Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning Part 2

OMG, LOOK! I have clean surfaces. I never thought it could happen and those that know me probably think these pictures have been photoshopped to get all the clutter out, right peeps? My window seat has lots of room for storage and I've always kept things in there that I didn't need to get at was always stacked with "things". Now I can actually SIT on it.

And look.....a countertop that isn't cluttered! Wheeee!

Lots of room now for cutting and sewing.

Even Jack can rest a bit more comfortably.

So, with all that cleaning came more fat packs that I know I'll never use in this lifetime. Once again, I'm offering them to you guys first! Description will be below the picture.

Christmas Presence by April Cornell. 37 FQ's - $62.00 - SOLD

Christmas Presence plaids. 8 FQ's - $14.00 - SOLD

Dandelion Girl by Fig Tree. 40 FQ's - $68.00 SOLD
Fig Tree Foundations. 30 FQ's - $52.00 - SOLD

Folklorique plaids by Fig Tree. 16 FQ's - $28.00 SOLD

Gingham Rose by 3 Sisters. 43 FQ's - $73.00 SOLD

French Gardens by Sandy Gervais. 44 FQ's - $75.00 - SOLD

Civil War Crossing by Barbara Brackman. 39 FQ's - $67.00 - SOLD

Maison de Noel by 3 Sisters. 29 FQ's - $49.00 SOLD

Cornucopia plaids by Fig Tree. $20 FQ's - $34.00 SOLD

Tea Party by Susan Branch. $25 FQ's - $42.00 SOLD

You can pay using Pay Pal or a check and I'll ship it to you the cheapest way possible. (Most likely in Flat Rate boxes since the packs can be kind of heavy). Thanks!

Oh, and e-mail me (by going to my "profile") if I haven't gotten back to you. You may be set up as a "no reply" and I won't have your e-mail address.


Wendy said...

I would like to buy the cornucopia plaids by fig tree please. I can pay by paypal or check whichever you prefer.

Thanks - Wendy

Anne said...

Wendy, I don't have your email address, so go to my profile and send me an email. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anne, I have sent you an email with my email purchase one of your collections..
Paypal is fine with me or check...

Vangie said...

I would be interested in Gingham Rose if it isn't already spoken for. I also sent you an e-mail.

Anonymous said...

I'm eyeing the civil war bundle and slapping my hands like crazy. I just paid college summer tuition for son #1....*sigh*.

Look at your place, all nice and tidy. I'm loving Jack!

Crispy said...

Ooooo Look at all those shiny surfaces!!! You should see my guest bedroom....All surfaces are covered. I think you may have shamed me into doing something about it LOL. I would like to purchase the French Gardens if not already spoken for, via check.


Betsy said...

I absolutely love your sewing table. :D
Have a great evening.

Karen said...

Your sewing room certainly does look "picture perfect". I am sure it feels good to you to have it that way.
The bundles of fabric are good bargains. I just can't fill my bins with any more right now.

Denise said...

Want to come to my house for spring cleaning??? :-)

Darlene said...

Wow, it's looking really, really good! Next week I'm going to start the Spring Cleaning in my sewing room. Actually, I should call it the decluttering. I can't stand it any more!

Good luck with your sales!

Cathy said...

Wow, that is certainly clean and neat! My sewing room doesn't look anything like that. I like your sewing and cutting table. Is that something you built or is it a commercial product?

Sherri said...

Wow...what a perfect sewing room!!! And you certainly have wonderful taste in fabric too...I heart them all!

Carrie P. said...

The sewing room looks spotless. How nice. I need to do the same. I am too late again. The ones I was interested in have been sold. Maybe next time.

Chelle (Dana) said...

Love your sewing room! I dream of a room like that when we move next year. Can you tell me about your sewing/cutting cabinet? Is it the height of a cutting table?


Candace said...

Wow - I think I need to come to your house to sew, Anne! Love your sewing table - is it custom? I would love that Civil War bundle, but it would be just another thing to pack away! Happy sewing!

Linda said...

Anne what lovely fabrics. It feels go to do a cleaning. Now you can go out and buy Linda

Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

You are a cleaning machine! Looks awesome! ooxx`jodi

Salem Stitcher said...

A clean sewing room is the best motivation, isn't it? I'm planning on spending part of tomorrow doing the same thing.

Kaaren said...

Hi Anne,

I love your sewing/cutting table. Is it custom made or is it available retail?

I would have loved the Susan Branch fabric but I snoozed too long and lost. Boo hoo. Now you wouldn't have anymore stashed away anywhere that you might have forgotten about, would you...or something similar
? (wink) said...

I would like to purchase the Christmas FQ but don't know your E-mail. Please let me know how to get in contact with you.

Sincerely - Terry Cortez (murrieta, CA)

from little acorns said...

Oh gosh. . . that was so hard not to "take some your bundles off your hands" for you! (I made myself go away from the computer screen!)
But, hey - I am lovin' your calendar holder in the first photo. . . Do you remember where you got it? It has the perfect size (& amount of cuteness!)
Are you ready for the big (baby) day?!
xo, Bren

pat sloan said...

love your clean tables! giving you some linky love on Monday!

Sandy F said...

Wow Anne, that looks great. Alot of work and seems like your bundles are going fast. Now on to UFO's maybe. The way you are going they will done in no time at all also. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have a wonderful sewingroom. All you moda bundles looks great..

Take care!

dianne said...

you would not believe the collective groan (daughter and self) when i found this post last night - i SO WOULD HAVE BOUGHT that Susan Branch bundle!!! i spent the rest of the evening trying to find them on line - stayed up WAY too late and went to bed empty-handed. boo hoo.

how could you stand to part with all those delicious fabrics???

Kerri said...

Just found your blog but to late for your wonderful fabric. Love your spring cleaning and your sewing table. what sort is that and does it suit all sewing machines???????. I love your blog. I will be back