Friday, August 26, 2011

A storm

We had a huge thunder/lightening storm pass through here on Wednesday. I really don’t like lightening AT. ALL. I think it goes back to my childhood when we were stationed as a military family in Leavenworth, KS. I used to hide in the closet during them. I’m often tempted to hide in the closet during them now.

(google image)

So, anyway, you’ve heard all the warnings about not being in the water during a storm? Well, it looks like these little guys listened to those warnings.

During the power outage, Mr. CnW and I went out on the front porch and what did we see?

Geese 001

12 geese marching down the middle of the street.

Geese 003

Geese 004

Geese 005

They then formed a single file line with the largest in front (assuming that’s Daddy) and the next to the largest bringing up the rear (Mommy?). Geese 006

I have to say that it certainly took my mind off the storm for a brief moment. So cute.

For all you people in the path of Irene, please stay safe!

Hugs, Anne


Anna said...

I was on my scooter rushing home from work! I was going to run an errand but all it took was one big band overhead and I scooted home before the 1st drop hit me! Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Does that one guy bringing up the rear have a band on his leg? Do they live over at the lake downtown? We had a bunch of them by our house in a field a few weeks ago, but I think we have some that live here year round and don't migrate.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

That is funny. I love storms, the nastier the better, as long as there is no damage. My kids hate them too.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

I didn't mean it was funny you were scared. The geese were funny!! :-0

paulette said...

You stay safe too!! Hang tight!

Quilt n Queen said...

I'm with you Anne.......never have like lightning or the wind and it is even worse when the storm hits during the night. I can't sleep if it is really windy either. We had tornado warnings on Wednesday till 1:00 a.m. Mother nature has been playing tricks with us all year would be nice if she let us have an easy winter!! Have a great weekend Anne!!

Loris said...

Those geese are smart! Hope you keep dry and happy!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Those geese are way too funny!

Colleen said...

Cute photos of the geese! I am not a storm fan...doesn't scare me but it always puts a damper on things. As we wait for Irene to hit here on Long Island I already had two parties canceled and only hope the electric stays on so I can sew! If not, hand sewing!

Yvette said...

How adorable! You see nothing like that where I live. I really need to consider moving. Can you reserve one of those houses being built over there. LOL!

Crispy said...

I've never seen the geese around here walking down a street. I LOVE thunder and lightening storms, it's always so comforting knowing I'm safe inside while all that hub bub is going on outside :0)


Mama Spark said...

I love the goose parade! So amazing!!