Monday, July 13, 2009

And…part 3

I went to the show with Patty and Diane, two friends from California. How surprised was I when they picked me up in this.


Just kidding, but doesn’t everyone need a car cover like these? They are really made out of fabric.


Now for some more quilts. These next few quilts are from a local group of quilters who did a “round robin” of row quilts.





(sorry to the quilter who owns this one….tree was in the way)


The color on this one came out terrible. Think Amish colors! Don’t know why my camera did that. Oh well, what cha gonna do?


More eye candy.


At first when I saw this one, I thought it was applique, but when I got closer, it was all machine embroidery. Beautiful.


Not sure if I showed this next one. Sorry if it’s a dup. I’m getting confused with all these pictures.


This one was all needle turn applique and hand quilted. My colors!


A close up of the bottom center block.


When Jean Wells is planning where these quilts will hang, she often groups them in like colors or themes. It’s very effective.

The blue and yellow section.




The reds…









Well, it looks like it’s going to take another post to finish this up, so see ya manana…


Candace said...

What a hoot that car is! Looks like there was more than one, too! I love the Harvest Time "me"! Your pics are great, Anne - gettin' up and out early seems to be the if you could just drive away in the car....

suz said...

I love those covered cars, but if it was here in NH, the front would be covered in bugs ... yuck. Someday I'd love to go to Sisters - it looks so fantastic!

Darlene said...

That's some car! :-) All the quilts were fabulous - thank you so much for taking us along with your. I haven't been to Sisters in 7 years - would love to visit the show again sometime.

Stephanie said...

Doesn't every car need a quilted car cover? Someone has too much time on their hands. LOVE the needleturn applique quilt. Stunning.

Lori said...

Don't you love the red and white quilts on the yellow building? One of the gals this week was making a red and yellow and I noticed the quilts right away.

Love the row robins too. What a great group!

Terry said...

So many beautiful quilts! And I love that car!! :0)

Pat said...

Love the car cover. Quilts are lovely too.

Debbie said...

Thanks for posting the pics from the show. I have really enjoyed seeing the quilts. I especially love the "Timber Town" in the round robin group quilts. Maybe someday, I will make it to that show. I live in VA so it would be quite the trip for me. Looking forward to more pics tomorrow!

Sherri said...

So many stunning, spectacular quilts! And maybe if I show the car cover to my family they won't think I'm crazy...I haven't gone that far yet!

Crispy said...

I love the row robin quilts. They did such a wonderful job on these...very imaginative. I showed the car cover & told dh I'd make one for his car, it's a little Metro. He actually said ok LOL.


pat sloan said...

I recognize the red/white court house steps from my Take the FEar out of color book! The original is hanging here in my studio

it looks like you had such an AWESOME time! Were you teaching or playing

Karen said...

Those round robin quilts are very interesting! I like them all.

brigette said...

thanks so much for taking these and sharing them with us anne.
when i grow up, i'm going to go to that quilt show!!!
those red robin quilts were fun.

Martina said...

What great quilts. Thanks for sharing. A little bit like being there.

Janet said...

of gorgeous quilts there and the car is a scream. Thanks again for sharing. I'm loving the parade of quilts.

Carol said...

Incredible show! OMG! So much talent...lots of inspiration! Just amazing. Thank you so much.
I'm off to make a car cover...LOL!