Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home Tour - Exteriors

I never planned on this being a four parter. Hope you’re still with me! Here are the houses themselves and some of the scenery along the way.

The round “thing” is supposed to look like an old water tower. It even has a faucet on the front. Now…the best thing..when you walked up to it (kind of like an eagle's nest), they had it all set up as a knitting/sewing studio It was awesome! The backside is all windows with a fabulous view of the Cascades. I didn’t get a picture because there were too many people up there. Darn!


This one is the one with all the reclaimed barnwood. (price tag? $3.5M Yikes)


Mr Cottons ‘n Wool’s favorite. On the golf course. It’s the one that had the huge kitchen island.


Not sure if you can click on this, but if you can, take a look at the statue in the entry way. No comment.


Someone’s VACATION home. No one I know, that’s for sure!


Home Tour 2009 001

Home Tour 2009 025

Home Tour 2009 042

Home Tour 2009 053

Home Tour 2009 054

And this last one is right down the street from us. Hey, what an easy move that would be!

Home Tour 2009 071

Home Tour 2009 016

Home Tour 2009 017

Needless to say, it was a fun couple of weekends (seeing how the other half lives) and… we had gorgeous weather.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Anne


Sandy F said...

Those are some really neat houses. I guess we can all dream. I loved some of the laundry rooms! Thanks for all of the pictures. See ya later

Carol said...

What wonderful houses...thank you so much for taking us along. I just love going to look at house.

Purple and Paisley said...

i have loved, loved, loved your house tour! i can click on the pic of the house with the statue but can't get in close? what is it?

yellowfarmhouse said...

Fun to see the outside. Couldn't make out what the statue was tho - do tell :)

Hugs - karen

kjquilts said...

I enjoyed your fun tour! "They" are building those rustic looking houses with big price tags in an area near us. If I was going to be paying millions for a house something had better be solid gold! I guess it wouldn't be so bad to sew in a water tower though! LOL!

Candace said...

I know - it's Mr. Cottons N Wool pretending to be the statue so he can stay in the house! Can't believe you got my vacation home in there, Anne (hee)!

Sue said...

Beautiful, but they look like a lot of work to upkeep. I wouldn't want a maid so that is just too much housework for me!
Thank you though!!

Kelly Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by our house while you were on vacation...hehehe..really I would loved to have seen the inside of the first cool...

Kaaren said...

The 3.5M one...S-O-L-D!

Well, I can dream, can't I?

The view is spectacular.

Crispy said...

It amazes me that so many exteriors are not as opulent as the interiors. Oh, forgot to click on the statue....


Kathie said...

beautiful homes , wow we can all dream right!
would love that one down the street from you!
ps too bad about the pictures of the studio!

Janet said...

I loved that the houses weren't looking all the same from the outside. Big price tags for sure, I'd want a spectacular view for that.

Carrie P. said...

OOO!!! I really like the first and the last house. Fun!

whitey said...

Popped over from Yellow Farmhouse, love the house tours loved all the barn wood most of all, thanks for taking time to post them.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG I'm just catching up on all these post. The houses are wonderful and HUGE. So which one are you buying?? I loved the wine cellar.