Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tortellini Soup

Disclaimer: I am not trying to be Pioneer Woman! I’ve decided it must take her all day to fix dinner for her family what with staging all the photos. Good grief!

Anyway, here goes…


(I’ll give you the recipe at the end).

Chop up some carrots, onions and zucchini.




Throw them all in a stock pot with some garlic and olive oil.


Cook until tender and then add stewed tomatoes, broth, Italian flat leaf parsley, fresh basil, and baby spinach.





Now let it simmer awhile.


About an hour before you are ready to eat, add frozen tortellini.


And, on a day like this…


Nothing tastes better.



2 T olive oil

4 small cloves garlic

3 cups quartered mushrooms ( I didn’t add them because I don’t like them!)

2 cups chopped onions

2 cups chopped carrots

2 cups chopped zucchini

4 cans (14.5 oz) stewed tomatoes

4 cups chicken or veggie broth

4 T chopped fresh basil

4 T chopped fresh Italian flat leaf parsley

8 cups fresh baby spinach leaves, washed and drained

1 package frozen Tortellini

In large stock pot, cook onions, carrots, zucchini and garlic in olive oil until just tender.

Add remaining ingredients (except tortellini) and stir to combine. Cover and let simmer a few hours.

About 1 hour before you are ready to eat, add tortellini to soup mixture.

Sprinkle with some fresh parmesan cheese, serve with salad and bread and you’ve got a yummy winter meal.

Hope you’ll try it. It’s a meal everyone seems to enjoy.

PS… Don’t tell your family, but it’s an old Weight Watcher recipe!

Hugs, Anne


Carol said...

YUM! YUM! YUM! Thanks Anne!

Linda said...

I'll take the soup you keep the snow. lol Thanks for the recipe. Looks delicious...

Stephanie said...

I love to cook and try new recipes. This looks warm and wonderful. Thank you.

taylorsoutback said...

Wow! where to start?? The soup looks fabulous, your Quilt Market Booth looks fabulous and its great to see blog entries again. I would check back periodically and wonder & then just this week, noticed a lot of linking to my own blog from your site...and had to check it out.
Quilt Market is one of the things I miss most about not being a shop owner any more (and the customers most of all) - so much inspiration and just plain good times.
We have never "met" but I have enjoyed your blog and would like to say - Welcome back and have a Good Thanksgiving!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Yum Anne, you are right, perfect for today. Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

This is the best tasting soup! I have been making it for several years!
No snow here!

Darlene said...

YUM! Seriously - this looks very yummy! A definitely must do very soon.

I'm making Italian Vegetable soup today.

Cristina said...

Prezzemolo Italiano....ho sorriso...spero che anche i tortellini siano italiani...
la tua ricetta è favolosa!!!
In questi giorni di pioggia la farò di sicuro..

Italian Parsley .... I smile ... I hope that the tortellini are Italians ...
your recipe is fabulous!
In these days of rain will do it for sure ..

Colleen said...

Yummy yum yum YUM!

Candace said...

Bob says yum - can he have the bread on his new diet, too?

brigette said...

Looks delicious Anne. And your photos look great.
I do like mushrooms Sam I am, but I don't think they belong in that soup.

Carrie P. said...