts.

Country Prims said...

Such a fun time and WONDERFUL goodies! More happy memories made:)

Anita said...

Looks like you had so much fun and such great gifts! I would love to know the name of that dessert or have the recipe posted - chocolate, caramel and brownies...all my favorites rolled into one!

Gayle said...

What a delightful time you all had - good food - good friends - good gifts - doesn't get better than that!

sonia said...

Thank you for showing your work this 2012.
Happy Christmas ¡¡¡

paulette said...

Wow!! Such fun...food, friends and wonderful gifts from the heart! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!!

Mama Spark said...

Looks like you all made Merry! I think you should share that desert recipe too. I might need to make that!

pc sam said...

This year will be wonderful for you and yours, filled with small joys to share, to give and friendships to maintain health. Patchwork of ideas, projects to overflow, the time to achieve .... Happy New Year!