Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A FREE Block of the Month!

Yes, you heard me right...a FREE block of the month. It's being offered by Anne at Bunny Hill Designs and even though it's a "mystery", if you know Anne at all, you'll know that you're going to find adorable critters in each little basket. The only clue she is sharing is that the baskets will be the same basket for the 12 months but there will be a new little surprise tucked in each basket. I've seen a "sneak preview" and I can tell you that they are all adorable. So, head on over to her web site and click on the icon and it will take you right to the pages to download. I'm going to do it in wool. Anyone want to join me?

And now for an update to the weather report. Here are the "after" shots. (see last post). It's hard to tell how much snow we got because the wind was blowing so hard and it was pretty light, fluffy snow. Hubby thinks we got about 1/2 inch with the deeper spots being "drifts". Who knows? All I know is that we certainly didn't get the 4 - 8 inches that was predicted. (In all fairness though, the weather alert downgraded to 3 - 5 inches after I posted to my blog. Big deal - LOL).
Well, it's all melted now and we're warming up to possibly 50 today but I'm sure there will be more winter storm warnings in our future!!! Gosh, I can hardly wait.

Now, hurry on over to Anne's and see what's in store for you...for FREE!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Anne's snowman in the basket. Printed off the pattern this morning. Looking forward to starting on yet another project..First though I have to play catchup with my Wool Garden blocks...Louise

Carrie P. said...

I am going to make those blocks of Anne's for sure. Like I really need another applique project but I am going to do it. It is just too cute to pass up.

Sandy F said...

Well, you know I am in. Can't decide if I want to do wool or not.
That is so cute.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Yup I'm feeling the pull of another project - hmmm to wool or not to wool - that is the question.

You have a beautiful view Anne - do you just sit out there all the time - well in nice weather - an enjoy it. I know that I would

Hugs - karen

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love the new BOM. Doing it in wool sounds like a plan.

Anonymous said...

Hi...this is your friend...Myrtle!!! Oh my Gosh!! this is "sew cute"!! I have printed it and have no idea where to begin!! I wish you were here!! But, I am going to try!! I will get Myrty involved!! Oh! and Marsha!! The snow pictures are so beautiful!! Been there, done that, and don't miss it!! ;-) Not so sunny CA either! I'll be in touch!! I miss you!! XOXOX M

Willow Lake Stitches said...

Great blog, and thanks for the link to the free BOM !

I love all your primitives, too.

I see you are having your share of snow too ( just like us ! )

Come over and visit, I ( and a bunch of others! ) am having a giveaway !


Simply This and That said...

Hi Anne, I was thinking of perhaps attempting the blocks in wool. Although that would be a new thing for me. ??? mmm. We got a little snow Sunday night. Actually like 2 or 3 inches. But the R word came and washed it all away. I LOVE the pics btw. ooxx`jod

Candace said...

I would LOVE to do Anne's blocks with you in wool - but I'll just have to drool over yours, Anne, because the next month of weekends will be spent cleaning out the house to get it listed - ugh!
Glad you didn't get dumped on too badly - last night we had a horrible windstorm and LOTS of rain!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Love your snow pictures, especially your rock wall. I am glad the storm wasn't what the weatherman predicted!!
I am thinking wool will be perfect too, It is just so cute!

Anonymous said...

when i saw the block I thought that would be great in wool. Then today you had it in wool. I cannot wait to do it. I need wool, Going to coountry loft this saturday for wool.
kim naylor

happy zombie said...

I love all your snow pics, and fun to see the before and afters. After seeing your snow... I want mine back!

Patti said...

Hmmm - you didn't get much snow did you. My friend Peggy at Black Butte says they've gotten lots and lots. I think she said it was at least 2 feet deep on the deck before Christmas. They did manage to get back to this side to celebrate the holidays with her family - her son Carl Click is a newsman for KATU (I think that's the right channel!)

I love your idea of doing Anne's BOM in wool - I'll have to think about doing that also. Certainly the applique would go MUCH faster. I have a lot of wool that I've bought, and a bunch I've felted myself, but so far I've just used it for details on quilts. I think the one I used it on the most was Jan Patek's It's a Wonderful Life. I love doing little pieces with wool on an otherwise cotton fabric quilt.