Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another tape…I mean cape

When I made the cape for Emma, I also made one for her friend, Kayden, who just became a big sis to Madelyn a week after Mason was born.   Hopefully, I can get a picture of the two little girls wearing them.  



I wonder if Emma will want this one instead.  Hmmmm. 


Carol said...

Oh those 2 little girls are going to be so darn cute!

Crispy said...

Another beautiful tape!! Hope you are having a blast with the little ones, well the big ones too, but grandkids always seem to come first LOL.


Stephanie said...

How sweet. I can just imagine 2 little girls playing in their new capes.

Gwendie said...

What a nice mom you are! I'll bet they have so much fun playing in them together.

Kim said...

What girl wouldn't just LOVE this cape? I've been meaning to make my grandson a superhero cape. He's just getting old enough to have fun with it.

little acorns said...

What fun they will have in their capes! You can become anything when you have a cape! :o)
(I saw a photo of Emma (on 'her' blog) looking at a catalog. . . & she was looking at pages with capes on them! . . . I'm sure she is thrilled!)
xo, Bren

Lori said...

I'm sure the girls will LOVE it! All my kids are grown up and I still have a dress up box. You just never know when they want to do something cazy. I can't wait to see a photo of them in their capes.

Kathie said...

adorable cape
she will have so much fun playing with this
my girls loved dress up and I had fun making them all sorts of costumes.

Kaaren said...

Can I play too? I'll need size 'L' in pink please.

Don't all little girls love to play dressup? Big girls too! (wink)

Candace said...

How adorable, Anne! Now all they need are mommie's heels and some fairy wands!