Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mail call

I have some reading material for tonight!

I love this little newspaper from Country Threads. It's full of recipes, news about the shop, stories about all the animals around the farm, etc. It's just really fun reading. You can subscribe and get 4 issues per year.

FINALLY! I got the current issue of Country Sampler magazine. I hate it when it hits the newstands before subscribers get theirs. I won't even glance at it in the stores because I want to savor each page when I get mine in the mail.

Well, look whose house is featured.... why it's Linda from Behind My Red Door. Go on over to her blog and you can see more pictures of her beautiful house. How fun for her to be in a national publication. Way to go, Linda. Your house is wonderful!

Then, I got a really nice present from Kathie. She did a post about using "ecology cloth" and I'd never heard of it. I had to Google it to see what it was and then I posted a comment on her blog. She wrote me back and offered to send me a yard to try. Well, that just made my day! This blogging community is so generous. Thank you Kathie!

Finally, I just had to take a picture of my computer screen when this word came up as the word verification on a comment I was making. I truly laughed out loud. I mean... thinize? Does that mean "to make thinner"? Sharon...maybe you should use this for your "losers". Anyway, I just thought I'd share a bright spot in my day. Now I'm off to bed to go READ!!! (I'm really not shouting....just excited!)


Kathie said...

I need to go get the Country Sampler magazine I let my subscription expire.
I have forgotten about the goat gazette should subscribe to that too.
yes the words coming up in the comment boxes make me laugh too...one day is said coffeetime
and it was.

Carol said...

Thinize...what a great word! I got my Goat Gazette yesterday and read the whole thing...I love when it comes. Ecology cloth is great!

Anonymous said...

Oh Anne, if you only knew that the other day I almost did the same thing with taking a photo of the word verification...only the one on my screen wasn't a nice word. It started with an F and I'll let you use your imagination. I've been wondering about Ecology cloth and everybody says it is wonderful...what makes it better than muslin? Tell me when you try it will ya?

Linda said...

Oh you are so lucky to have the magazine. I think I am the only one in the US that doesn't have it! Thanks so much for the sweet mention.

I never heard of ecology cloth - I need to check it out too.

I too have almost taken pictures of the verification words at times. Sometimes I think they are trying to send me a message! LOL

Sew Create It - Jane said...

The number of times I've seen weird words for the verification...I should start a list ;o)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG that's so funny. At first I thought it said thin thighs. LOLOL!!!!!!!!!!! That's what I saw right away. lololol Very funny Anne. Is that a message someone is sending to us losers??
Love those mags and the Goat Gazzette. Country Threads gals are the best. Not better than you now just very nice. :-)

Candace said...

Great reading - I'll have to look into the Goat Gazette!!
I love those word verifications - they can really be a hoot at times!

Anonymous said...

I love the Goat Gazette..have subscribed to it for at least 10 years and try to savor it as long as I can..you know pictures first, then one article at a time. Have also given it as gifts to other quilters. I pass my old issues along to other quilters. They love it too. I won a set of blocks quite a number of years ago from them when they were still doing the block lottery. Ecology cloth is wonderful. I use very little muslin type fabrics these days.

MommaB said...

I am a fan of country sampler...have been reader for years...mine has not come yet...boohoo

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- that thinize is pretty funny! I'm finally getting caught up -- your hoar frost is so pretty and wowsers on that window! You're so right -- nothing is ever covered. We have a small crack in our basement wall that's leaking just enough to mildew the carpet. Of course, insurance won't cover it. And they aren't even thinking that it was caused by the earthquake (who would've ever thought in Indiana) we had last spring.

Simply This and That said...

LoVe the Thinize! LOL. What a crack up. Is it still frosty in your neck of the woods? It's super duper cold here tonight. burrr.

Tall House Quilts said...

Oh, Country Sampler is out. I have been traveling and can't wait to get home and see it. I always look forward to it. I have not seen the Goat Gazette before. I am off to CT to learn about it. I love their patterns. Thanks for the info

yellowfarmhouse said...

I get that little newspaper as well - (boy we sure are alike sister) and love it - so much fun to read with all of the different snippets in there. Mine is still waiting for me to read. I don't understand why subscribers don't get their magazines well before they hit the newstand - when that happens I think "did my subscription expire", then I buy it and it comes a few days later in the mail - always ticks me off. I do think it's a hoot when these word verifications actually make a word, LOL.

Hugs - karen

Martha said...

Linda's house looks great!
I will have to look into the Goat Gazette, it sounds like a fun read.

And before I post this the word verficiation I see below is:

Carrie P. said...

Enjoy your reading time. Sometimes those word verifications are quite funny.

Sandy F said...

I will have to check out the Goat Gazette. Might be something I need!
Great word. See you soon

Carole said...

I onced rec'd a copy of that paper when I ordered something from them. It is nice! I will agree with you, Blog Land is wonderful! Enjoy! I get Befusha as a word verification. I guess I best befusha out of here! lol