Saturday, January 12, 2013

Patty's house

I know, I know....Christmas is long gone and everyone is on to Valentine projects, but I promised you this post and one more post, and I want to keep my promises.

Decorations are finally down.  Mr. CnW and I were both so tired each day but we plodded through and now I'm back up in the Nest with lists and lists of things I want to accomplish in 2013.  Most of which will be UFOs or patterns and kits that I already have in my stash.  I'm back on the Fabric Diet!!!   Oh, and I can't word for this year is "self-discipline".   Remind me of that if I get sidetracked with new goodies!  :)

Anyway, on to Patty's.    She wasn't going to be home for Christmas so she kept her decorating to a minimum.  I think she told me she only put out what she had stored in the house in closets and nooks and crannies. Christmas she's hosting our party, so hang on to your seats because she does a fabulous job of decorating.    Enough of my blabbing...on with the show!

This was above my bed when I arrived.  All together now.....awwwwww.

Every year she changes up this piece of furniture.   It's always fun to see what it ends up looking like.

Janet made these little framed snowmen for us a couple of years ago when she hosted the party.

I always love these little Charlie Brown trees.

And these re-purposed old windows.

Cute stackable snowmen.

Isn't this the cutest lamp?   I should have moved the greenery so you could see the adorable face on it.   And the homespun balls look just right sitting there next to it.

Uh oh!   Look what I found when I was admiring everything... a little bit of leftover fall decor.  We got a good laugh out of that.   How many times have we all left out a seasonal decoration, only to find it months later?  It IS cute tho.

And then we thought that Janet should have her cane decorated.  So, we decorated it like a "candy cane".   Haha

Doesn't she look good?   She's come a LONG way in a year.  It's been a really tough and challenging year for her but she has such strong determination and will.  She is very diligent about doing all her physical therapy and taking good care of herself.  AND....she's got stitching and shopping to do!  Love you M!

So, that's it for Patty's house, Christmas 2012.   Ha...I just mis-typed and put 2013.   Maybe Patty is now ready for NEXT Christmas.   Yikes!  Thanks Patty for always making me feel so welcome when I stay with you!

Hugs, Anne


Wendy said...

I never get tired of seeing Christmas decorations. I've found a pumpkin or two out of place at times as well. Love all the snowman.

WoolenSails said...

Lots of wonderful decorations and fun to get together.


Kathie said...

I love these posts, keep them coming!!!
thanks for the candy cane :)
you all are just FUN!

Marisa said...

Precioso todo .PAZ Y AMOR

paulette said...

Yup...never get tired of snowmen! Thanks for the fix! Enjoyed every moment!

Karen said...

Fun tour and I love Janet's cane - very festive.

Colleen said...

So cute! Thank you for the tour :o) So glad you all had such a nice Christmas. 2013.... self restraint... good idea!

Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing.... Great friend to let you share photos....

Wonky Girl said...

Thank you for the tour. I sure like seeing other peoples homes and decorations.
BTW- I keep a small fall pumpkin decoration out always. I love fall too much to not have something fallish to see.

Anna said...

love the inspiration not only in decor but of Janet's strength!

Hogan's Adventure said...

Thanks for sharing the pumpkin...LOLOL...glad to see you are back in the blog world, I have missed you!!!

pc sam said...

Que de trésors! Un délice pour les yeux. Merci!