Friday, November 26, 2010

A “different” Thanksgiving

Our trip to Seattle was delayed one day because of some heavy snow throughout the northwest. Sure is pretty tho.


After checking the road conditions on 4 different routes that we could take, we picked the one that looked the safest. So, we started out around 10am on Wednesday and drove through some picturesque towns like this one.


The roads conditions were packed snow and ice and we were doing just fine until……… a car travelling next to us in the same direction lost control and hit us.


Now, it doesn’t look that bad, does it? Well, the impact must have done something to the axel because we had no steering control. Called a tow truck and were towed to the nearest Honda dealership. Well, guess what? They don’t do body work at that dealership and were going to refer us to the local yocal’s body shop. Our tow truck driver took Mr. CnW aside and told him we might want to think about taking it someplace else if we wanted to see our car anytime soon.

He then offered to tow us back to Bend. At that point, after dealing with what seemed like hours on the phone with our insurance company, AAA, etc, we just said “YES”! We realized that if the car were to be repaired 3 hours from our home, we’d still have to go get it and then drive back home when it got fixed. With this unpredictable weather, we opted to take the car home.

Everyone we were going to Seattle to visit was pretty upset that we weren’t going to be there for Thanksgiving, and so were we, but it was a decision that just seemed best for us at the time.

So, about 3pm, we started the journey in the tow truck back to Bend. But first, we had to stop so “Don” could get some paperwork at his house and feed the horses!!!


We had 2 other stops along the way so that Don could “buy some chapstick”, and “buy a calculator” to figure out how much we were going to owe him. (guess he didn’t do too well in arithmetic). Along the way, he told us about every accident that he’s responded to in his 65 years on every inch of the highway. Very reassuring, let me tell you!

So, after dropping the car at the body shop and getting a rental car in Bend, it was now about 9pm. We had no food in the house since we weren’t going to be home, so we had to stop at the grocery store. Turkey was out of the question, and neither one of us really cared too much about what we were going to have, so we decided on spaghetti and meatballs and crab bisque soup.

100We were very lonesome for our family.


And pouted about it.


But we talked about how thankful we were that no one was hurt and we were safe and sound. Now that deserves a toast!



Hope your Thanksgiving was a bit less “different”.

Hugs, Anne


emma said...

we missed you both so much...but mostly are more than thankful that grammy and papa are ok. we love you!!!!! xoxoxo

Colleen said...

So glad you were safe! Love the pouting pic-too cute!

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh what an ordeal! Glad you are okay :o) Our car died about 2 hours from home with our three little kids, at the time ages 3, 2, and 1.... so all five of us had to ride up front with the tow truck driver... that was an ordeal too!

paulette said...

What a terrible time!! That's what I call making lemonade out of lemons!! I'm so glad that you are safely back home!! This will be a Thanksgiving to laugh about....down the road in a few years...!
Take care!

PamKittyMorning said...

awww a happy ending! x0

simplestitches said...

glad you made it safely home, even if you were without family on your special're safe and sound and that's the best outcome.
love the pouting pic!

In Awe of Applique said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't make it to your loved ones intact, but thankfully no one was hurt but your sounds as if you had quite the adventure w/the tow truck operater though!! We too had a non-traditional Thanksgiving...all the preparations were made and our guests had arrived, we had appetizers and chatted while we thought the turkey was baking only to find that the element in my oven went kaput...broke right in half! What can you do but laugh and order pizza?!!!

jackiero said...

What a day ya'll had! Auto accidents are just plain lousy, but I'm thankful you & hubby came out of it safe. Don sounds like a hoot.
Loved your photos :)

Karen said...

What a day you had. But something to be thankful for that you weren't hurt and able to get home. I think there is a version of AAA that pays for towing more than 100 miles but I don't remember the details.

Stephanie said...

At least you two were together and tucked safely in your beautiful warm home. Bummer about the circumstances but they'll be laughable memories. Don sounds like quite character! I'm surprised he didn't invite you to his house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Linda said...

My goodness, what an ordeal. Thankful that nobody was hurt.
You can never count on that weather.
One day sunny next a blizzard..
Cheers to both of you that everything turned out.

Lori said...

Oh, how disappointing! I am so happy you weren't hurt, but what a pain in the patooty.
I think you'll have memories about this Thanksgiving!!!

Crispy said...

Oh Ann, what a sad sad Thanksgiving!! I'm so happy that no one was hurt. Those silly Pacific NWesters have no clue how to drive in the snow. Actually that Crab Bisque sounds really good :0)


Joanna said...

Your 'pouting' photo literally made me LOL!! So glad you could see the humor in the whole situation! I'm so sorry that you had to go through all that trouble, but hey it makes for a great story!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you had to endure all of that!!Hope you can re-do the dinner with everyone under better weather conditions.

brigette said...

Happy to hear you bare both okay Anne.
Your thanksgiving was a bit more exciting than mine.
Thanks for not eating at McDonald's, that would have been worse than the accident.

brigette said...

'are' without the *b*

jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

Now this will be a Thanksgiving you'll not forget. ;o) Bummer you couldn't be with your family. Glad you weren't hurt.

Candace said...

Oh no.....let me guess - you were on Hwy 97 north through all that remote country?? This was probably the most excitement Don had in years - and how nice that he was able to feed the horses first! What an adventure for you two - a Thanksgiving to remember (or forget) - LOL!!!

suz said...

sounds like a story for future Thanksgivings - with embellishment (and it looks like you can go to town regarding Don) it should be a good one. So sorry you missed your family, but at least you were both safe.

Libby said...

Oh so glad that you were able to turn those frowns up-side-down *s* The important thing is that you are unharmed!

Carol said...

OH Anne...what a day...I think they could make a movie out of this story...OMG the tow truck driver...LOL! Glad you are both OK!

Anonymous said...

Thankful you weren't hurt. Got to love that pouting photo!!

deb said...

awwwwww so sad...but so glad no one was hurt!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, you poor things! I hate that your Thanksgiving was so bad but it looks like you ended the day on a good note. Good for you.
Hugs,carrie p.