Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More spring, er, summer cleaning

I’m trying to get rid of old fabric as I bring in new fabric, so here we go again.

Please email me at abryson@bendbroadband.com if you’re interested. You can pay by PayPal or a check. I will ship priority mail.

The description will be below the picture.

Fat Quarters #3 002

Celebrate Spring by Sandy Gervais, Moda. 45 fat quarters.

$75.00 SOLD

Fat Quarters #3 003

Hollywood & Vines silky plaids by 3 Sisters, Moda. 22 FQ.

$37.00 SOLD

Fat Quarters #3 004

Aunt Luci’s Cottage by Blackbird Designs, Moda. 30 FQ’s.

$50.00 SOLD

Fat Quarters #3 005

Sonnet Collection plaids by April Cornell. 26 FQ’s.

$44.00. SOLD

Fat Quarters #3 006

Posies by Sandy Gervais, Moda. 36 FQ’s. $61.00 SOLD

Fat Quarters #3 008

Cottage Charm by Anka’s Treasures. 25 FQ’s. $37.00. SOLD


At Water’s Edge by Blackbird Designs. 37 FQ’s. $62.00. SOLD


Madeira by Blackbird Designs. 39 FQ’s. $65.00 SOLD


Moondance by Robyn Pandolph. Moda. 39 FQ’s. $65.00. SOLD


Sonnet Collection by April Cornell. 44 FQ’s. $50.00. SOLD


Poetry Collection by April Cornell. 45 FQ’s.

$75.00. SOLD


Poetry Collection plaids by April Cornell. 20 FQ’s.

$35.00. SOLD


Secret Garden by Robyn Pandolph – Moda. 33 FQ’s. $45.00. SOLD


Shangri-La by 3 Sisters – Moda. 32 FQ’s. $54.00. SOLD


Antique Rose #1 by Lecien. 24 FQ’s. $42.00. SOLD


Antique Rose #2 by Lecien. 23 FQ’s. $40.00. SOLD


Antique Rose #3 by Lecien. 23 FQ’s. $40.00. SOLD

Be sure and specify with the number of the collection. These are all different fabrics. I guess Lecien keeps the same name but has new fabrics each season.


Antique Flower by Lecien. 20 FQ’s.

$36.00. SOLD These have a very silky feel.


Peace on Earth by 3 Sisters. 50 FQ’s. $79.00. SOLD


Shangri-la by 3 Sisters. Jelly Roll. $17.00. SOLD


Portobello Market by 3 Sisters. Jelly Roll. $17.00. SOLD

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. Also, if you live outside the USA, please let me know so that I can calculate shipping for you.

Thanks, Anne


Lorraine said...

Anne......no fair!!! see my email for order.....because I have absolutely NO willpower!! LOL

Kaaren said...

Oh, Anne...you're such a temptress! I emailed you with my order.

Crispy said...

So tempting but I'm on a quest for brights right now and will have to pass on your offerings....darn!! Stupid fabric budget!!!


Colleen said...

Can I have everything, LOL? Wish I could, but I gotta be good!

Stina said...

Ahhhh... I did miss out on Waters Edge... oh oh No!!!!!
Ah.. this is how it goes when you go away!! :o(((
Hmmmm.... järnspikar!!!! :o)) ( Swedish..lol)