Thursday, July 30, 2009

Am I crazy?

It’s been really hot here for the past week or so.  Temps in the high 90’s and possibly hitting 100 today.   So, “what are you working on, Anne?”, you ask?    Why WOOL of course.    I think the heat has gotten to me for sure!

I finally got the center of Stars around the Garden put together and made the decision to use wool for the applique.   Here it is all prepped and ready to sew down.   Hmm, cotton and wool.  Now where have I heard of that?   ;-)


And my other project is some Christmas stocking kits that I got from Primitive Gatherings.  Maybe this is just my attempt at “thinking” cooler weather.  Or…I'm crazy!


Now, I have a question for you.    Santa’s beard and cuffs are supposed to be attached by “needle punch”using naturally curly roving.   I haven’t got a clue how to do that and I don’t want to invest in supplies I may never use again.   Does anyone have an easy lesson for me or a better idea?   It would be much appreciated. 

What should I work on next?  Snowmen you say?   Glad you’re thinking cool like I am!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home Tour - Exteriors

I never planned on this being a four parter. Hope you’re still with me! Here are the houses themselves and some of the scenery along the way.

The round “thing” is supposed to look like an old water tower. It even has a faucet on the front. Now…the best thing..when you walked up to it (kind of like an eagle's nest), they had it all set up as a knitting/sewing studio It was awesome! The backside is all windows with a fabulous view of the Cascades. I didn’t get a picture because there were too many people up there. Darn!


This one is the one with all the reclaimed barnwood. (price tag? $3.5M Yikes)


Mr Cottons ‘n Wool’s favorite. On the golf course. It’s the one that had the huge kitchen island.


Not sure if you can click on this, but if you can, take a look at the statue in the entry way. No comment.


Someone’s VACATION home. No one I know, that’s for sure!


Home Tour 2009 001

Home Tour 2009 025

Home Tour 2009 042

Home Tour 2009 053

Home Tour 2009 054

And this last one is right down the street from us. Hey, what an easy move that would be!

Home Tour 2009 071

Home Tour 2009 016

Home Tour 2009 017

Needless to say, it was a fun couple of weekends (seeing how the other half lives) and… we had gorgeous weather.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Anne

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home Tour – a little a this, a little a that.

Hope you’re enjoying the tour. I’ll continue on with some of the laundry rooms and other fun things.

I’ve never seen a laundry room as big as this one in the next 2 pictures.



This one was darling.

Home Tour 2009 006

Home Tour 2009 007



A neat office.


Mud room off the garage.


Wine cellars.

Home Tour 2009 049

Home Tour 2009 060

Home Tour 2009 061

Just a little bit of outdoor living!


And taken from above. That “little” building is the guest cottage. Anyone wanna visit?


This room was HUGE! So much wood that none of my pictures turned out. All of the wood in this house is reclaimed wood from an old barn near Salem, Oregon.


And this is the view from that corner window above.


And the view from another home on a golf course. Hubby's favorite, natch!


And the view from that one house I told you was my overall favorite.

Home Tour 2009 034

A very contemporary home with a huge water feature in the front entry.

Home Tour 2009 048

The water feature is to the left of the next picture.

Home Tour 2009 050

And looking down from the staircase.

Home Tour 2009 052

This is the great room taken from the kitchen that had the huge island in the first post.


Check out these beams! They were massive.

Home Tour 2009 059

That’s about it. All I have left are the exteriors of the houses, so I’ll show you those tomorrow.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Home tour - bathrooms

I have this thing for fun cabinets and sinks in guest bathrooms. I keep looking for the perfect one that inspires me to re-do ours. Still haven’t found it. Darlene and Anne, I promise you’ll be okay if you look at more than one. And, Darlene, the handle on the upper part of the toilet is for flushing! LOL.







Loved the stain on this next cabinet. So you get to see it twice!



They called this a “rimless” tub. Kinda like a sink!


Home Tour 2009 004

Home Tour 2009 038

And look Anne and Camille…I angled this shot! Of course, I contorted my body instead of just turning the camera. DUH! Cute idea for a toilet paper holder.

Home Tour 2009 037

Home Tour 2009 044

Home Tour 2009 051

Home Tour 2009 057

Home Tour 2009 062

Home Tour 2009 065

Home Tour 2009 069

Home Tour 2009 070




Hi Mr. Cottons ‘n Wool!




So there ya go! Let’s see, tomorrow I’ll show you some of the laundry rooms, wine cellars and anything else I think you might like.

Hugs, Anne