Saturday, December 15, 2012

Country Homecoming

Before I post the pictures of our blocks, I just have to say that words can't describe my shock and sadness at the horrific event in Newtown, CT.   My heart hurts for the victims and their loved ones.  It is unimaginable to think that someone would want to take our children from us.   I just want to run to Seattle and hang on to these two and never let go.

Well, it's the 15th and that means it's time to post our construction progress.   A few of the "neighbors" seem to be on vacation this month (Hawaii?)  but hopefully we'll see them next month when we start putting it all  together.   But, we are welcoming a NEW neighbor who decided to move in.   Say hi to Shazy!   We are thrilled that you are joining us.

Here are Sandy's blocks (again...she's a "no blog")

And these are mine...I still need to embroider the panes on the windows.

Hello?.....all 12 blocks are done.  Can I get a Woo Hoo?

Yesterday I was out running errands all day long and when I picked up the mail, there was a package from Paulette.   Now, what in the heck was she sending me?

Check out the pretty paper and that adorable ornament!

And the cute message she wrote on the card. Looks like the Boss gets a Christmas gift.   :)

Look what she made!   Isn't this the cutest candle mat you've ever seen?    She had shown some projects on her blog yesterday and I even commented that whoever was getting one was a lucky recipient..   Who would have thought that I was one of them?    I was so delighted I could hardly contain myself.

She showed it on her blog with a darling star candle holder, so I immediately went thru everything I had to find one so it would look just like hers.    I think I need to look at some thrift stores to find one exactly like she found.

Thank you so much Paulette.  You truly are a "Sweet P"

Now go visit the other bloggers to see what kind of construction they've been up to.
Paulette, Patti, Shazy, and Carrie.  (See?  we've lost a few this month)

Hugs, Anne


Karen said...

I have the stripe that is in Sandy's block #11. As always, I love plaids and stripes so I definitely like the neighborhood.

Darlene said...

Yesterday's horrific event in CT left me numb and bit angry. I simply do NOT understand.

Your neighborhood is fabulous - makes me want to move into one of the houses. Everyone has been 'building' some fabulous houses. I've really enjoyed following along.

The snowman from Paulette is so stinkin' cute.

Missy Shay said...

I love the neighborhood! Where can I find the pattern, I'm sure you've posted it before, but I'm new to your blog!

Michelle said...

I agree with you on the happenings of just sickens and saddens me.

Love the neighborhood...both the fabric one and your actual one! :o) Paulette did a great job.

Heard its cold over there...hope to get over soon but am thinking it won't be til either January or definately February.

Enjoy your Saturday and I hope you had a good time with your friends in Sunny California.


Michelle said...

oh and I too would like the name of the pattern...can't remember what book it is in.

Jean(ie) said...

I love the candle mat! That is cute!

Lori said...

Your houses are wonderful!! It was so much fun to see a couple every month.
I still cannot hardly breathe when I think about the awful even of yesterday.

Anna said...

I have been lost but after reading Paulette's and your blog I think once I get this quilt in the mail next week it will be back to construction!

I feel such compassion for the families and the town who lost so many. Embrace your life and your loved one's.

love Paulette's snowmat!!!

Jenny said...

I too am so sad about the events that happened yesterday. I feel such compassion for all the families and the an elementary teacher I am so proud to see how wonderful my colleagues reacted to keep those children safe,to me they are true heroes. Love your neighborhood, you have done an amazing job and this quilt will be a real treasure! The snowman is JUST TOO CUTE! I am definitely going to have to make some of these for next year! Happy quilting!

Country Prims said...

Devastating news yesterday-such saddness.

You are both making great progress. Love all the blocks and homespuns are so comforting aren't they?
Thanks again for inviting me,

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

your houses are wonderful. and the candle mat is fabulous!
i am sorry that i have not been able to participate these last two months. christmas projects were going ahead of houses. and now it seems like i am out for a while longer. i fell and badly broke my right wrist. i go back to the surgeon on monday. praying for complete healing, so that i will be able to quilt again.

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful snowman mat and what a wonderful gift from Paulette.


Kindred Quilts said...

Love the neighborhood houses... another project for my list??? The snowman candle mat is so cute!

Anita said...

Thanks for posting your progress and your great gift. It is nice to have something nice to look at after all the sadness of yesterday.

Jenny M said...

My thoughts are with the families that lost loved ones in the tragic event. Such sad, sad news.

Your houses are looking really good, well done. The snowman mat is so cute.

Lorraine said...

Love love love the snowman candle mat! and a big woo hoo for your 12 blocks!