Monday, December 28, 2009

Bloggy friends

A couple of weeks ago I got a couple of packages in the mail.

Dec 2009 103

Candace of Squash House Quilts sent me this Hello Joe Joe that helped sell her house. It was sent to her by Monica, Happy Zombie, after her house sold using St Joe. So, now I have it and hopefully it will help us sell my Mom’s house in Calif. Thanks Candace.

I gave it to my brother to take back to Calif with him. I’m a little worried about it actually making it to my Mom’s house since his house is also on the market. LOL

Then, I got the nicest surprise from Mary at Quilt Hollow.Dec 2009 104

My, what could be lurking in that cute little sewing pack? Dec 2009 106

Check it out! The card had a packet of hot cinnamon spice tea. Perfect for a cold snowy day. There’s a spool of thread of a packet of Foxglove Cottage “sharps", a nail file and note pad. Now, how sweet is that? Thanks Mary! (It won’t be long till we can share our little venture…wink, wink.)

Bloggy friends are just the best!


WoolenSails said...

What fun goodies and very thoughtful. It is wonderful to receive gifts from fellow quilters and crafters.


Kim said...

Candace's gift sure couldn't hurt and I hope Joe Joe helps sell the house(s), your brother's, too. Mary is so thoughtful and she seems to send just the right things. Sure would like to see the hush hush "little venture" revealed soon. ;-)

Jewel said...

How aweet! Lovely little gifty!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Those are nice little gifts you received. I hope that both houses sell very quickly for you.

Janet said...

Mary is spreading the love, isn't it great to recieve such a lovely surprise. That St Joseph is bound to help. Here's hoping.

Lorraine said...

Mary has been a busy girl with her RAK gifts.....what a thoughtful gift! I hope the house(s) sell soon......Happy New Year to you and your family.....!

Stephanie said...

Best of luck with the house! What very thoughtful RAKs. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

The house will sell soon...I'm feeling a vibe that the New Year will not only bring a sale but many stitches. :-) Enjoy

Crispy said...

What wonderful little packages you received!! I'm sure St Jo will help out.


Cindy said...

This is the second time I've heard about St. Joe helping to sell homes. When we bought our house down in Cave Creek in 2001, the original owner came back a couple days later ... she forget to take St. Joe that she had buried underneath the front window to help her sell it.

So I guess St. Joe works.

Ooh, Mary sent such a nice surprize goodie bag.

I look forward to hearing about the venture you two took.

Kaaren said...

Yes, Anne...blogging friends are definitely the best.

I think that Mary actually is Santa in disguise and if she has the vibes that your Mom's house is going to sell, then we have to believe her. After all, who doesn't believe in Santa? And Candace just might be one of his elf assistants...right?

Shasta said...

That is a great package of goodies. I hope St. Joe is powerful enough to sell both their houses.

happy zombie said...

I LOVE that Candace sent you Joe-Joe!!! Oh that warms my heart so! Hell be good to you, that Joe. This is do know.

I was down in WC for a super quick trip, and ran up to Lunardi's for my German Bread... was thinking of you while going through your old neighborhood!