Thursday, December 2, 2010

A bit of framing

I have a nasty cold and the weather outside is truly frightful.  A mixture of freezing rain and snow.   Perfect day to stay inside and get something done.  

I’ve had some stitchery projects that have needed framing but I’m not the best “framer” in the world, so I kept putting it off.   Today was the day to tackle it. 

This summer my friend, Patty, took a road trip to the midwest with her hubby and she got to go to Primitive Gatherings.  She knows how much I love everything in that store, so she called me while she was there. I got online and was looking on their website as she described things to me.  Great way to shop, no?

Among other things, she picked up this frame for me. 


I didn’t have anything specific in mind for it, but when she brought it to me, I was showing her a couple of projects I had been working on and guess what?   They both would work!

I’ve now got a start on decorating for next fall.


And this one will be going up right away.


Both patterns are from Primitive Stitches.   Her patterns are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.  (I will not be held responsible for any damage to your checkbook!)

Anyway, while I was rummaging around in my messy sewing room, I found an unframed project that must be at least 4 years old.   Got it framed this afternoon and put out with my decorations.


Isn’t it cute?   I love the little snowman face buttons.   Don’t remember the name of the pattern.  My apologies to the designer. 

Then, I had some more framing to do but I can’t share these quite yet.  Maybe in a couple of weeks.  (wink wink to my Calif girlfriends).

034I just noticed in the picture that 2 of those frames are brown.  They’re all supposed to be black.  Oh cripes!

Stay warm and healthy out there. 

Hugs, Anne


Linda said...

I am total Primitive Gathering Groupie! I just spent a mint online for their open house. I love that frame. It's perfect for your projects. I love the little snowman stitchery. Gorgeous! I work best in a little chaos myself.

Linda said...

Another Linda chiming in....I am a Primitive Gatherings groupie as well and also ordered online for their open house. Sucked me right in with those free patterns! I was in Wisconsin this fall and was actually going to be able to go there and then a family emergency changed our plans. I WILL get there someday! Your stitchery is beautiful...I love the simplicity. I also admired your Wool Garden quilt shown awhile back....a great finish.

Denise said...

Feel better soon!

Loris said...

Love the stitcheries and the frames. Lovely work! and yes, the snowman button faces are really cute :-)

Lorraine said...

Anne.....Anne....Anne.....I know you don't accept any responsibility for "damage" to my bank balance...but could I resist that link!! Three cute stitchery patterns coming my way..only three you say? That's because I am in my lunch break at work and only had time for a quick look! Will be back on line at home tonight. Thanks for the link (I think) LOLOL Hope you are feeling better soon!

Yvette said...

I love Primitive Gatherings too!

OK, those framed stitcheries are perfect! Great way to spend a nice cold day.

jackiero said...

Being sick & all, you did super Lady! Absolutely adorable :D

Darlene said...

Another Primitive Gatherings fan here! :-) It's nice to be in the company of incredibly talented women.

Anne, every one of your projects is adorable. Love the frames - can't wait to see what you've made for your friends.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Cute stitchery Ann. And good job on the framing. I dont like doing that either. I just stitch and hang it on a hanger and move onto another one.
I hope you feel better soon.
Stay warm.

Carol said...

Oh Boo...a nasty cold...that slows most people down...I think it got you going! Good for you! The stitcheries are wonderful! Feel better soon!

Kathie said...

oh boy these are adorable!
you KNOW I love snowmen I still have my snowman from you sitting right on my cutting table I look at it everyday of the year, just makes me smile
guess I need a little shopping , thanks :)

Kathie said...

hope you feel better soon .

Crispy said...

Such cute projects!! What a fun way to do some shopping LOL.

I hope you feel better soon!! So many of my bloggy friends have been hit by bad colds. I'm still dodging the bug :0)


Linda said...

Flu season eh! YUK!! Hope you are feeling better.
Must go to primitive Stitches. Love your snowman.

Lori said...

You did a wonderful job of framing them!! I'm glad you didn't put it off any longer. Lovely lovely stitcheries!!

Kelli said...

Love the stitcheries! The snowmen with butteons is too cute - if you ever remember the designer, let us know!

Candace said...

Now that's my kind of friend! If she goes back to Prinitive Gatherings, would you give her my number? I love all the stitcheries, Anne! Want to come over and help me decorate? Feel better soon!

Stephanie said...

What a friend to shop for you!!! Very cute use of the frames. Hope you're feeling better soon. Perhaps you can blame it on Tow Truck Driver Don for keeping you out while he ran his errands. :o)

Hogan's Adventure said...

Oh now you've peeked my interest, can't I have a little peek!!!! Can't wait for you to get here....get over your've got a fun weekend ahead. See you in 7 days :)!!


yellowfarmhouse said...

I love your projects Anne - I have several of her patterns in my store and the tree with the snowman head is one of them. Great minds think alike. Can't wait to see what you giving the girls. I haven't even thought about presents yet. I'd better get started :)

Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse

Colleen said...

SO cute! Love your stitcheries. I need to do some framing toooooo.

Hope you feel better!

Carrie P. said...

Now that is the way to finish projects and they do look great in the frames.

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have stitched that same pattern of the scarecrow. She has so many fab patterns to pick from. I love the frame. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I ordered my tree from Blessings!