Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A new blog

My friend, Anna, has started a new blog called Woolie Mammoth.  We are in a wool group together which she also named Woolie Mammoth.  (Don’t quite know why she’s obsessed with that name.  It doesn’t conjure up the prettiest of pictures, does it?).   I simply call our group “Woolies”.   The mental picture of a woolie mammoth is more than I can handle!   LOL

Anyway, head on over and say “hi”.   She plans to concentrate her blog on showing pictures of all our local quilt shops, her own projects, and, once a month,  she’ll be featuring the sewing room of some of our local quilters. 

First up is Marilyn.  Wait till you see her stash!  You won’t believe it.  So, head on over to the Woolie Mammoth blog and enjoy her pictures and funny sense of humor.



On the home front, we’re waiting on the trusses to be delivered.   They were supposed to be here on Monday, then Tuesday.  Now, we hear they will be here today.  

The stairs are in and I was able to go in my sewing nest but it was pouring rain and really cold, so we didn’t stay too long and didn’t get any pictures.  Hopefully we’ll see the trusses today.  

Hugs, Anne


Darlene said...

House is coming along nicely - love your "nest". :-)

I'll be visiting the Woolie Mammoth in a bit.

Linda said...

Sounds like a great new blog. Will hop on over and check it out! Looks like there is great progress going on with your house!

Yvette said...

Thanks for the blog referral, it really was fun to look through and I added it to my reader.

Ooooh, house is coming along nicely.

Linda said...

I will be visiting your friends blog.
What is that saying " you need to scramble a few eggs to get an omlete" Can't wait to see your omlete done.

Candace said...

I hope you weren't standing the river when you took that picture, Anne! It's looking more and more like a house! I'll go right over to your friends new blog!

Loris said...

Loved Woolie Mammoth's new blog. What a talented group of quilters in your neck of the woods!
Hope the rain holds up a bit for progress on your house. It is going to be a fun year for you watching it 'grow'.

Anna said...

Thank you Anne for the introduction! It was so fun to come home from work and find new friends! You do have to agree that Penny is awful cute!
Tonight I head to Sew Many Quilts for my BOM and can't wait to see what everyone is up'll be posted tomorrow!

Lorraine said...

the house is looking good Anne....will go and check out the Wooly Mammoth...!

Kim D. said...

Hi Anne, Looks like a very nice house, it's so fun to watch the progress. Thanks for sharing the Woolie Mammoth. Just checking in to see if you were going to do Anne's new BOM in wools.

Carol said...

The house is really progressing...ENJOY! Can't wait to see you in your nest.

Kathie said...

hope today you were able to see the new house and the view from your sewing room!
so exciting...
off to visit your friend ;)
love the name Woolie Mammouth


Mirela Popa said...

Finally woolly mammoth will be cloned using leftover tissue,the genetic profile of the mammoth’s closest living relative, the Asian elephant, by inserting bits of mammoth DNA.