Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Tour - Kitchens

Thanks for all your input regarding the tour. I like the idea of showing just the kitchens and then the bathrooms (even though some of you don’t like bathrooms…Anne and Darlene…I could say something but I won’t!). And then I’ll finish up with some of the other fun things in the houses. How’s that?

Here we go. I’ll keep my comments to a minimum since you all know what kitchens are for!

This was my favorite kitchen and island. It’s huge!




018 The hood over the stove was custom done. It was gorgeous!



Home Tour 2009 002

Home Tour 2009 010

The next 4 pictures were taken in my favorite house.

Home Tour 2009 032

Home Tour 2009 035

Home Tour 2009 036

Check out this plate rack that was in the walk in pantry. How fun would that be to have?

Home Tour 2009 041

Home Tour 2009 043

Home Tour 2009 066

Home Tour 2009 067


This next picture is the butler’s pantry back there in far left of the picture above. I loved the finish on the cabinets. It's kind of a creamy buttery white/yellow with a dark stain on it.


This was a kitchen upstairs that they called a “mother in law suite”. Hey, SIL, did you hear that?010



This sink is copper.


And, doesn’t everyone need an outdoor kitchen?


So, that’s it for the kitchens. Some of the pictures are pretty dark because of all the wood in the houses. I tried to lighten them but then they got a bit grainy. Tomorrow…bathrooms.

Hey…did you notice my new banner?


Sue said...

Oh my! Those kitchens can take your breath away! I really love that first kitchen island. I was thinking that would make a nice island for a huge sewing room. Hey, a girl can dream:)

Anonymous said...

Noticed the new banner very first thing! Thanks for the tour of the kitchens...first island kitchen was amazing. I loved that buttery color cabintry and the MIL kitchen cabinets. Heck...liked it all really.

Crispy said...

Wow great kitchens. Love the custom range hood...a little of this and a little of that & I would have my dream kitchen..minus all that stainless steel..never have liked that stuff.

Great new banner too Anne.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what amazing kitchens!

Carrie ~ said...

Great pics Anne, we have been gone and have company, I enjoyed the kitchen tour. Love your new banner!!!

Carol said...

Oh I love your new header! What amazing kitchens...they would really make cooking fun!

Annette said...

I did notice your new banner and I think it is awesome!

Gwendie said...

Yes, I did notice your banner and really like it!

These are amazing. The MIL kitchen looks larger than most normal kitchens.

Lorraine said...

thanks for the kitchen tour - I am especially interested in the bathrooms as we are about to embark on the next stage of our renos!

Kaaren said...

I noticed your new banner straight away, Anne. I love it!

I think I would kill for that copper sink...or one like it. It's definitely a dream of mine.

Now those kitchens are how 'the other side' lives. Maybe in my next life.

Wow! Bring on the reat!

Colleen said...

Love your new banner! So cute :o) The kitchens are gorgeous... thank you for the show.

Dana said...


Pat said...

Yes I did and I like it!! The pictures are all wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what great kitchens! My favorite was the MIL kitchen...loved the country feel of it.
I noticed your new banner right away...and I love it!
Thanks for the kitchens tour and I'm looking forward to the bathrooms tour.

Janet said...

Yes I noticed your new banner, very nice. My favourite kitchen is the outdoor one, It would be the blokes kitchen.

Candace said...

Is that Mr. CnW looking like he's interested in buying the house, Anne? Think you could clean that much house - LOL! Love the one with the copper sink - looks like concrete counters, too - yum!!
Great new banner - now where ever did you find that sign!!

Carrie P. said...

Yes I did notice your new banner. I like it a lot. Cute.
Great kitchens too.

Darlene said...

Well, of course I noticed your new banner - it's beautiful. :-)

And the kitchens - YUM!