Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas decorating

Well, I finally finished decorating today so here we go.

This is one of the guest rooms. Emma will stay in this room with her Mommy and Daddy, so I thought I better keep the "Emma level" decorations to a minimum. We recently redid this room. It used to be all in denim.

Hmm, I should have straightened that pillow on the right.

Hubby made the quilt rack for me and it used to have a wood finish. When we redid the room, he painted it black.

The shelf used to be blue. He painted it black the same time he painted the quilt rack.

This wall hanging is very special to me. Each cross stitch block was made by my GG friends in Calif. (someday I might tell you what GG means). We have been together for more than 30 years. They get together once a month for dinner, fun, games, etc. We started out as a cross stitch group and quickly just turned it into a "gab fest". We have a Christmas party every year with just the girls. It goes on and on for hours and hours. We eat, play games, exchange gifts , eat, chat, eat, etc. You get the picture. One year the hostess informed each of us (in June or July) that we had to make a 6" x 6" cross stitch block. We weren't allowed to share them with each other and had to turn them in at our November gathering. We had no idea why. Anyway, she themed the Christmas party "Lets make a deal". At the end of the night, one of the gals was chosen the winner and allowed to go for the Big Deal. Well, it ended up to be a quilted wall hanging of all our blocks. The rest of us that didn't win were heartsick. It was such a special prize. So....we decided to continue making blocks every year thereafter until we had all won a wallhanging. I think I was next to last to win mine! I still go back to Calif for the "gabbing" when I can and will go this Friday for this year's Christmas party. I'm really excited!

This is one of the things I bought at the Snowflake Boutique I told you about on an earlier post.

This is the bathroom in that bedroom.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the other guest bedroom.


Anonymous said...

I just love how your guest bedroom turned out. Soo...inviting and cozy!! I can't wait to see the other guest room.

Anne Sutton said...

I seem to remember a LOT more snowmen in your life...can't wait to see them all! And tomorrow you show my room? You did remember that it's my room didn't you? It's my favorite room so hurry up and show it!

Pat said...

It's beautiful! Lucky Emma, Mommy and Daddy. Can't wait to see Anne's room. Ant Pink???

Amy said...

looks so comfy,, thanks for sharing

Amira said...

Everything looks absolutely beautiful.!! I like your Christmas decorations.

Stephanie said...

Guests would never want to leave that beautiful room! You could start your own Bed and Breakfast.

basketsnprims said...

What a beautiful room for your guests and decorated just perfectly.

~ Pam

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the quilt rack and shelf painted black:) Everything including the snowmen are so prim...the wall hanging does look special.

Karen said...

I have certainly enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorating photos and look forward to more of them. I really like what you have done with the guest bedroom. And even decorations in the bathroom!

Joan said...

What a lovely guest room.

Montana said...

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