Friday, January 7, 2011

Let the party begin

Every party needs to start with something refreshing, right?  We certainly don’t want to buck with tradition, now do we?


Look how cute the table decorations were.


See those 4 pictures at the end of the table?  Janet made one for each of us as a party favor.   How lucky were we?   Here’s a close up.  


I’m so glad I got her “into” wool. Winking smile

We had a delicious dinner of prime rib, cheesy mashed potatoes, Caesar salad and probably some vegetable that I didn’t eat.  LOL.  I must have been too hungry by then to think about the camera.  Trust me, it was oh so tasty.  Patty and Marsha (and Janet) did an awesome job on the food.

Through out the night we play games and exchange gifts.  We always start out with stockings.  This year I was in charge of filling them up.   I got to thinking that we needed new stockings because the other ones had been thru many years of being passed around for filling and were looking pretty sad.   Anyway, I didn’t get pictures at the party, but took these at home before I left.

The fronts… 

christmas 2010 109

The backs…

christmas 2010 110

I kinda like the back better than the front.  Oh well. 

Anyway, the stockings were filled with all sorts of fun goodies that I forgot to take a picture of.   Bad blogger!

Then it was on to our “Secret Santa” gifts.

I had Patty and made her this pillow.

096I took a picture of it in my house and decided I needed one too, so after I got home, I whipped one up for me.

065  I also gave her this tool caddy for her sewing supplies.   Mr. CnW made it.   The color in the picture looks very “red”.   I think it’s darker than this.


Then, Patty gave Marsha her gift. 


Isn’t it cute? Gingerbread men in yellow ware all done in wool.  Perfect. 

Marsha is our resident quilter and she then gave Cathi this fabulous quilt that she made.  


We all wanted to snuggle up in it.   So pretty.  

Cathi then gave her gift to Janet.


It’s a darling mantle cover (I think that’s what they are called), with a pretty red candle and beige candle holder.  

So, guess who is left?   Janet had MY name and gave me this cool lantern and wool angel wallhanging that she made.  


I love them both.   Thanks Janet.  

I was just looking at the lack of makeup on any of us…must have been late when these pics were taken!

Okay, only one more post of the party left.   Next up, the gifts that we gave each other.  


Lori said...

That looks like a great party! What talented woman you all are!!

Cindy said...

Oh my word, Anne, how fun! Wonderful gals, wonderful decor and wonderful, thoughtful gifts.

It's too hard to pic a favorite homemade gift - they're all so great.

Hugs to you.

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

What a great party, great friends, and great gifts! Lucky ladies! :)

Linda said...

Great gifts, can I join in!! wink wink".

Betty's Blocks said...

I love the snowman tree and the angel wall hanging, could you please let us know what patterns these are? Betty

Anonymous said...

What a great party. Looks like you had alot of fun. Love your snowman pillow you made. Would you share what pattern you used?

Kathie said...

Well what a party , now how do I get invited for next year! I would be happy to be the person that fills the stockings !!!!!
oh its so nice to see a group of long time friends having fun and treating each other to wonderful presents from the heart.
I LOVE that snowman pillow and the snowman in the frame, just tooooo cute!
ok that tool box that Mr CNW is just beautiful
perfect for all those lose things we have around, rotary cutters, rulers, chalk pencils, etc, etc etc hope he made you one too and in RED my favorite color!
again so fun to see her home decorated and you all having so much fun, thanks for sharing
Kathie where I am watching it snow out my window today...

Kaaren said...

What gorgeous gifts you all exchanged with one another. I'd want them all!

taylorsoutback said...

What a fun gathering you all had and the gifts look just perfect for each of you...being part of a stitching group is so special and the friendships are a treasure.

Candace said...

I wish I could have been a birdie on someone's shoulder there! Looks like the five of you had another fantastic Christmas party!

Nancy said...

Wish I were a guest at that party! Looks like a wonderful time and ohhh, the beautiful gifts. You are all so talented. Any chance of getting the name of that quilt pattern?

Anna said...

Whaaaa, I want to be a girlfriend...and since you are able to just whip up a pillow...I want one!!!!!


Crispy said...

Wow great gifts being passed around there!! It will be interesting to see the "real" presents LOL.

Carol said...

What a wonderful party...amazing gifts...the tool caddy is spectacular!

Colleen said...

What absolutely beautiful craft work! Love all of the gifts :o) Do you know the name of the snowman pattern you used for your pillow you made? Cuteness!

jackiero said...

Thanks for sharing, I love all your handmade gifts!!!
:) Jackie in NC