Monday, July 27, 2009

Home tour - bathrooms

I have this thing for fun cabinets and sinks in guest bathrooms. I keep looking for the perfect one that inspires me to re-do ours. Still haven’t found it. Darlene and Anne, I promise you’ll be okay if you look at more than one. And, Darlene, the handle on the upper part of the toilet is for flushing! LOL.







Loved the stain on this next cabinet. So you get to see it twice!



They called this a “rimless” tub. Kinda like a sink!


Home Tour 2009 004

Home Tour 2009 038

And look Anne and Camille…I angled this shot! Of course, I contorted my body instead of just turning the camera. DUH! Cute idea for a toilet paper holder.

Home Tour 2009 037

Home Tour 2009 044

Home Tour 2009 051

Home Tour 2009 057

Home Tour 2009 062

Home Tour 2009 065

Home Tour 2009 069

Home Tour 2009 070




Hi Mr. Cottons ‘n Wool!




So there ya go! Let’s see, tomorrow I’ll show you some of the laundry rooms, wine cellars and anything else I think you might like.

Hugs, Anne


little acorns said...

Hi Anne! . . . How fun this is! I love getting to vicariously tour these homes with you! Don't you come home with so many ideas?! I'm planning to update my kitchen & bath in the next year . . . so I'm loving the peeks! (I'll meet you in the laundry room, next!) :o)
xo, Bren

CharityAnn said...

Wow, such beautiful bathrooms. If only mine looked half as beautiful. Mine boast towels scattered on the floor, after a day a the pool. Boys!
I love that little tub. I could soak there for hours.
Thanks for sharing, we have come a long way from the out house.

Candace said...

I love the sink with the river rock - got to get one for the fishing bathroom at the Squash House - it even has rocks in the sink bowl! This is better than going shopping, Anne - don't have to leave home - thanks!

yellowfarmhouse said...

WOW the last 2 posts are full of eye candy - thanks for the tours. I loved that rimless tub - no cracking grout. Loved the pic of Mr. Cotton :). Hey I see you got your blocks - way cute, just like you :).

Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse

Sue said...

Those are awesome bathrooms, but being the simple gal that I am, I really liked the rustic cabinet one the best!
Thank you for the great tour!!

Carrie P. said...

Oh,fun! I love seeing stuff like this especially because I hope to build my dream home in a couple of years. I can tell that even though I like the vanities that are up on feet I would not like to have to clean underneath them. So mine will be all the way to the floor.

Colleen said...

Beautiful bathrooms... definitely want to update mine :o)

Darlene said...

Bathrooms!!!!! Yawn!!!!! And, you promised that there would be doors with a half moon cutout - huge SIGH!!!! I keep telling you I'm afraid of Mr. Flush!!!


Carol said...

Pretty, pretty bathrooms! Thanks for the tour.

Kaaren said...

Gosh, Anne. Some of those bathrooms are larger than the 'largest' rooms in my house.

And did I see another copper sink? Sigh.

Keep them coming. I'm livin the dream!

Crispy said...

Oooo would love any one of long as someone else cleans them since I live with Bob the slob LOL.


suz said...

Beautiful kitchens and baths - I've always been attracted to the bathroom sinks that look like basins, particularly when they sit on a piece of furniture - they have always appealed to me; but I love the "Cowboys don't take baths" quote the most! I wanted to be Dale Evans when I grew up (well, I WANTED to be Roy Rogers and was insulted that since I was a girl I couldn't be!) so that quote touches the kid in me! LOL

Gwendie said...

Amazing! They're HUGE! It would certainly be nice to have one of them.

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