Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home Tour – a little a this, a little a that.

Hope you’re enjoying the tour. I’ll continue on with some of the laundry rooms and other fun things.

I’ve never seen a laundry room as big as this one in the next 2 pictures.



This one was darling.

Home Tour 2009 006

Home Tour 2009 007



A neat office.


Mud room off the garage.


Wine cellars.

Home Tour 2009 049

Home Tour 2009 060

Home Tour 2009 061

Just a little bit of outdoor living!


And taken from above. That “little” building is the guest cottage. Anyone wanna visit?


This room was HUGE! So much wood that none of my pictures turned out. All of the wood in this house is reclaimed wood from an old barn near Salem, Oregon.


And this is the view from that corner window above.


And the view from another home on a golf course. Hubby's favorite, natch!


And the view from that one house I told you was my overall favorite.

Home Tour 2009 034

A very contemporary home with a huge water feature in the front entry.

Home Tour 2009 048

The water feature is to the left of the next picture.

Home Tour 2009 050

And looking down from the staircase.

Home Tour 2009 052

This is the great room taken from the kitchen that had the huge island in the first post.


Check out these beams! They were massive.

Home Tour 2009 059

That’s about it. All I have left are the exteriors of the houses, so I’ll show you those tomorrow.


Darlene said...

Wow, those are some awesome laundry rooms. And, the other views and such are wonderful. Thank you for sharing but a special thank you for leaving the bathrooms out. LOL

Sue said...

Well now, I would love to have a laundry room the size of those in the pictures! Whew! I wouldn't know what to do with myself!

Candace said...

Hey - how did you get my laundry room in there, Anne? OK - so it was only the washer and dryer - dream on....

Carol said...

OMG those laundry rooms would almost make laundry not such a chore. They are incredible.

Kaaren said...

Mud room? I'd kill the first person who stepped inside with mud on their shoes!

Now just in case I win the lottery, Anne, in what price range are these homes...or should I ask?

So my dream will be continued tomorrow, huh?

Anne Sutton said...

And why was the one darling? Because it had painted cabinets! Yeahhhhh!!!! I was so excited to finally see a place I could call home, even it's only a laundry room.

Crispy said...

I would almost like doing laundry in a room that big, put in a tv and a recliner to sew in, I'd be happy. I love the faux brick.


Anonymous said...

Wow...what wonderful laundry rooms!! Those rooms would make doing the laundry enjoyable!


Kathie said...

makes me want to move now!
we are considering building our retirement house and these pictures and Karen's house makes me want to do that even more!
my girls need to hurry and get out of college!
5 more years!

Janet said...

Those laundry rooms are huge, you couldn't swing a cat in my tiny space. One thing I noticed about all the photos is the extensive use of wood.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Wow that outdoor fireplace area - way cool and that first laundry room - you could hold a dance in that one, lol.

Thanks for the tour :)

Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse

Carrie P. said...

Awesome, now those are my kind of laundry rooms.