Monday, February 23, 2015

It’s all about the gifts, bout the gifts….

One of our traditions is to make gifts for each other.   Well, it started out that way, and now we’ve relaxed a little and store bought gifts are sometimes in the mix.  
As I told you yesterday, Patty is our resident cross stitcher.   Look what she made each of us.  She also got us the big letters for our houses. (kinda hard to see in the picture..look under the cross stitch)
Janet made these darling pillows.   She used a Buttermilk Basin pattern. 
Marsha made these cute snowmen quilts.
That’s Patty being our funny man (woman)!
I made these little wall hangings and included the star quilt hanger. It's a Buttermilk Basin pattern.
Cathi’s tradition is to give us all next year’s calendar.   This year she also included letters for our houses.   Can you believe that both Cathi and Patty got us letters?   Hmmm, must be the “new” decorator item!  
I can’t leave you without my traditional Panera Bread restaurant picture.   Since we don’t have one in Bend, OR,  the girls are always gracious about indulging me with my cravings.  A stop at Panera happens right after I land (and maybe the next day too!  French Onion soup is always my “go to” item from the menu.  I haven’t tried anything else because I get there so seldom that I need my soup fix.   LOL 
We went to a couple of antique shops when I got there.   Look what I got….Score!   I had been looking for a black scale for quite awhile.  Finally found one!  Patty let me borrow her décor for staging the picture.   Ha ha.  
So that’s it for another year of our Christmas party.  We always have so much fun.   Thanks girls for everything!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures...even thought they were a bit late!
Tomorrow is show and tell time at Woolies for Sandy and me and our monthly projects.  See you later in the week with the pictures. 
Hugs, Anne


Karen said...

Your group is small enough that you can gift each other without breaking the bank. I see some of you made four of each item. I would have to make maybe 10 of whatever I chose to do. My small group draws a name and chooses a theme. This past Christmas, it was something that could be used on a table.

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful group of ladies and beautiful pieces for everyone.


Janet O. said...

What a lovely collection of gifts! Must be nice to have this group of friends with a shared passion, and how fun to have a second Christmas to celebrate! : )

Julie said...

Always love your Holiday photos--no matter when you post them!

Colleen said...

Such cute gifts! Okay, I need to belong to your group!! Have a great time this week. Looking forward to your pictures!

Leeanne said...

You girls always make such lovely goodies!

moosecraft said...

Lovely gifts for one another! So much talent and looks like so much fun! French onion soup is one of my favorite soups! You made me hungry for some! :-)

Brenda said...

I look forward to seeing the Christmas gifts you make and gift each other. I had missed it this year. Thanks for posting them.

Blessings in the Country said...

The four of you are really blessed to have each other's friendship. So neat to see what ya'll made! I can just imagine all the fun you have together! Thank you so much for sharing.

Judy D in Upstate NY said...

Thanks for sharing! Your party looked like lots of fun!

Julia said...

What a lovely group of ladies and such lovely gifts - so lucky! May I ask whether the log cabin gingerbread quilted hanging in your last post is a design of your own, or a pattern I could purchase?


Julia xx

Joan said...

Golly girls, I love your pics and presents! Your work is divine! And, always nice to have a hint to remember your last name - one at each end of the house! xo